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Jodha akbar 29 march 2020; Jodha akbar sunday 29 march 2020 update, prime minister announces that king wanted to talk about important things thats why called you all das ask what important talk? Jalal comes in court looks at him jalal turns and look at her angerly and also give a look to brothers he says with my orders you are under house arrest with my order you all are here and the news is that with my order bharmal is coming here all are shocked jalal says listened he wants to give some good news jodha thinks jalal says i want to ask you all whether he will give good news first or i will tell him about your conspiracy nobody answers jalal ok no answer i alone will decide leave. Jodha akbar 29th march 2020 update All leave except jodha he give a look to her and says i asked everybody to leave jodha is furious and ask what you want he says that you go back and orders to take her to house arrest place she sternly says i asked what you want jalal comes closer and says will know after 10days she ask what you will do with my father he says doesnt need to answer culprit she says if you do anything wrong then will not bare anything he says you feel pain when your family gets hurt and informs after 17 times rejection your sister is finally commited and for bharmal and you this relation is very important why dont we celebrate this jodha says dont do this with my dad he will be broken what you will get by this? He answers SUKOON(peace). I will get peace by hurting you they look furiously at each other. He orders soldier to follow his order they gather around jodha who is super angry.

Scene 2
minister says to maham that heard bharmal is coming want to know how jalal will behave with him. Maham says i also want to know will jalal leave him or not and how he will be welcomed in jalals court.

Scene 3
Jodha & akbar update sunday 29th march 2020 bharmal comes in court and greets jalal and maham who are not so happy bharmal says got your letter so came to give the news and presents some gifts and sweets. He says my daughter sukaniya is engaged to king of sujanpur ratan singh . There will haldi ceremony in coming days jalal say a happy news bharmal ask to eat sweets then jalal nods and take one piece and ask bharmal to eat first when somebody says i have arranged these sweet and can taste bharmal ask for jalal order jalal gives him a piece and says maybe you felt bad but there is poison spread all over agra bharmal says didnt got jalal says will get it and orders will eat these sweets in leisure hour maham thinks what is he doing not telling him the truth bharmal ask for permission jalal allows without listening and says you came from far so definitely wanna meet your daughter and orders to take him to jodha he leaves. Jodha akbar update sunday 29th march 2020 Maham tries to say something jalal says i know you want to ask that why i didnt tell him about house arrest. He says bharmal will feel pain when see from his own eyes his childern in such condition will come back to me in minutes with pain in his eyes that will be real fun. Maham smirks.

Scene 4
Jodha akbar update sunday 29th march 2020 bharmal is going towards jodha’s room when meets adham in middle he gives him angry look and thinks now jalal called him also good will wipe each others tears in arrest bharmal this time welcome is strange jalal didnt congratulate not even adham and didnt accept gifts also. He comes to her room where theqe is strict security he again thinks this much security. Maan sees him he comes and all brothers greet him he says sukaniya is engaged congratulation to you all das says yeah got to know from jalal. Jodha akbar update sunday 29 march 2020 One brother thinks whether he know about house arrest bharmal says jalal is clever before i say anything he allowed me to meet you all das thinks whether jalal want to arrest him also bharmal ask for jodha all panics when jodha comes from behind and greets him and says got to know that you are here so took permission to meet you bharmal ask permission for a single thing you are taking permissions and high alert security whats the problem tell me all are silent when das says we are under house arrest bharmal says but why and ask jodha that you are queen here then why arrested das informs that ruks had a miscarriage by dathura and doubt is on us then we see flashbacks of jodha feeding kesar to ruks, dathura was from amer proved, jodha getting 10 days to prove innocence

Jodha akbar 29 march 2020 update jalal says by now bharmal would have knowmn the truth wanted to see his changing color.

Scene 6
bharmal ask but why jalal didnt give me idea about now know why behavior was not good and strict checking of sweets given by me jalal thought i will give him poison he is about to go when jodha ask where are going he says need to meet jalal ASAP need to clarify things that you are innocent. Jodha akbar update sunday 29th  march 2020

Jodha akbar update sunday 29 march 2020 sukanya and younger sister is having fun time masa enters and says the same was develop between jodha and sukaniya when she was getting married. we have a FB when sukaniya says to jodha that from now on you will not be able to snatch anything from me. zee world  Jodha akbar sunday 29 march 2020 masa says same protocol should be given to sukaniya on her marriage when younger sis says otherwise she will again complain that jodha gets everything they all have a laugh at this servant informs about the letter from agra to masa letter comes with news that Ruks MisCarriage has been blamed on Jodha and her brothers.Menavati in her unique hyper mode, breaks down and Dadi gives her same sane advice to control, sukaniya aslo pacifies her.

Scene 8
Bharmal asks Jalal why he did not tell the news himself and that he is wrong in accusing without fair trial. bharmal says he has the right to ask him jalal says you are not as a father in law but the father of people who killed my child. Jalal threatens that the day he will find an evidence against Amer, he will wipe out the entire clan and will not leave Bharmal too. Jalal asks his servants to serve Bharmal good food but Bharmal refuses and says he will fast.

