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Jodha Akbar 11 October 2021: Maham asks sharif where you are lost, sharif says I was thinking that a misunderstanding separated jalal and Jodha, hope they patch up. he leaves. Maham thinks that this misunderstanding will not last for long as jalal will get to know the truth and he will go behind jalal, i have to play my next trick. javeda comes and says that the shine of this palace is gone, jodha left the palace, maham says i will come from mazaar and leaves. javeda says she also thinks that Jodha does black magic, i will also go to mazaar.

jalal comes to jodha’s painting and says this much, if i say once that so you will leave. you didnt answer me once that i was wrong. i am like this i have loved someone for 1st time. you could have made me understand things i know i did a sin doubting you but you didnt clear the misunderstanding, i am human i can do mistakes but you could have fought with me, you could have answered me directly that i am wrong. you fought for bandhies, my sister bakshi and for many people but why you didnt fight with me for yourself, dont you think that you have no right on me. not for me you could have stayed for hamida, for rahim, for salima, for nation who pray for you day and night. hamida comes there and says now you the truth now you know the importance of jodha, jalal says ammi.. hamida says dont call me ammi, you dont understand the importance of relation , they are just mere responsibility for you, jalal says i did a mistake. hamida says so why me, salima, rahim and nation suffer because of your mistake, a devil can never doubt on her and you what you did, she says for her respect she left this palace, she is elegant pure lady, you have hurt me alot. jalal says forgive me, she says you have broken a heart of mother, you doubted on my daughter whats the need of this painting in this room, i am taking my daughter’s painting, jalal says atleast you forgive me. hamida says its your rule that only the person whom you have hurt can forgive you and i will forgive you when you will bring my daughter back, she takes painting and leaves. jalal cries.

Scene 2
maham is going somewhere in market, javeda is following her. she says maham is puntual in this age too, she says jewelry and stops, she says i will bring coin, she says where did maham go. maham comes to isolated place, javeda is following her still and says this is not the way to mazaar, she says she is going in jungle, when wild animal will attack her , i will save her this will be great. she sees her hiding behind bushes. maham leaves, javeda says where did she go. maham knocks on some hut and oges inside, javeda comes and says she was here where did she vanish, she cries and says that witch ate my ammi jaan, i have lost everything please give me my ammi

Scene 3
jalal is sad and recalls how he said to jodha that i started loving you but you finished that by your characterless nature, he thinks that i dia a mistake, i misunderstood you i will rectify it, jodha on other side thinks that i love alot jalal but you have hurt me alot. (dil kashmakash main bara hai plays). ruks comes to jalal and says i know you are worried but a king cant be so emotional, jalal says i have never put this much serious allegation on anyone, i have doubted on her purity, i have doubted her relation with her brother, i have hurt her alot. salima comes there, jalal says i need your advise, i put allegation on jodha, i doubted her character, salima says i know you did a mistake and also asked jodha to go from here, she says i also know that you love jodha alot, jalal ask for suggestion, salima says i can give any because in husband wife relation they can solve matter themself, nobody can sort out your problem, you bot can do that, its the matter between hubby and wife, you have given her wound and you are in pain, only you can lessen your pain. mistakes happen in relations but you have to rectify it, you have to face jodha dn rectify it, jodha must be very hurt thats why she left from here, i know she will believe you, only you can bring her back, jalal says right i have hurt her i will put medicine on it. PRECAP. ruks is stunned and in tears.

Scene 4
jalal comes at gate of palace and says to salima to tell hamida that i am sorry for my mistake and i will bring her daughter back, he says to atgah says till i am not here you see matters along with maham, i will come with jodha, atgah says alright.
jodha is praying to lord. jalal greets hamida but she doesnt greet back, jalal sits on horse and leaves with his soldiers.

Soul talk- jalal says that day I came to know what it feels like to lose someone, I brought you back from death but lost you to my doubt, jodha says you only lost me but I lost everything because, for a wife, her husband’s trust is everything, jalal soul says I was worried where I will find you, jodha soul says I was not worried for anything because I lost everything, you doubted me and I cut myself from you, you were seeing truth inmy eyes but you took my silence as a lie, you took my love as fake, jalal says I was sorry for I doubted you. I was in so much pain because I started loving you, I can’t think in my dream that anybody else sees you other than me, now I just wanted to see you. we see jalal riding a horse.

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