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Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: Jodha Akbar update Friday 2nd October 2020, Salim is reading letters of Anarkali, he says i did many mistakes, she is innocent and i did wrong with hr, Anarkali comes there, she snatches letters from him and says i know you are heir but that doesnt mean you have right to come in my house and see my things, Salim says i did mistake, she says i dont want to talk to you, leave from here, he says listen to me, i got to know what happened to you, i agree that i hate you but i never wanted all this Anarkali, she says i am Nadira, he says i am sorry for everything, he sits in her feet, and says i have regret, she says you made me thief, you made me dancer, i can forgive you for all this but i cant forgive you my father’s death, you can make me respectful person again but you cant bring back my father, can you?

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Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: Salim says have guilt, she says nothing can sort with your guilt, nothing left to say, i dont need any forgiveness, nobody will ask you what you were doing in Dancer’s house but people will point fingers at me, leave from here, Salim ask dont you love me, Anarkali says i dont love you, Salim says then what all these letters are for, she says these are for Qutub, he was not prince, he used to respect girls, Qutub died for me the day i got to know about Salim, love is dead for me, Salim says then why these letters are still with you? Anarkali burns them and says now you got answers? now everything is finished, what a love you had, first you snatched my childhood then my snatched my love, then my father and now snatched the memories of these letters too, go from here, she cries, he tries to console her but cries too, Rabba is pyaar mein sad version plays, he leaves, Anarkali looks at him and cries.
Salim says oh God what i did, i destroyed her life, the person’s life whom i wanted to spend life with, i filled her life with pricks, the one whom i love.

Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: ministers to Jalal that you are ruling everyone now, Jalal says i am happy that people love me, Shah says you can solve problem of all, you are master of all, you should introduce coins which have your name and God’s name in it, Birbal says are you guys mad, how can you call him God, priest says that Jalal is God’s shadow, Birbal says he is not God, they keep fighting, Jalal gets angry, he ask Birbal what is difference between God and king, Birbal says God can give and take life, king can bring happiness in life, Jalal king can make anyone’s life, Todar says no God can create human, king cant, he cant make hearts happy, only God can give peace.
soul talk- Jalal says in human’s life, a time comes when he start disbelieving in God because of his ego, he start thinking that he is owner of world and this is what happened to me, the one who used to bow to God wanted people to bow to him now, this make me went me to another tangent.
Jalal says to Birbal that i accept that i cant be God but king can give anything to people, he can make and destroy lives of people, so i order to introduce coins of my name and God’s name, Birbal says God must not be happy with you, Shah says he is next to God, Birbal says if your hand is cut, can Jalal give it back to you? Jalal says i have decided, make these coins fast so people can understand that if that God doesnt listen to them then this God will listen will to them.

Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: Jodha says to moti that i know Salim knows Nadira from before but they something inbetween, Salim was denying marriage at first then said yes, if Anarkali is behind all this, there is something fishy, i have to find out, she ask Moti that i trust you only, find about this matter, Moti says dont worry, i will find out. Jalal comes there, moti leaves, he tells her about coins which will have name of his and God’s name, Jodha says its like equality between you and your God, is this right? Jalal says i am doing all this for my people, i want them to know that i am with them, Jodha says ok fine, Jalal says i have everything now, i have wealth, i have you, my son, i dont think i need anything from God, Jodha says dont says like this, we should always extend hands to him, Jalal saus i believe that one can get anything if they work hard, Jodha says but you cant deny bowing to God, Jalal says i dont want to argue today, i am happy, she ok, he hugs her.
Mann comes to Daniyal but he starts leaving, she stops him and says i wanted to talk to you, i am nervous, he says i have work, i will meet you later, she says what happened to you? i got to know that Anarkali was alleged for stealing, Daniyal says yes but she was announced innocent by Jalal, Mann says good, i know Anarkali cant do this, Moti listens them, Daniyal ask how you can be sure about her? she says i knwo her, she is my friend, she used to do my make up, i dont how she became dancer, it must be some problem, fate do this with us, Daniyal says we dont know what will happen to our dreams, sometime we think something and that doesnt happen at all, Mann ask who is the girl in your life? he says i have no one in life, he leaves, Mann thinks what happened to him.


Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: soldier is giving orders to make new coins, he tells worker about coins design that one side will be Jalal’s name and otherside God’s name, maker says this is not right, this is against religion, soldier says we all worker of Jalal, Shah comes there, soldier says that makers are denying to make these coins, Shah says do you guys need to get beaten, they says we can get beaten but cant do this, Shah ask soldiers to beat them, soldier beats them.
Jodha is sleeping, she sees dream of Jalal playing with fire, with full anger, she wakes up and finds Jalal sleeping by her side, she says why i am feeling same like i did when Hasan and Hussain died.
Shah says to makers that now decide if you want work or want to get beaten.
Jodha says if this is clue for something bad that is going to happen but what it can be, she looks at Jalal sleeping, she prays that if any problem comes then it should meet me before my family, she kisses Jalal’s forehead.
in morning, Jalal says to Jodha that i am very much happy as coins are going to release, then i will announce Salim’s marriage, he ask Jodha why you seem tensed> Jodha says can you stop this announcement, Jalal says how can i, people are waiting for announcement, i cant postpone it, i know you love me thats why worried for me but trust me everything will be fine, now get ready for this announcement, Shah and Maan comes there and says all preparations are done, Jalal leaves, Jodha is tensed.