Tuesday update on Jodha akbar 24 march 2020 zee world

Jodha akbar 29 march 2020 Jalal is furiously thinking of turnof events when maham comes, Jalal ask What questions do you have? She says in court it is not good to interrupt in middle thats why I didnt say anything there but here I wabt to ask some questions form my son. Why you are behavinh normal in front of Bharma if princes of amer are in prison then why not king of amer if dathura came from amer then bharmal too is to be blamed and I think this conpiracy is not possible without bharmal’s involvement. You should give him punishment so that an example will be created and if the one to be hunted is here then why you are waiting? hunter should do justice by hunting. Jalal is thoughtful

Jodha akbar update sunday 29 march 2020 Bharmal is being dragged by soldiers in court jodha is with him concerned for him, Jalal says I am not all grieved in arresting you maham smirks jalal says you should not be said as your childern are culprits And as your designation big as you are a king then your punishment will be big too, till the time everything is proved your kids will be under house arrest and you will be arrested jodha says this is injustice jalal shouts stop disobedient, it turns out to be a scary dream of jodha who wakes up afraid shouting NO. she wipes the sweat and says it was very scary dream. Jodha akbar sunday update 29 march 2020 She comes out of her room and says to one soldier that i cant go outside so i want your assistance where is my father do you know he says you are arrested so without king’s approval i cant tell you anything jodha says but just tell is he Okay he says i am sorry but i cant tell you anythin i am bound jodha is hurt at her condition and thinks what should i do how to know whether papa is alright i dont know how jalal is treating bharmal.

all ladies of harem are gathered and says rukaiya ordered to come here one wife says to other maybe got to know that you ordered for gold hookah instead of silver one other says maybe she called us here becuase of your wrong deeds they are usually taunting each other. Some wife says she has lost her child dont know whether she is in senses. Maham also comes there all ask why ruks called us here maham thinks she ordered me also to come as she is queen and says when she will come you all will know the reason resham thinks she also doesnt know the reason but pretends that she knows everything. Jodha akbar update sunday 29 march 2020 Rukaiya comes all greets her she says that all know i not only lost my child but kingdom lost his heir and jodha and her brothers are under arrest as doubt is on them but that doesnt mean that you all are free, you all are under doubt till i get some solid proof she says even hoshiyar and resham are in under doubt maham says mean i am also in this ruks says as i said till i get solid proof against one all are under doubt but i am not here to tell you this but i am here to say that one is culprit so you all should search him/her and prove yourself innocent you all have 10days time so keep an eye on every minor thing maham says harem is my responsibility so i request you to give this responsibility of finding culprit to me jalal is like my child and he lost his kid so i will be happy capturing the culprit and you have gone through much so you should rest i will handle everything ruks says i dont care who finds the culprit i just need him/her she leaves. Jodha akbar 29 march 2020 zee world Maham says if jodha is proved innocent then you all will be in trouble so if you find anythin fishy just inform me. Jodha akbar update sunday 29th march 2020

jalal is open court listening to poor people requests. Some old man comes crying jalal ask what happened to you he says injustice happened to me my child got killed jalal remembers ruks miscarriage and says you will get justice just tell me who did this. Jodha akbar 29 march update 2020 He says i am from village me and my son used to do farming some goons came and destroyed everything, they killed my son jalal says i know nothing is more sad then losing your child for a father you will definitely get justice and ask for the king of his village man says he is sujanpur’s king and his son ratan singh is a dangerous person he destroyed our village jalal remembers bharmal’s words that sukaniya is getting married to ratan singh he smiles and says dont worry you will get justice. Jodha akbar sunday update 29 march 2020

jodha is crying and talking to herself saying papu you came here with a good news and what you got here. Jodha & akbar update sunday 29th march 2020 I didnt fulfill my duties as daughter suddenly jalal comes and says you know i get peace when i see my enemy crying and wipes her tears and says stop crying because now i will the news that will shock that much that you will not be able to cry jodha ask did you do something with papu jalal says no he is resting and getting luxury welcome here but he will not be in peace because his kids are in problem, this pain will hurt him that much that he will not be able to bare it. Jodha akbar 29th march 2020 update He says anyways i am here to tell you that i am going to sujaanpur not to attend sukaniya’s engagement but to destroy it jodha is shocked and ask why are you doing this i am your enemy then why are you doing this with sukaniya jalal shouts that you wanted to take revenge on me then why you did that with my unborn kid whaT was his fault jodha says you are a king so you must know that before allegations are proved you cant call someone culprit and cant take any action jalal says its a political question so i will definitely answer you i came to know that sujaanpur’s prince ratan singh whom sukaniya is getting engaged to is not a good he has some goons and theives with him who destroyed a village and killed a farmer it is against mughal rules and he broke them so he will get punishment and that will be only killing him jodha is stunned and says papu will be broken you dont know how much it hurts when daughter’s proposal ends he will not be able to bare jalal says what can i do and its interesting that every traitor turns out to be your relative some way or other.

Jodha akbar update sunday 29 march 2020 maham is shouting at the wives and maids as they are unable to find any evidence against Jodha as yet and starts searching herself.

Jodha akbar 29 march 2020 update Jalal tells Bharmal and company that he is going to wage war against Sujanpur. He explains everything to Bharmal and asks him to side up with Mughals. Bharmal says that his daughter is going to get married in that kingdom, Jalal asks him to choose from the option—the relation which already exists(Jodha) or the relation which is yet to be established(Sukanya).


  1. I love watching joda and Akbar is a very interesting serie, it is sad that joda and Akbar and ring of fire will be off air due to COVID19.


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