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Jodha Akbar 12 July 2021: Jodha Akbar update Monday 12th July 2021 jodha is doing puja of tulsi when jalal comes and takes aarti before jodha can ask. She is impressed, moti wishes him and leaves. jalal says to jodha that you will not wish me? Jodha wishes him. Jalal ask tell me the next clue, jodha ask what clue? Jalal thinks is she joking with me? Jodha says my puja is incomplete, can i finish. He nods. Jodha says gayatri mantra, jalal ask the meaning, she says raja chandragupt, mango and gayatri manrta are great, jalal says 1st is not right, jodha says why not, jalal says i am not interested in fighting today, jalal ask for clue, jodha says i dont know really, jalal thinks she is playing with me, jodha ask what are you thinking, he says everyone gifted, where is your gift. Jodha says i thought a lot but you are a big king and have everything, jalal says even if i have everything cant i wish for gift from you, i thought you will gift some unique thing, you broke my wish, jodha says if thats the case then i will gift, she ask him to come inside. she gives him an ordinary clothes and asks him to go to Agra bazaar, he is puzzled but then he wears it, comes and sees Jodha in simple dress and both get ready to go to the bazaar. Ruks is wondering if Jalal got her gift and his whereabouts.

Scene 2
adham sees tanim(young girl that he is eyeing) in her house and comes to that girl’s house, she welcomes him. They say they nothing to give him, adham says you have much to give me, he ask her mother that you are shahi servant then why you are poor? Girl’s mother(shahi servant) says that my husband is addicted to drinking, he takes all my money. Adham goes to see husband and thinks that he is addicted and i will take advantage of it, he says to drunk man that i like drinking also so come sometime we will drink together, man says i am nothing in front of you, adham says i want to take your family to malwa , i will appoint your husband there, they thanks adham, adham says do come in jalal’s bday celebration and bring tasnim( young girl of servant), he gives them some money and leaves, tasnim praises him.

Scene 3
Jodha Akbar 12 July 2021: jalal and jodha are walking in village in ordinary clothes, they see all are happy bcoz of jalal’s bday, he says to jodha that look people celebrate my bday, if i wouldnt be wearing these normal clothes they would have recognized me, jodha says wrong if you had you sword and turban, they would have recognized you, jalal ask the meaning. Jodha says they are afraid of your sword, jalal says so they should as i am a king, some man recognize jalal, jalal says to jodha look they recognized me without sword, jodha still believes that they are afraid of him. They move forward and see some men praying, jalal says lets go i am thirsty, jodha says 1st listen to them they are more thirsty,Jalal asks them about their worry and they tell him about the water. He announces that a well will be dug up the very day and they will not have any issues in putting forth their queries in open court hence. jodha is happy.
Jalal asks Jodha about the gift but she says that he will get it soon

Scene 4
ruks is thinking that why jalal didnt come to me yet and where is rahim, some servant gossips that rahim is very naughty, he make us running all the time, hoshiyar says he is just a child, search him. Ruks sees dates lying on ground and thinks rahim like it very much, she finds rahim and ask whether he told jalal about clue, rahim doesnt remember so ruks says i will complain to salima that you didnt do my work, he says it was our talk so why include salima and says i told jalal about tulsi.. Ruks ask tulsi or neem? Rahim corrects it saying neem, ruks thinks then why jalal didnt come yet, rahim offers her dates, she denies having it.

Scene 5
jalal comes back to palace, adka wishes him and ask why are you wearing these clothes, jalal says i also dont know, only jodha knows it, he ask adka why are you tensed, adka says you were missing so i was tensed, jalal says you are experienced and you know wives like to make husbands keep walking behind them, adka smiles, he ask adka to make well in village, adka agrees and goes, jalal looks at jodha, she ask what? He says i cant understand women, he ask for gift, jodha says wait for some more time, 1st you should find ruks gift, he leaves, jodha keep smiling looking at him.

Scene 6
in night, jalal is walking in palace, all gossips why jalal is wearing these clothes, rahim comes and ask why wearing such clothes? Jalal says to give respect to jodha’s gift, rahim ask whether you have gone to neem plant? Jalal says you said tulsi plant, rahim says you heard it wrong and i had to bear the wrath of ruks, now go there, jalal says ok, jalal comes to neem tree and sees arrow towards a room, he opens it when bright yellow light comes out, he says subhanallah its best gift.

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