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Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 2nd June 2020; Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 2 June 2020, hamida says jodha cant do that, jiji says anybody can do that for politics, she is competing thats why she may have did it, maham says she can must have done that to win trust f hindu bandhiz, salima says jodha was not willing to compete n this you all pushed her so her enemy must have doe that, hamida says that means ruks have done that, she is going beyond limit to win against jodha i have to talk to her.

Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 2 June 2020 Jodha ask moti about babu, she says he is craving for her mother. Hindu dasiz comes and thanks jodha for gifting them idol, jodha says i havent done that, they say that means someone played against you, it must be ruks who played this game to put you down, jodha says kahna is same for everyone so you can come to my room to pray. Jalal gets to know the matter, dasi says people are saying that jodha did that stunt to get hindu dasiz trust, jalal goes to her.

zee world Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Jalal comes jodha and ask about the matter, jodha says you think can i do that? jalal says no, jodha says i cant do anything like this to gain attention, jalal says i know thats why i didnt call you in court, just tell me who can do that? jodha says i cant anybody’s name, jalal says okay i will myself, he takes aarti of kahna and leaves, jodha looks at his trust in her.

Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 2nd June 2020 zee world All begums in court discuss ther mater, ruks says this is done by jodha only, salima says she cant do that, maham says everything is possible in politics, she is competing and can do that, jodha comes there and sits. Jalal comes there. one begum says this is very cheap tactic to gain hindu dasiz trust, jalal says how can you say that she did to gain votes, ruks says then who did that, its done for publicity, rules are broken, jalal says no rule is broken but someone tried to do so, and point is who did it, who tried to break the rules, put murti in harem, ruks says only the one who get something from this can do that, only jodha can do that, jalal says to stop it, she came out because all begums pushed her, one begum says who else can do that? jalal says you have any proof agains her? no, so just stop it, jodha was supported by mughal begums then why will she do that to gain attention of some hindu dasiz, and you people dont know jodha, she cant do anything like this. One begum tries to interrupt, jalal shouts that i am talking now. he says this matter is serious and whoever done it, is challenging me so i will see her, ruks says i know this like standing against you, jalal says i know why this has been done and till i dont allow you to talk dont interrupt me, he says this should not happen again, he ask ruks to meet him alone, they leaves, jodha smiles. ruksaar says he trust you alot.

Jodha Akbar 2 June 2020 He ask ruks who has done it? ruks fumbles, jalal says i am shehenshah and i can know anything, he says i got to know who ordered these murtis, he says i want to listen from you, he ask her to look at him and tell me who i am, she says you are my friend, shehenshah and my husband, jalal says you didnt mean any of thing, i thought you are clever but you did such a small thing, he says you did mistakes but you accepted it but you are lying to me, what happened to you that you lied to me, he says you are not that ruks as you cant plot against harem, against mughal rules just to put jodha down, he says dont do any mistake now.

update on Jodha Akbar Tuesday 2 June 2020 Jodha is sitting on terrace, jalal comes and says sorry to distribe her thought, he says you like this place, jodha says yes thats why i daily come here, but why you come here to see me? jalal says nothing like that i was just passing by, jodha says i was thinking about you, jalal ask waht, jodha says i was thinking… she says leave it, jalal says why you always leave you talk in middle, jodha says why you want to listen? jalal says i like your thoughts, they are deep, jodha says i was thinking to thank you for showing trust in me in this matter, jalal says you earned that thought, jodha says what if actually placed murtis? jalal says for a sehehenshah all people are same irrespective of their religion, cast, creed. He says when you drank poison, i went to your kahna and prayed for your life, at time of nikkah i agreed to your point that you will follow your religion, he says i trusted you because you have golden heart, he is about to leave but put her hand on his, he is surprised, he tries to caress her hand, she takes her hand away being shy.

