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Jodha Akbar October 2021 Teasers Zee world

Jodha Akbar October 2021 Teasers Zee world
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Jodha Akbar October Teasers 2021: This is the account of princess Jodha, who is powerfully hitched to an unfeeling lord who vanquished her dad’s realm.

Zee world Jodha Akbar October Teasers 2021

Friday 1 October 2021

Scene 1

She hesitantly goes to his castle just to find that she is one of many spouses. She faces resistance from the word go and finds that she should battle for her significant other’s friendship.

Her purpose shifts from contempt towards the lord, to attempting to mellow him and change him from being a horrendous ruler to an empathetic one.

Saturday 2 March 2021

Scene 2

Jodha, the girl of Bharmal, is caring on a basic level. Jalal, under the direction of Bairam Khan, Jodha goes to the sanctuary on her birthday. The Moghul armed force assaults the sanctuary to burglarize it.

Sunday 3 March 2021

Scene 3

Jodha needs Jalal’s ruin. Suryabhan sends an engagement proposition for Jodha.

Monday 4 March 2021

Scene 4

Jalal enters the Amer’s celebration in camouflage. During the festival, Jodha sees Jalal and can’t fail to remember his face.

Tuesday 5 March 2021

Scene 5

Jalal figures out how to remove Abdul from Rajput’s prisons. Suryabhan will not wed Jodha. Maham Anga induces Jalal against Bairam Khan.

Wednesday 6 March 2021

Scene 6

Jalal comes to meet Ruqaiya, his companion’s exceptional spouse, the head sovereign. Bairam Khan detects risk from Maham Anga. Mainavati plays a game for Jodha’s marriage. Bharamal consents to offer Jodha before the war. Suryabhan concurs.

Thursday 7 March 2021

Scene 7

Mainavati gets ready for Jodha and Suryabhan’s marriage. Maham Anga attempts to make a crack between Jalal, Ruqaiya, and Bairam. Sujamal holds hands with Shariffuddin. Mainavati informs Jodha regarding her future forecast and her anxiety.

Friday 8 March 2021

Scene 8

Jodha arrives at Suryabhan’s home headed to Mathura for the celebration. Maham Anga needs Adham, her child, to get the clergyman’s position.

Saturday 9 March 2021

Scene 9

Jalal finishes Jodha’s painting and sets it ablaze. A fracture is made between Bairam Khan and Jalal.

Sunday 10 March 2021

Scene 10

Jodha and Ruqaiya cross every others way. Bairam Khan leaves for the journey as Jalal proclaims him an agitator. Jodha’s mararige arrangements are on. Maham Anga effectively takes a few actions to get the priest’s position.

Monday 11 March 2021

Scene 11

Bairam Khan gets killed, according to Maham Anga and Adham’s arrangement. Shariffudin and Sujamal assault Amer. Suryabhan comes to help Amer’s top dog.

Tuesday 12 March 2021

Scene 12

Suryabhan gets killed while Jodha’s siblings became a hostage.

Wednesday 13 March 2021

Scene 13

Maham Anga effectively saves Adham from Jalal’s displeasure.

Thursday 14 March 2021

Scene 14

Jodha consents to get hitched for the security of Amer. Rajput rulers are staggered to think about Jodha’s marriage with Jalal.

Friday 15 March 2021

Scene 15

Jodha is glad to see his siblings back. Jodha is staggered to know Jalal and her are hitched. Maham Anga accompanies a marriage dress for Jodha and she sets it ablaze., Maham Anga leaves in a rage.

Saturday 16 March 2021

Scene 16

Maham Anga attempts to ensnare Jalal for Jodha’s demonstration. After certain contentions with her folks, Jodha consents to wed Jalal.

Sunday 17 March 2021

Scene 17

Jodha weds Jalal. Jalal demands that Maan Singh go with him and he’d train him fighting procedures

Monday 18 March 2021

Scene 18

Jodha gets a terrific greeting from Hamida, Jalal’s mom. Ruqaiya attempts to rule Jodha, however, she gives her a fitting answer.

Tuesday 19 March 2021

Scene 19

Ruqaiya is glad to realize that Jodha isn’t keen on Jalal. Jalal reveals to Jodha that he also loathes her and he wedded her for vengeance, he doesn’t pass up on a solitary opportunity to affront Jodha.

Wednesday 20 March 2021

Scene 20

According to the traditions, Jodha was made to cook for rulers.

Thursday 21 March 2021

Scene 21

Maham Anga figures out how to help Adham get away and convey a dead body.

Friday 22 March 2021

Scene 22

Maham Anga undermines Moti to stay silent. Moti faults Adham Khan in court. Jalal sees Moti as blameworthy and sentences her to death. Jodha utilizes Jalal’s announcement of conceding her desire and she requests Moti’s life.

Saturday 23 March 2021

Scene 23

Jalal is intrigued by Jodha’s sword battle.

Sunday 24 March 2021

Scene 24

Jodha is worried about Jalal’s condition. Ruqaiya is pregnant.

Monday 25 March 2021

Scene 25

During the festival, Jodha gives saffron milk to Ruqaiya and the youngster is cut short, and the specialist proposes connivance.

Tuesday 26 March 2021

Scene 26

In the meantime, Shekhar plans an assault on Anurag’s representative and recruits Jagan for the equivalent.

Wednesday 27 March 2021

Scene 27

Jalal gets an objection about Sujanpur’s top dog and he chooses to assault Sujanpur

Thursday 28 March 2021

Scene 28

Jodha admits that she had perpetrated the wrongdoing. Ruqaiya illuminates Jalal that it was Salima’s stratagem.

Friday 29 March 2021

Scene 29

Rahim reveals to Jodha that he saw Maham Anga adding something to the saffron.

Saturday 30 March 2021

Scene 30

Jodha brings Rahim as her observer however neglects to demonstrate anything.

Sunday 31 March 2021

Scene 31

From a sketch, Jalal comes to realize that it is Maham Anga’s trick.

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