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Jodha Akbar 23 July 2021: Jodha Akbar Friday 23 July 2021 written update, moti brings night dress for jodha and ask in which thoughts you are, jodha says i am thinking about bakshi, why love is blind? It just grabs man then there is no limits and right thing. See bakshi, she know her husband is criminal but she cries for him, jodha ask why love is so complicated. Moti ask dont know, moti ask did you talk to jalal, jodha says i did meet him but couldnt talk but all talks have their time else it looses their essences. jodha says to moti to bring pen and paper, moti ask for whom you want to write a letter? Jodha says to jalal, the thing which i couldnt say to him directly, i will tell him writing it down.

Scene 2
sharif is being taken to the jail. He is locked in same lock-up where adham is present. They both are shocked to see each other. Sharif i purposely didnt run from battlefield because i want to remain near to agra to snatch throne. Adham ask what if jalal had killed you? Sharif says he couldnt because of his sister.

Scene 3
jodha writes letter to jalal that i am very happy about your decision for tasnim and also proud. I wanted to praise you but couldnt get the chance. I am very satisfied with your law. Your queen jodha. She ask moti to give it to jalal.
Here jalal is with maham who says i am very sad that your own betrayed you. Jalal says its nothing new for a king. But king should know who is your friend or enemy.

Jalal says both adham and sharif are warrior but both betrayed me. Moti comes in and gives letter to jalal. Jalal says she could have come, why this letter. He ask maham to read letter. Maham says i cant its hubby wife matter. Jalal says you are not outsider. Jalal says to maham that you know i cant read, jodha have written letter for me can you read it? Maham thinks this is my chance. She reads i am very with your decision about tasnim. I couldnt get the chance to talk but i am very satisfied. She reads on that what wife wants from husband you did that and now i want to fulfill what husband wants from wife. I want you to come tomorrow in my room. I accept that i love you. Jalal smiles shyly. Maham ends letter. Maham says congrats she accepted you. Jalal says i am stunned that you are not sad because of adham. Maham says i am happy for my other son, you. He leaves. Maham says tomorrow night will be interesting.

Scene 4
Jodha Akbar update Friday 23 July 2021: Maham comes to jalal next morning .. She informs him about ram dhanu who is an excellent singer .. For the jashn … Jalal permits. Maham smiles cunningly and leaves
Pandit Ram dhanu receives invitation .. king Riwa naresh orders him to go to mughul court. great singer raam pandey accepts jalal’s invitation to show his singing talent in agra palace. All are happy in palace. Hamida says to jiji that hope this brings jalal jodha closer. Maham says to resham that magic will happen, but what i want will happen only.

Jodha is happy and excited for the singer. She says its great that hindu singer is invited.

Voiceover- raam pandey enters the palace to get new name ‘taan sen’ . He even didnt know that he will come here. Atga comes and greets him. Raam sees peacock and gets happy. He sits and plays his sitar(instrument), peacock opens his feather listening to music. He stops and goes and enters the court. Ruks says he is very elegant. Some singers are singing. Raam stops them saying this is not right time to sing these notes. He comes to jalal. Jalal says you are same what i’ve listened about you. Raam says same goes for you. Jalal says will listen to you tonight. For time being go and have rest. Raam says i am here to sing and on my king’s order. There is enough place to rest in my king’s place also. Jalal says seems you dont like weather of agra. Raam says you guess very well. He says i will leave now.

Scene 5
jodha says to servant he is very elegant, make special arrangements for tonight. Jalal comes and says i am happy you are excited for tonight. Jalal says artist are good but lil weird. Jodha says they are like one standing infront of me. Jalal says atleast in taunt you appreciated me. Jodha says thankyou for inviting him. Jalal says i am happy that you are happy. Jodha says maybe invitation was yours but idea wasnt. Jalal says how you can say that? jodha says music is not your field of interest. Jalal then tells her about the beats of horse riding, the best of was drums .. The marching of soldiers. Jodha is impressed But says music is not limited to that .. She adds that music is all around them in nature in the world … In sunrise. In the flowing rives, in payal , etc. Jalal then praises jodha for her knowledge of music. Jodha says all limits would be broken tonight (jodha talks of the singing of Raam in the Jashn tonight ). Jalal too says he was waiting for tonight when all limits would be crossed (jalal is thinking of the letter written by Jodha .. Telling him she loved him. Inviting him to her room to spend the night with her.

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