Jodha Akbar 5 November 2021: Jodha is going to jalal and recalls Rahim’s words that jalal used to protect the tulsi plant, she is smiling. dasi comes to jalal, jalal says bring Jodha’s painting here from her room, he thinks I want you to be in front of my eyes 24*7, I don’t want you to be away from me for a minute even. Jodha thinks jalal never says anything in front of me, never shows his love, and does so much from my behind, don’t know should I be angry or smile, why I always get news about me from someone else. Jala thinks wish I could tell you Jodha that how much I love you but I don’t have strength so I talk to your painting wish I can talk to you as much as I talk to your painting.

Hoshiyra comes to ruks and says you are drinking hookah, I listened that you got unconscious, ruks says I am fine, hoshiyar sees ruks and jalal’s painting and says its very good, and also jalal doesn’t come here so it will keep reminding you about jalal, ruks gets angry and says to not forget your limits, hosiyar says I mean this painting will bring you close to jalal, ruks says okay I forgave you but remember that jalal have to come to me as its my experience that jalal gets tired of things easily so he will be tired of jodha. ruks ask to call some bandhi to me, hoshiyar leaves, ruks says jodha you will never win against me as this harem is mine and only I have the right on jalal.

Scene 2
jodha comes to jalal with aarti, he is dumbstruck seeing jodha. jalal looks at her romantically and set hair lock on her face, jodha feels shy and doesn’t stop him ,she looks at him and says shehenshah.. jalal ohh yes, she did you asked for something, jalal thought it was someone else, jodha says I came to give you parsad, she gives it to jalal who makes jodha eat 1st, dasi brings jodha’s painting, jodha is stunned seeing her such beautiful painting and looks at jalal, jalal says sorry I took it from your room but this was the only saving grace for me when you were not her, I am use to it. jodha says but now I am here with you, ruks comes there and fumes seeing them together, she ask jalal can I come in? jalal says why you came here, you are ill, ruks says I was feeling fine so I came here, she says I brought a painting fro you, jodha says I will leave now, jalal says no see what ruks 1st, he sees its jalal and ruks painting and says wow its beautiful, very well crafted, ruks says if you like then you should put in your room, jalal says but where? ruks says I want everyone to see it to see our strong bond, our friendship and our relation, she ask to put it infront wall, jalal says ok, he ask jodha where your painting should be? jodha says you can put it anywhere, for me it enough that you are gracing my painting to be here, jalal smiles. he ask dasi to put jodha painting to opposite wall, ruks says strange you have placed one wife’s painting on top and other wife’s in feet, all have some position in your eyes according to their limit, jodha and ruks leaves, jalal sits in front of jodha’s painting and says its strange that ruks want to show off about our relationship to world and you never want to show that you are most close to me, you are infront of me with open and close eyes both.

Scene 3
moti ask jodha where were you? jodha says I went to jalal for parsad, moti says hmm nice way to keep close to jalal, jodha says you started again, moti says you used to run away from jalal and now finding reason for come close to him, jodha says if you say anything then I will.. moti says now you are showing right on jalal too that I cant talk about him. javeda comes there and is excited to see jodha, she ask jodha are you angry with me? jodha says why would be I angry with you, javeda gets happy and says are you angry with maham? jodha says why would I be, she is like mother to jalal why would be I angry with her, why are you asking me? javeda says I cant believe my ears that you are not angry with her so it means you will help me in revamping jalal’s and maham’s relation, jodha is confused, she says I will go and tells this to maham. she leaves. jodha says I don’t understand her talks, moti says when you will listen truth you will be stunned, it was maham who created misunderstanding between you and jalal, she knew about sujamal and filled jalal’s ears that you are having affair with him, much happened here when you went from here, jalal was angry on maham and broke ties with her, she has no power now, she is mere chief minister without any authority, jodha is in shock and says strange I have not been told about it, moti says maybe jalal didn’t want to tell as you would be hurt.

Scene 4
Jodha comes to Salima. Salima tells Jodha that the reason for the distance between Maham & Jalal was cuz Maham felt insecure over the growing influence of Jodha over Jalal, she wanted to separate them so that Maham could be the number one n for that purpose she used Sujjamal and her as a pawn, filled Jalal’s mind with poison n turned him against her. Salima lets out a telling remark, saying that Jalal still loves Badi Ammi hence he has given mild punishment to her instead of decapitating her .. Jodha is thoughtful… There happens a scene between Rahim and Salima which brings home the point how crucial is a maternal bond to the child. Thoughtful Jodha leaves after chatting with Salima.

Scene 5
Jodha is heading to her hojra and from the opposite direction, Maham is chugging in… A confrontation starts with Jodha castigating Maham for daring to hurt Jalal in her blind need for power. Jodha says to Maham that we used to listen that a son can betray his mother but a mother can never hurt her son but you made this saying wrong, Maham yells out that she *Jodha* not cross her line s cuz as for as she is concerned, Jodha is just a Rajvanshi to her n while She, Maham is Wazir-e-Aaliya… Jodha looks at her contemptuously.

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