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Jodha Akbar 7 December 2020: Jodha Akbar update Monday 7th December 2020, Jalal comes in bath tub, Jodha gives him bath, she washes his hairs and face, Jalal moves away from her, Jodha gets sad but then splashes water at him, he starts smiling and says you wanna play game with me? Jodha says you can think like that, she splashes water, Jalal starts splashing water at her too, Laboni sees this from far, she fumes in anger, Jalal hugs Jodha, Laboni thinks this Jodha is making me angry but soon i will go to 3rd level to magic and then Jalal will be mine, tomorrow i will be in your place, she imagines herself in bathtub with Jalal, Jalal playing with her, she getting romantic with him, her imagination ends, she finds sacred thread on Jodha and Jalal’s neck, she says this thread is stopping Jalal to come to me, i have to get rid of it, she leaves.

Laboni comes to Dammo, Dammo ask where is Jalal? he must be with you, Laboni says he is with Jodha, dont know why this is in our way, because of her, our magic is not working, Dammo ask why? Laboni says jodha has tied thread on Jalal’s arm and because of that Jalal is not coming to me, Dammo says what if Jodha has got to know about us? Laboni says no, if this was the case then she would have questioned me, she would have arrested me, Dammo says we cant do magic till that thread is in Jalal’s arm, do something fast to get rid of that thread.

Jodha is drying Jalal’s hairs and thinks till when i will stop Jalal from going to her, Jalal is staring at her, she ask what? Jalal says i am looking at your beauty, he caresses her hands, he says when you are with me then i will become fine soon but i feel i should pamper you a little too, he makes her sit, he dries her hairs, In Ankhon mein tum jabse hogye gum.. plays, Jodha caresses his hands, she takes Jalal to bed, makes him lie, covers him with sheet, she sit beside him and caresses his hairs, Jalal sleeps, Jodha smiles, ishq hai woh ehsas badal jo jo halat plays, Jodha again ties one end of thread to Jalal’s and other to her dress, she prays that Yogi return soon.
Yogi is on journey. a great priest is shown busy in praying, Yogi comes to him, sit in his feet, priest looks at Yogi, he says so they reached Agra? he recite something on ash, he says they are Dammo and Laboni, they are great in black magic, you have to stop them but till this ash takes its color, you have to wait
its morning, Sangram is siting in Laboni’s feet, she makes him eat chicken, he eats it like dog, she says dont make me angry ever, if you dont do my work then i will not leave you, Sangram says i will never make you angry master, he leaves, Laboni smirks.

Joda brings Jalal in garden, she says to Jalal that dont practice sword fighting today, you are not fine, Jalal says i will not get peace till i dont practice it, soldier cant say that he is ill so cant fight, i will be fine by practing, Jodha says okay but not for much time, Sangram comes to Jalal and says i have listened about your sword skills so thought to fight with you today, Jodha thinks he is in influence of her, what if he hurts Jalal? she says not Sangram, jalal is not well, Jalal says let it be, he is our guest, i have listened about his valor, it will be fun to fight with him, Jalal brings out his sword, they starts sword fighting, Laboni sees Sangram sword fighting with Jalal, she thinks that afterall dog is loyal to its master, this Sangram is my dog that fighting for me, he will bring that thread for me. jodha is worried seeing jalal and Sangram indulged in intense sword fighting, Jalal overpowers Sangram, Laboni gets tensed, Sangram tries to attack Jalal’s arm but Jalal doesnt let him touch thread, Jalal throws him away and wins, Jalal makes hm get up, he leaves, Laboni thinks this Sangram is of no use, i have to do to something.
Rahim says to Salim that you are taking risk, you cant go out, Salim says i cant sit here quitely, seeing my soldiers working day and night to find him, Rahim says what will i tell Jalal? Salim says if i lose then tell Jalal that his died as a warrior, Pratap’s man attack Salim. Rahim saves him, they attack the man, Rahim ask man who sent you? he is wearing Rajvanshi dress, Salim says this cant be Pratap’s act, he is not like that, this work is of someone else, man dies.
Jalal says to Jodha that see i won over Sangram, Jodha says to Jalal that why dont you stop sword practicing for somedays? Jalal says do i ever stop you from prayers? ok i promise i will not practice till i get fine.
Laboni sees ash in her hands and says if i throw this dust on that thread then its effect will be gone.

Dammo starts her magic, Jalal is sleeping in his room, he wakes up and imagines Laboni calling him to her, she says Jalal come to me, i am dying to unite with you, Jalal starts to leave his room, thread creel attached to his dress starts unrolling, Jodha wakes up and doesnt find Jalal on bes, she follows the thread to find Jalal. Jalal is going in jungle, Jodha is following thread, Dammo is busy in magic, Jodha finds Jalal, she follows him, Laboni calls Jalal, Jalal comes, she is sitting on bed, dressed in ball gown, place is decorated with candles, Laboni says to jalal that i was waiting for you, she does magic with her eyes on Jalal, she makes Jalal sit on bed, Jodha sees all this hiding behind bushes, she makes Jalal lie on bed, Jodha is about to stop Laboni but recalls how Yogi asked her to not challenge her openly, wait for him to return, Jodha says he asked me to not stop her but i have no other way, i have to stop her, Laboni lies on Jalal and says i was waiting for this day, she opens Jalal’s shirt, Jodha is stunned, Laboni caresses Jalal’s face, she is about to kiss Jalal, Jodha shouts Shehenshah, Laboni turns and gets angry seeing jodha there, Jodha comes to her, both angrily look at each other, Jodha says to her that i gave you respect as my sister and you are doing this with my husband, Laboni says i will tell you truth now, i am not your sister but Laboni and your husband is like this because of my black magic, you know who i am? Jodha says i know you who you are, you have killed my sister and has taken her place, Laboni says why you are here? Jodha says i have come to take my husband, Laboni says i wont let that happen, this is last stage of my magic, i will get Jalal’s body today and if you dotn go away then i will kill Jalal, Jodha says my love wont let you do that, Laboni says i know your love has strength but today my strength has won over your love, it would be good for you to leave else you wont be able to stand, if Jalal is not mine then i wont let Jalal to be of anyone else, Jodha thinks whats to do, Yogi has not returned, i have to stop her till he doesnt come, Laboni says what have you decided? you want your husband to die? Jodha says no, dont do like that, i am ready to give you Jalal but dont do anything to him, its important for Jalal to live then be mine, Laboni laughs and says you are smart, you sacrificed like a good wife, but listen because of you my magic is stopped for today, i have to wait for next night, i will come to you and then you will give your place to me beside Jalal, Laboni says to Jodha that if you want Jalal alive then leave Jalal and palace, jodha is stunned, she looks at Jalal lying straight on bed, Jodha says okay i am ready to do that, Laboni smirks, Jodha thinks that for Jalal’s safety i have to take this step.

Scene 2
Jodha makes Jalal lie on bed in his room, she is about to leave, Jalal holds her hand and ask her to not leave him, Jodha sit beside him and says i am with you only, Jalal says i feel good only when you are around, i feel weak, Jodha says dont worry, i will not leave you, i am yours and you are mine, Jodha lies her head on Jalal’s shoulder and says i love you alot Shehenshah, she thinks how much i show my love but in end i will have to leave.
Yogi Udaynath is with big priest, priest makes dagger and says this can finish that magician but it can be used only once so use it wisely, Uday takes dagger, priest says you have less time, if you dont reach on time then this dagger will be useless.
Moti ask Jodha where are you lost? you seem tensed? tell me if you have some problem? Jodha says nothing, Laboni comes there, Jodha stares at her.

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