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Jodha Akbar 25 June 2021: Jodha Akbar update Friday 25th June 2021 The caretaker of Ratanpur gets the message to hand over the fort to Rajvanshis, Achal Singh tells Vajinder about it, Vajinder says that it would have been better if we would have won the fort in war.

BDas is looking after all the arrangements and security, Dadisa asks Jodha to thank Jalal for what he has done. Jalal and Jodha come to the mandap for the rituals, the younger sister gestures Jodha to say TY and Jodha tells him, Jalal says it should come from heart and then she apologises again.

The chhoti fauj comes and ask him to help them in stealing shoes of the groom, they praise him and Jodha passes taunts again Twisted Evil

The chhoti fauj comes and shows a different pair of shoes to Vaji and he shoows them his shoes and then go and ask him for neg.

Shariffuddin hurt BB the previous nite , Hameeda asks her but she averts.

Sukanya comes to the mandap. the priest asks Jodha to keep her hand in Jalal’s hand, she reluctantly does it, Jalal holds it tightly and thinks that it feels great to tease Jodha. Jalal asks the priest to explain the meanings of the shlok so that he can hold her hand for some more time. Jodha finally withdraws hand after aahuti. Jalal gives a smirk.

Varmala happens and the pheras with everyone showering flowers and finally Suku is married to Vajinder.

On other hand, the soldiers attack Ratanpur and gets back the fort.

Achal Singh gets the message and tells that bidaai wont happen. Achal Singh accuses Mughals and Jalal. Jalal finally tells Achal about how lowly acts he took for the marriage and cautions that nothing untoward should happen to Sukanya.

Achal once again tries to accuse and Jalal ne talwaar nikaal li. Jodha comes and asks him to stop.Everyone is shocked.

Jalal drawing his sword when Jodha stops him, he recalls FB of giving promise to Jodha and then he leaves, goes to Sukanya’s doli, says that he is gfting Achal’s life to Vajinder and hands over the gift of Ratanpur fort to Sukanya.Jodha is surprised.

Jodha comes and asks him the reason , Jalal explains beautifully about his decisions, why, what and how, also he tells her why the fort was so important for him and then lets her know that he believes in izzat for izzat and he gave that fort to Mughal sulatanat’s begum’s sister. Jodha is speechless and leaves. Jalal wonders why does her words affect him so much—kyon farak padhta hai. Beautiful scene, Must watch, this will be replayed infinitely in JA fans’ homes Razz

Jalal and his entourage had left for Agra, the weather was very bad as the storm had hit the place. Jalal asks to make proper arrangements for all the ladies. Jodha is removing the jewellery when Jalal comes over, sits very close to her, passes romantic looks at her, she feels awkward, he draws curtains and reminds her that she forgot to do it.Jodha sleeps and Jalal looks at her intently, recalls FB when he had visited Amer in disguise, he sits beside her, he tries to remove hair from her face, Jodha changes side and her face rests on his hand, she wakes up, gives him an angry look and taunts that he is taking undue advantage of her and leaves the khema in rage.

Hoshiyar tells Ruks something and she gets angry and asks him to send troops to Jalal.

Jodha is sitting under a tree, Jalal asks her to go inside as she has misunderstood his actions, she doesnt relent, Jalal leaves. Jodha falls unconscious, Jalal is exasperated, lifts her and carries to the khema. The maids and Khwaja Shera tend to her, Khwaja shera tells that she wants to talk to Jalal in private , she tells him that only Jalal as a husband can help Jodha now, Moti and Resham overhear, Resham tells MA and she is pleased that now Jalal will get over with Jodha’s interest and tells Adham also about it. Jodha was “khaas” till Amer, and will become “aam” in Agra.

Jalal is confused as to what he should do–Jodha’s jaan Vs Jodha’s Zabaan , removes his fur coat, sits on the bed, puts his hand over Jodha’s head and is lost in thoughts.

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