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Jodha Akbar 2 August 2021: Jodha Akbar update Monday 2nd August 2021 Mirza gifts rahim and says he is very cute to salima who ask where was he? He says i retured here to complete some mission, actually i got to know that abul mali has sent someone to conspire in palace, salima ask so lets tell jalal, mirza says not now because culprit must be around him.

Benazir comes to soldier with zakira, soldier ask why zakira is with you? Benazir says i was afraid, he says now you are with me so no need to fear, he takes her inside dark room and tries to get closer to her but she stops him and says i was special of abul mali in kabul and now of jalal so its not right, he gets angry and gets up to go to jalal and tell her truth but she stops him and says i was joking with you, i am here for you, she fills drink in his glass, and he gets closer to her, she says i am here so why are you in hurry? He again gets angry, benazir pacifies him saying i am here in your arm, he gets cosy with her, they have liplock and suddenly he falls on ground with some gree liquid coming out his mouth, benazir have green lips and says cunningly that this happens who ever tries to catch me, he wanted to spend night with me and see whats the result, zakira takes benazir away. Benazir is not in senses. Moti bai and jodha are standing near the window they witness benazir vomiting badly and she appears very sick .. Also they notice the green colour on her face .. jodha says she must have eaten something bad, Jodha then thinks about something and orders moti to follow her .. In room, zakira says everytime this happens when you spit poison, now you have to rest, benazir ask her to give her medicine, zakira goes to find it.

Otherside jodha prepares medicine for benazir and says i didnt want to but she was ill, moti says you have a big heart, moti says i will go and give her, jodha says no after what adham did, i will not allow you to go alone, jodha gets up to go alone but moti insists to go with her so they both come to benazir room where she is lying on bed thinking benazir has come with medicine and ask her to give it, jodha says i have come, benazir is stunned to see her and says jalal is not here. Jodha says i am not here for jalal but i saw you ill so made medicine for you, benazir why this much greatness for a dasi? Jodha says it was my duty, zakira comes with snake but seeing jodha she throws it, benazir thanks jodha and says i am fine, jodha says as wish if you dont wanna take it, fine. Jodha comes out with moti and snake follows them, jodha falls down seeing snake and he is about to hit her but benazir comes and throws it away, jodha is relieved and thanks her for saving her, benazir says you made medicine for a dasi so i can do this, jodha goes from there, benazir grabs snake again and lick its mouth with her tongue, she gets all fine, zakira smiles.

Scene 2
mirza is practising sword fighting and sees soldier’s deadbody, he comes there, jalal and atga khan also comes there, hakim says he was bitten by snake, atga says we have regular check in garden to make sure there is no snake then how it can happen, jalal ask atga to recheck and be careful. Zakira says jalal also get to know about it, benazir says so what all will think that snake did it but dont know i have poison in my blood also.they leaves. Mirza says if he was bitten by snake then where is the mark, hakim shows him that its on lips.

Jalal says that he was a good soldier so do his las rituals properly. Mirza says it was strange how maqsood died and this is not good happening in palace, also abul mali is behind you, i listened him talking against you, jalal ask with whom? Mirza says i couldnt see but he is dangerous, jalal says when you are with me then i have no fear, mirza thinks whether there is some connection between mali and this killing.

Scene 3
jodha comes out with moti and sees that there is no piegeon in garden, mirza comes and says what are you searching, she says piegoen, he murmurs some words like majician and shows piegoen in his turban, he says actually yesterday night snake bite soldier and he died so i asked servants to remove piegeons from here as it can be dangerous, jodha says yesterday night one snake attacked me also, mirza says maybe it was same who killed him. Jodha says nice to see you care for piegoen as otherside your brother love hunting, he says he hunt only wild animals, jodha says you are taking his side? He says yes he is like my god.

Jodha says god are not human, mirza says you also says pati parmeshvar, jodha says you take his side, mirza says i can be on your side as bari ami told me you are good cook, and i love daal bhati churma, jodha says for food you will change your side? What if jalal get to know this? He says so what, you both are same whats the matter if i take one’s side, jodha is shy.

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