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Jodha Akbar 16 April 2021 update – Jodha Akbar update Friday 16 April 2021 The episode had a bhaaribharkam entry,Jalal is shown,disguised as a rajputi sainik. He enters the shahi-kaaragarh(jail) along with a small unit of soldiers.

Meanwhile,Jodha and Suryabhan were on their way,along with them,was shivani,a few soldiers and few maids.

As soon as they enter the shahi-kaaragarh,jalal comes forward to help the other soldiers with Jodha’s paalkhi.As the paalkhi is finally stationed inside the shahi-kaaragarh,Jodha comes out of her paalkhi and Jalal sees Jodha again *that look in his eyes.maar daala*

Suryabhan and Jodha walk towards the keidis (the arrested;jail inmates)

Jalal is shown closeby.He overhears their conversation.

Suryabhan asks Jodha,that why was it so,that while other women her age asked for clothes and jewellery,she asked for Jalal’s head? (during gangaur)

Jodha’s furious thinking about Jalal again,she gives a a very detailed description of the brutality he had caused or so she had heard him do.

Jalal who had been very calm (and smiling) listening to their converstion,burns in anger as he hears Jodha say such mean things about him.

A part of him look shocked,a part of him disappointed and anothe paer part,the egoistic emperoror part,definitely angry.His ego seemed hurt.

As he moves along,he hears some maids praising Suryabhan and how he suits Jodha.

Jalal’s filled with rage again.He also hears the maid talk about the mughal keidi(abdul) and about where he was being held.

Jalal rushes towards Abdul and it seemed almost as though he was going to declare a face to face war against the enemy.

But no,the ‘master of disguises’ (we called Rajat this even during PRC ) wouldn’t let go of his act that easily.

He shoots out harsh words at abdul and says that he should not be allowed to breathe,must be killed. ( a few “gaddaar”, “mughal” etc in a mix ) *epic scene! *

A fellow soldier tags along and says that,death would be a lighter punishment for the mughal,he should be tortured and that is exactly what we are going to do.

Abdul who was fully exhuasted and clearly in pain,didn’t just shut up,he striked back at that soldier and said that hsi shahenshah would free him,right in front of their eyes and that wouldn’t even know.

Abdul now looks up to see Jalal and his eyes clearly showed relief,also that “ab aayega mazaa” look.Jalal returns that look.

Cut to,Bhaarmal’s court.Sangram Singh comes with news that Jalal is known for disguising himself and entering the enemy clan before the war.Obviously,to know more about the enemy kingdom,war tactics etc.Bhaarmal takes it lightly though,stating that he cannot beat the Amber’s soldiers.

Meanwhile Jodha and Suryabhan reach this part of the kaaraghar.

While all the other inmates of the jail were being loaded with gifts,Suryabhan refused to give Abdul anything,sinc ehe was a Mughal.

Abdul strikes back again saying,his shahenshah is close.Pretty close and they can’t even have a clue about his whereabouts.He might be so close,that his shamsheer(sword) can put an end to this one swing

Jalal was actually holding a sword in his hand and was hardly a few feet away from them.

Jodha retorts saying Jalal can in no way have so much guts.

Jalal is filled with wrath again.

As suryabhan and Jodha are about to leave,Jodha’s eyes fall on Jalal and she is star struck again *she remembers the ghaat scene.Our very favourite BGM is played again*

Jodha grows suspicious.

She immediately snatches a sword from Suryabhan and places it right at Jalal’s throat.

She asks him what he was doing in the ghaat the other day.

Jalal gives a sracastic reply in rajputaani bhaasha *ah!that accent!so s*xy *.He says that he did not know they weren’t free to go as per their liking here,because in his place there aren’t such restrictions.

Jodha’s suspicion increases,she asks him where he is from.

Jalal now look sstaright into her eyes (Jodha clearly skipped a beat),smiles and says “Umarkot”.

BUt Jodha wasn’t done yet.She asks him to prove that he was a rajput soldier,afterall.

SHe asks all the other soldiers to do the same,all of them show their left arm,on which a sun was tattoed.

Jalal gave the “main toh gaya” look,but no no.The master of dsiguise believed in perfection,you see.While he killed that soldier before entering that jail,he did notice this tattoo in hi hand and hence and managed doing the same on his hand.

So,not caught,even now.

Jodha,though not externally,but internally,she clerly seemd relieved that he wasn’t an enemy.The ghaat scene is shown again.

She apologises and says that,she had a hunch that he could be from the enemy clan,so she had to check.Mughals could have been anywhere and they didn’t want to take risks.

Jalal replies,saying that is true,But there is another thing he is worried about,when asked what,he says he doesn’t trust the ‘air’ as well.The enemy can come through air as well,you know. *the killer accent again!This guy,I’m telling you,he is going to kill me someday!*

Jodha seemed impressed with him.

In return of her faulty suspicion,to compensate for that,she says,he could punish the mughal keidi as per his wish and THAT would be his gift.With that,they leave.

Jalal need not do anything more now.His job becomes even more easier.

Meanwhile,Menavati and her jethaani come to a kali temple (possibly their kuldevta).Co-incidently,shaguni bai is incharge of the temple.

Menavati places the nyota(invitation) of Jodha-Suryabhan wedding at maa kali’s feet.

Shaguni bai is shown chanting some mantras *it was hilarious though.Typical EK style.I don’t know what it is about this kaali temple.Its always EK style! *

Menavati seemed proud and happy that shaguni bai’s fortune telling was wrong afterall.

She says that to her again,that Jodha will be getting married to suryabhan etc.She asks for shaguni bai’s ashirwaad(purely namesake)

shaguni bai says that anything you do,fate doesn’t change.

History stinks of blood and war,but whenever Jodha is spoken of,she would stand for ‘love’.

She will not only do ghood to Rajputana,but to the entire nation.

She will be married,to one of the biggest emperors in history. *My chest simply bloated with happiness when she said that *

Menavati,deeply annoyed again,leaves.

Meanwhile,as Suryabhan and Jodha rach the exit of teh kaaragarh,they see some soldiers carrying a cadaver.While questioning,they come to know that the soldier was found dead,seemed like the enemy was close by and can attack anytime.

At the very moment,a loud yell is heard.Everyone rushes inside,the sight in front of them was shocking.Not one soldier was left alive,everyone laid on the ground,dead.


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