Jodha akbar update friday 27 march 2020


In Jodha akbar 27 march 2020; Jodha akbar 27 march 2020 update zee world, bhagwan das and company comes to agra they are welcomed grandly. Das greets maham and sharif and gives them the gifts for ruks and jalal. Maham ask servant to taste the things first. Das comes to maan singh both greets each other and das says in peace after seeing you happy here. Maan says i have to be happy so that can make jodha bua happy here. Das meets other ministers. Sharif comes inside bakshi ask were they relatives of jodha sharif says yes they were same whom i captured and jalal ordered to leave bakshi looks on.

Scene 2
rukaiya takes the bath and is very happy. Her aunt make her ready for ceremony she looks beautiful. Priest blesses and make her drink pious water her aunt kisses her forehead.

Scene 3
adham khan is coming inside when ministers gossip that he is back after playing politics in madhura whatever but he is a good soldier with twisted head. Jodha akbar update friday 27th march 2020 Adham sees moti and smirks. He lustly looks at her she sees him and goes away. Adham says to servant. i will come after meeting maham . Here in kitchen maham is distributing gifts among servants. Some servant informs that adham is back after defeating evils in madura he was successful there maham is happy. Adham meets maham and greets her then loses his temper and starts talking gibberish as Moti that she is still not dead, Maham asks Resham to step out of the room. Maham drills some sense into Adham , Jodha akbar 27 march 2020 update tells him how Moti was freed and is no threat now. Adahm is still gloating when Maham gets angry and frustrated and tells Adham that the function is to celebrate the arrival of heir to Mughal throne and Ruks becoming Marium Zamani.
Scene 4
At the function hall, Hameeda enters followed by Jodha. Ruks also comes and sits and gives a pathetic glance to Jodha. Jalal comes and greets Jodha which Ruks notices, and then takes his place , Ruks sits besides him. Jodha akbar 27 march 2020 update Resham informs Maham that Adham is drunk and is creating havoc in his room. MA again goes to fix her erring and useless son. Maham tries to sort him but then Adham pours out everything which has been hurting him, Adham very sternly says you are worried for the function of jalal’s heir but i am so so sad i thought something bad will happen with jalal then i will get the throne but now his heir will get it. Jodha akbar friday 27 march 2020 I kept serving him as a slave and now will serve his heir also. Do you know how i feel when you take jalal’s side in front of me but i thought you do that because of my future but i think in pretending to be his mother you have actually become his mother.

In the next scene J is shown with Mannu where he is shown teaching Mannu to color with crayons. Just then J gets a call on his phone.
Scene 5
Maham along with adham enters the function where all are seated jalal says its double happiness as adham won madhura and ruks is going to give mughals its heir. He says every gift is important for me whether it is small or big looking at jodha says every gifts means a lot to me. Function starts hamida gives holy book to jalal and shawl to ruks. And says i am so happy. Then comes maham and gives her gifts. Then comes sharif and bakshi and put gift in her lap and says may you become mother soon. Jodha gets up with bhagwan das jalal looks at her. Jodha akbar 27 march She gifts her kesar came from kashmir she says your child will be healthy with it. Jalal ask this is a time so make her drink now maham gives milk to jodha , jodha is about to put kesar in it when jalal stops her and takes out the spoon which jodha gave. Jalal says i want everybody to know that this spoon is given by jodha to ruks as a gifts and says how much small this gift is but emotions behind it is true, and asks Jodha to use it. Jodha gives the milk+kesar to Ruks,Ruks thinks that Jodha has started behaving like slave from now, Jalal insists to have some more milk as the baby will be healthy.

Jodha akbar update saturday 21 march 2020 zee world

Scene 6
The dance starts when Jalal gets up on spotting Rahim , Rahim says he wants to dance and Jalal starts dancing with him. Everyone is surprised and happy to see Jalal and Rahim swaying to the beats, Hameeda gets emotional too.

Radha asks what is the matter? Where is she? RK says Sultan took her

Radha asks he is alive? RK says for now. .but not for long..!

Jodha akbar 27 march 2020 Paddo is hyper .. Radha asks her to calm down n assures RK will not let anything happen to her..! RK fumes..! Joshi tells Dips to spill out the truth but she says .. ridiculous..! Joshi is called by someone and he warns Dips to stay put ..n leaves from there! Sultan forcibly brings Madhu to a car n makes her sit.. n sits by her side..! He says..told u. . Jodha akbar friday 27 march in front of RK He says.. she thot.. he wont find out ..that she fooled her..! He says.. when she breaths.. he can feel! He says biggest mistake telling RK…! Earlier wanted to take u..safely.. n quietly but now.. her mistake.. is gonna hurt..! He says.. cant bear she cheat on him for someone else.. n now that someone has to END!

Sultan says RK has to die.. in front of her eyes… ! Sultan says last nite RK talked so arrogantly ..surprised he din tell her..! Sultan says.. jo barasne ki takat rakhte hain woh garajte nahi..! Jodha akbar update 27 march 2020 Sultan puts cholorform hanky on Madhu n she faints.. n says.. want RK to see.. Madhus past life.. n his future..and their future with his eyes..! Joshi comes and sees his men unconscious n deduces that Sultan played a game..! RK says going.. n no one will come..! Bittu says Joshi told not to. .n RK says.. protecting Madhu is my responsibility ..cant let Madhus faith break..! RK declares that.. if i find out that someone i know is helping Sultan ..will punish them.. to the extremes..!Dips is scared!

Jodha akbar update friday 27th march 2020 RKsays sorry.. wont let anything happen to Madhu n Paddo says have faith.. go and bring ur Madhu back..!!

Sultan enters in get up of Govinda! RK is surrounded by fans…! RK walks past Sultan on opposite side…! Sultan applies gulaal on his face and goes to break Dahi handi! RK finds.. Madhus dupatta on the road.. Jodha akbar 27th march 2020 n the parking! The car driver sees RK .. Madhu is conscious and taps the car back but the driver makes her bend down forcefully ..!! Bittu comes n says found Madhu n takes RK away..! Madhu passes out again…!! The driver thinks Madhu is unconscious and leaves from the car! Madhu sneaks out of the car…! RK comes to the stage n tells all that not to worry… will find Madhu..!Paddo says not to embarass her faith..! Dahi handi underway. Jodha akbar friday 27th march 2020 .Sultan climbing the pyramid..! Madhu enters the chawl ..tries to reach RK..! Sultan about to break the handi! Dips spots Sultan! Joshi asks Madhu how is she.. she says do something Sultan will kill RK ..!! Sultan points gun at RK ..!

Jodha akbar 27 march 2020 RK ducks in time..! RK rushes to confornt Sultan … n he points gun at RK..! Sultan says.. he said.. Sultan started. .n RK will end. .so yes RK will end.. !! Sultan tells RK that today RK will lose two things… his life and his love. ! Sultans bullet will take RKs life and his hands will take his love (Madhu) ! RK smirks..! Jodha akbar update friday 27th march 2020


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