Jodha Akbar update sunday 31 May 2020 on zee world

zee world tuesday Jodha Akbar update 2 June 2020 Maham tells ruks to get up and fight for her rights, ruks says i didnt lose but my game fired back, maham says you played wrongly, you involved jalal in it, it would have been in harem only, they would have turned against jodha but with jalal’s involvement he made everybody believe that jodha is inocent, look how much trust he have on her, ruks says he took her side and insulted me, she saved his life but that doesnt mean i will my precious thing to her, jalal is only mine, maham says thats the spirit i wanted just consult me in every matter i know politics alot, she ask maham why would you help me, maham says i hate jodha alot and want her to go from jalal’s life.
Jodha comes back in her room, moti ask where were you, jodha says i was in garden, moti says why this smile then? jodha says nothing, moti says why you took so much time sitting lonely, jodha says jalal came there, moti says oh you both are together rverywhere in boat, in journey, in garden, why dont you tell him your feelings, jodha is thoughtful. Outside jalal thinks maybe she has feelings for me but i will not go to her again as i was insulted earlier and i cant bear that again, mirza comes there, jalal ask if you have feelings for someone then what should one do, moti says to jodha that if you have feelings then go and tell him,jodha says i cant, mirza says he should tell his heart out, jalal says if he is rejected once, mirza says then he should not go again else his friendship can be in danger too. Jodha thinks if moti is right that i have developed feeling for jalal. Jalal thinks that he will not take step this time else it will be dangerous.

Scene 2
Jodha Akbar 2nd June 2020 zee world Hamida says to jiji that i dont know why ruks is so jealous with jodha gul badan says she cant do this cheap thing, hamida says she was so innocent in childhood, thank God jalal believed jodha, hamida says ruks disappointed me alot, she says gul you are her aunt, explain to her that power is not anything, she should not be blinded by it. hamida says one should listen to her heart.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday update 2 June 2020 Sharif is seeing beautiful painting of jodha and she looks beautiful but this painting is not defining your beauty, it can be felt by taking you in arms, touching you lips. He says i cant wait anymore, soon you will be in arms. he says artist should be given some gift for this painting. bakshi comes there, he says i was saying that this painting is good but it should be of yours, he says i know whats going on in harem, he says you women do good politics. he looks at painting and says tabassum artist is amazing and she sketched it beautifully seems like jalal calls her often to make jodha’s pic, bakshi says we should send this to jodha as its looking odd my our room, sharif says yeah send it to her.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 2 June 2020 update Jalal comes to salima, he says i wanted your suggestion, i am tensed, he says i cant decide about harem’s leader, tell me something, salima says i have one idea to sort this, salima says leave kingship, jalal says what? salima says else you have to face this all, she says 2nd option is that you have to choose one of them, jalal says no other option? salima says being shehenshah you have to face these difficulties, jalal smiles.

Scene 3
Jodha Akbar 2 June 2020 jodha and ruks comes to meet hamida, both says thay want to meet hamida, dasi comes and tell her, hamida says call them both inside, they both greets hamida, she is happy to see her, ruks says i want you to pray for me to win, jodha says i want you to pary for harem’s peace, hamida says not anything for you? jodha says i am also part of this harem, ruks says will you not pray fro me? hamida says you are like my daughter and i pray that you go on right path, ruks and jodha goes out, ruks says to jodha that good you came to take her blessing its important for you, jodha says for prosperity blessings are important you cant win only by playing games, ruks says what you mean that i put that murtis in harem, jodha says i didnt said that but seems like you are accepting it yourself, jodha says i feel bad, you handled harem for years and did this cheap thing, ruks says its politics, jodha says i dont wanna play that cheap politics, ruks shouts, jodha ask her to lower down her voice, it doesnt look good on queen, jodha leaves from there, ruks says today i will make you loose.

zee world update on Jodha Akbar June 2020 All harem begums and bandhies come in court, jalal says i used to choose harem leader but today there will be voting, candidates are jodha and rukiyya, he says it will done openly, you will tell name openly, in end we will count votes and that will be leader.


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