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Jodha Akbar update Monday 10th May 2021 zee world adham throws the flag and it lands at jodha’s feet. She picks it up with respect and comes to adham khan jalal is also standing he looks at her she gives the flag back to adham khan and says if it was mughal’s flag could you have bear it. Flag is identified as dignity irrespective of nation. Adham says they made mistake she says have you seen any weapon in their hand adham says it is not allowed to bring flag in mughals territory jodha says i love my land and flag too you also do the same so that means we will also get punishment they are artist not terrorist jalal interrupts and says its political issue you better stop and ask her to leave she complies.

Jalal ask from where you belong to the people they say we are from jodha’s place amer and show our talent in every region nothing of that sort happened in other regions jalal ask about flag they say its for their inspiration while singing just like sword for you. Jalal looks at adham and says to leave them there is no mistake of them.

Scene 2
Jalal then invites them for the jashn that has been arranged in honor of raja bharmal. Adham tries to accuse jalal for the enemy free and he usually do not give punishment to those who are arrested by him. Jalal then ask to go to agra and catch the criminals there. Adham khan again feels insulted by this treatment and vows to take revenge against jalal one day.

Scene 3
menawati says to jodha i want to make you ready for this jashn with my own hands as i might never get a chance to do so in future. Jodha is very happy with this wish and says to make her ready. Just then hamida bano enters in jodha’s room and says i want to make
her ready for the event as now i am her mother and hav a full right and mena had lost her right to ready jodha.

Scene 4
jodha is getting ready for the function with hamida helping her. Mena watches her as jodha is all decked up with jewelry and fineries.

Scene 5
jashn starts and in court Jalal ask everyone to sit and ask to present the gift to bharmal and his family. They are pleased with the gifts. Jalal ask to start the jashn. The same artist performs in the jashn. Jodha confirms it with moti that they are same people and thinks jalal is upto something to insult me. They perform with rajputana flag adham fumes while others are pleased. Suddenly jalal imagines jodha dancing between the artists and waving flag. He comes out of dream and looks at jodha and smiles. She also looks at him. The performance ends and bharmal says i liked your this gesture very much and says you proved relationship can be made between hindus and mughals. Jalal says there is chess game also in jashn and says it will be played with emotions not mind and looks at jodha. Jalal announces that who ever win i’ll give her a promise that whatever she wants me to do i’ll fulfill her wish and announces that one player is the great player rukiya. She gets up and says i want to choose other player myself jalal gives her permission. She says hindus mughals will play now. And i want jodha to play with me. Jalal says i’ll be happy with my both wives playing. Jodha thinks if ruks win then dont know what she will ask from jalal.
maham anga, bhagwan das, are stunned as she gets up to play. Jalal is happy that at last jo would be shown her place.

Scene 6
Jodha enters the centre stage and Ruks wants to know of she dared to take up the challenge or chicken out and thinks Jodha would never give up Neither in game or in war i’ve to play well. Ruks tells jodha to begin the game as She being younger Jodha answer back in game it is not age but chaal(trick) that matters but accepts to play the first move on her insistance. The game goes on and Initially jodha seems to be loosing and Ruks says her badshah(king) was now cornered. Bharmal, mynawati, maan singh, all look proudly at Jodha as they play on but then worry on their faces becomes evident as Jo begins to loose. Episode ends on their tensed faces.

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