Jodha ask Moti abotu Anarkali, Moti tells her that Anarkali used to live in Amer, she was Mann’s friend and not Dancer, Mann can tell you about her, Jodha leaves.
Salim says to Qutub that i have to talk to Anarkali, Qutub says whats the need, Salim says i need to tell her that i never wanted this for her, i never wanted her to become dancer, i cant bear that she is bearing all this because of me, i have to say sorry to her that i misunderstood her, Qutub says when she is not interested in talking to you then whats the need for all this, Salim says there is need, i want to rectify my mistake, i want to tell her that i am hurt with all this too, Qutub says whom you are fooling me or yourself? you want to meet her because you love her, Salim says no, nothing like this, Qutub says there is very thin line between love and hate and you also dont know when your hate changed to love, Salim says now what should i do? Qutub says accept her, you have given her tag of dancer, now save her life from that dance bar, remember if dancer’s tag doesnt remove her from her head then you wont be able to accept her, dont leave this chance, bring her out of that dance bar, soon you will get married to Mann and Anarkali will remain dancer, she will dance in your marriage infront of all, Salim says no i wont let this happen, i will give her life which she deserve.

Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: Jodha gives sweetdish to Mann and says i know you like it, Mann says how can i eat, i have mehndi in my hands, Jodha says i will make you, Jodha makes her eat, Jodha ask are you happy in Agra? Mann nods, Jodha says you will leave all your friends in Amer, so will you able to adjust here? Mann says yes, this is norm, that girl leaves her house and comes to husband’s house, you also came here leaving everyone, Jodha says yes but i miss Amer days, how we spend time with friends, but you have no friend here, Mann says i have you with me, Daniyal is also here and there is one friend of mine in Agra, Anarkali is my friend, Jodha says that dancer? Mann says yes she is in problem thats why became Dancer but she used to do my make up in Amer, her father died so she had to become dancer, she shows her peacock jewelry and says Anarkali gave this to me in Amer’s function, Jodha is shocked and says Anarkali gave you this? Mann says yes, she loves me alot, she is good make up artist, i wish all her problems finishes.
Jodha stops Salim, she ask where are you going? today there is announcement for new coin, Salim says i will return on time, Jodha says i know jalal and you dont share good relation but dont hold grudges, dont do something which will hurt him, if you dont come in function then he will be hurt, Salim says i promise i will come on time.
Jalal ask ministers if preparations are done for new coins announcement? Shah says yes coins are ready, Jalal says todar you ave responsibility to see everything in function, Todar nods.
Jodha comes to Hamida, Hamida ask where is Salim, its time to announce new coin, Jodha says he will come, she comes to Murad and Haidar and ask about Salim, Murad says dont know where he is, Jodha thinks that Salim promised to come till announcement, Haidar thinks that Salim will not come and Jalal will get angry, Dasi comes and says Jalal has asked all to come to introduce new coin.

Scene 2
Jalal comes to address people, Jalal says on this happy occasion, my family and people are with me, every year i introduce new coins but today i want to tell you that when i was young and became king, it was my dream to rule over whole India and today mughal flag is ruling whole India, now i am ruling whole area but this all happened because of support from my nation, my family, all chant for Jalal.
Salim comes to Dance bar, he ask dancer if Anarkali is there? Dancer says no she is not here, she is at her house, Salim leaves.
Jalal says to people that the new coin will have God’s name on one side and Jalal’s name on other side, Jalal says God has given me strength to become God of my people, i will give people everything they need from God, i said once that my nation is my like my child, with new coins inauguration, i announce Salim as.. he doesnt find Salim there and gets angry, he says i announce Mann and Salim’s marriage.
Salim says to Anarkali that i want to talk to you, she says let me go, he grabs her by hand, he comes closer to her and says you need to understand my guilt, you have to feel my pain, you have to see that i hated you and now i cant see your tears, because it is not hate, this is love, i love you alot, Rabba is pyar mein plays, they share eyelock.


Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: Jalal says earlier i made two nations come closer by marrying Jodha and now my Son is following path, he has given nod to this marriage.
Anarkali says to Salim that i dont believe you, Salim says i want to give this relation a way, Anarkali says leave my way, Salim says your way and my way is one so i cant leave it but i can leave anything for you, she ask can you leave Mann bai? he says yes, i can leave her, i can leave this heir tag, i can leave everything for you, Anarkali says to get someone by leaving other is selfishness not love, she leaves.

Jodha Akbar 2 October 2020: Jalal says to people that i am powerful king of history, you people are safe because of me only, Jodha says to Birbal that i am hurt with Jalal’s words, he is not like this, its seem like he is not seeing anything clearly, Birbal says time is changing, tides are changing ways, a big storm is coming and we cant stop it, we have to face it, Jodha says i wish i can tell Jalal that he is thinking wrong, Birbal says no need as his thought process has gone wrong and he cant see anything, everything is blur, Jodha says i just hope that Jalal see what he is doing, Birbal says Jalal is surrounded by people who are showing him wrong way. Priest prays for Jalal’s life, Jalal introduces new coin, people are not much happy, Shah says that from today, there is one God on sky and one God on earth that is Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, Jodha is shocked, Jalal smirks, all are stunned, strong winds starts blowing, people says this is indication that the time coming is going to be tough, one person have challenged God which is wrong, Jalal announce that God is standing infront of you all and you will get anything from me.

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