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Jodha Akbar 21 May 2021: Jodha Akbar update Friday 21st May 2021, Ruks is feeling unwell and says to her mother that feel like vomiting mom says nothing to worry it is normal in pregnancy till baby is born you will heavy take this fruits ruks denies eating, Jalal comes and says to her mother that You have feeded me when i was infant so i want you to look after the servants today and to distribute food among them. She leaves jalal sits with ruks and says ceremony is over you must be feeling tired go and take rest she says i am fine and i just dont want to give a child but heir for your throne i want to give you a son. She screams in pain jalal ask are you ok and says i am very happy that you think about my heir and future that much i feel elated. He ask her lets go and take rest. They are walking jalal has landed her support to her ruks says i just want to see that time when you will be playing with your own son just like you were with rahim.

He ask her are you happy to be going to a mother or giving child to me? She says i am happy in both ways and waiting for your heir jalal says fate is very different thing and throne sets his own king. Ruks sits and says lets fate decide whether he will be king or not. And ask in which way you are happy jalal says no doubt to be going to a father nothing is big blessing then that jalal says i have decided will not go to any war for one year will remain with you here what you are going to give me thanks a lot from my heart ruks dont know feel like you are having heart jalal thinks for a while and says in case of a child i think i have heart , a heart of a father ruks smiles lil stunned and rest on his shoulder.

Scene 2
Jodha Akbar 21 May 2021: jalal is walking maham says you called me here? Hamida ask what happened why you called us all here. Jalal says i dont know i am feeling different little tensed and impatient maham says your health is not good i will call a doctor he stops her hamida ask what you are feeling he says dont know whenever everyone is around i feel lonely and when i am alone i feel like calling everybody over. Maham smiles and says i will tell what you are feeling he ask what she says you are not able to carry your happiness as you are going to be a father mother gives the birth to the child but father also feels happiness jalal smiles hamida says if thats the case then nothing to worry and happiness has come after long time thanks to the God. Jalal leaves all ladies smiles.

Scene 3
ruks is laying down on bed but cant sleep due to pain she open her eyes and sees blood on her hand she gets up and screams out for jalal. He comes in fastly and is shocked to see rukaiya crying he hugs her and is super tensed , maham comes jalal says bari ami what happened to ruks maham says cant tell what happened but she needs treatment which cant be done in your presence jalal is about to leave when ruks holds her hand jalal lays her down and goes out reluctantly. Doctor checks ruks while maham waits anxiously, outside jalal is super worried and waits for information to come from inside, doctor is checking ruks who is crying in pain, everyone is worried after sometime maham comes outside with a sad face.

Jodha Akbar 21 May 2021 Jalal ask what happened bari ami? Maham is unable to tell jalal says to tell clearly maham says ruks have a miscarriage jalal is grieved and breaks down he sits on ground maham hugs him jalal says why god always snatch my happiness 1st give me everything then snatches it away he is considered generous then why? Not me but he didnt think about rukaiya she prays to him then why with her maham says i know you are broken ruks is also broken but cant question God’s decision. Jalal says snatch everything from me my kingdom, my throne, my wealth but give me back my child maham consoles him.

Scene 4
ruks is still in pain doctor is shocked at what she concludes and checks once again she ask to make me smell your breath. She is shocked and ask hoshiyar to be with ruks while i go out, outside jalal ask are you sure? She says yes it was not a natural miscarriage but planned and intentionly done to her, maham ask doctor what you are saying doctor informs that somebody has given her dathura’s extract(herbal medicine) for a normal person if its given he will feel sleepy only but for a pregnant lady can kill her unborn child jalal fumes doctor says there was smell of it in her mouth and also I suspect it in her blood I am 100% sure. Jalal ask who can dare to do this much with ruks.

Jodha Akbar 21 May 2021 update: Maham says I checked everything that came inside palace there was full proof system how is it possible? The doctor says that the ingredient was added after it was tasted by the maids.Also that the dhatura is not from Mughal kigdom but from outside. She points out suggestively that it was from Amer, Jalal gets a Flasbacks and Maham as usual also adds fuel to fire. Jalal tells that it should be proved now else he will kill her. The kesar is brought and its given to Maham and she also tries to show that she is sleepy. Jalal is extremely angry. Ruks is also informed that kesar was responsible for Miscarriagr. Jalal comes to Ruks but she tells him to punish Jodha asap and instigates Jalal against Jodha and asks for justice cryingly.

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