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Jodha Akbar 9 July 2021 update: Jalal’s entry being announced into the diwaan E khaas Jalal is very sad as he looks at baksi bano, Hamida says that she knew this was the worst moment in Jalal’s life, He had to punish the sister he adored all his life Jalal then declares what baksi had done, how she had poisoned Jodha for producing symptoms of pregnancy and That jodha was not pregnant and the sultanat is not expecting their heir yet all have to wait for that day

Today i am here for punishing baksi bano and says that i dont not want to be lenient and send wrong signal to the kingdom Since the defaulter is his sister. He tells Jodha to order the punishment. Hamida cries that the brother in jalal could not over rule the shehenshah in him so he had asked jodha, baksi are brought centre court, Jodha is surprised . She says that this is very difficult position for her, Jodha gives a long lacture about right wrong . Preachings by parents . By religions .. Jodha orders bakshi to remain very close to jodha always all her life and That she has forgiven bakshi bano,

Jodha Akbar 9 July 2021: She then says that the court must be wondering what decision was this, Jodha explains that her guilt would remind her all her life about the pain she had caused her brother n his wife, Jalal gives his approval to jodha’s order Being the shehenshah .. He accepts Jodha’s decision But says that being the brother of Bakshi i declare that i had broken all ties with her .. She is no more his sister, Jodha laments why did Jalal take such a harsh decision, This was worse even than death penalty and that she never wanted Bakshi n Jalal to be seperated.

Scene 2
Moti comes to jodha’s room and says every one was talking how great is jodha .. How kind she is ..
Moti is very happy, jodha thanks kanha
. Jalal comes to jodha’s room and Asks her why did she forgive bakshi?
Jodha replies that every fault should not be punished, She had done it for love, It was something that me myself could never do and The actual fault was with her husband sharufuddin, He is the real culprit as he took undue advantage of his wife’s love
But bakshi is suffering, She has been separated from her brother .. And her husband too is nowhere to be seen. she is all alone.

Scene 3
Jodha Akbar 9 July 2021 In hamida’s room she has called the important ladies /residents of harem. Hamida tells every one not to talk of what ever happened in the diwan e khaas and Not a word should leak out of the harem, Maham is given responsibility of stopping the rumours .from spreading.

Maham is sceptical and Tries to argue that people would ask queries If informed about Jodha not giving them heir but jalal comes and argues that he would use all his power to stop all rumours from spreading, he says How Jodha was made to suffer at the hands of conspiracy creators … How jodha affected by this plan bani, he says people have the rights to know every thing about their shehenshah,
Maham is against it but jalal argues But Maham is still worried.

Scene 4
Jalal speaks to the citizens of the country, He speaks forcefully explaining to the people of Hindustaan
that he is not going to be a father, That they have to wait further. He then alerts his enemies, He speaks emotionally About how his people is his child And every citizen is his child .he says that entire nation appears before him at the slightest order from their shehenshah then they are like his children, he says that he is proud of having such loving children he did not miss his children he has many.

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