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Jodha Akbar 7 June 2021: Jodha Akbar update Monday 7th June 2021 The look alike is been taken to prison. Jalal comes to maham and says i am happy you are saved from this conspiracy hamida says you have taken mughal justice to new level jalal says no little justice remains and says whatever i did with jodha and her innocent brother was required at that time and it was wrong so i am sorry for whatever happened with them jodha is stunned. Bhagwan das no you are a king and you have the right , whatever you did was the requirement of that moment you dont need to say sorry. And you have raised your dignity by saying sorry as a king.

Scene 2
maham in her room is laughing continuously when resham says have to say you are great in playing family politics and nobody can reach to your mind maham says never talk about this topic again everything is finished and laughs. Jalal and hamida comes to her room . Maham says you could have asked me i would have come Jalal says not to embarrass me and that the real culprit is caught why are you now in tension maham says i didnt got to know about that look alike and she was conspiracing against you that gives me tension i could have saved your son but couldnt, when you were child i saved you from roof but i didnt save your heir. Jalal i am sad that i lost my child but it would have hurt me more if i lost you thank god you are out of doubt. He hugs her.

Hamida says jalal is right you have done so much for him maham says i have done what a mother should do and i can do anything for my child jalal takes the blessing and leaves resham says god you said you can do anything for adham and he didnt get a single clue, have to say you can change yourself at anytime. You dont have a double face but dual nature also. Salute to you.

Scene 3
Jodha is sitting when servant brings haldi paste for jodha as she didnt take do any beauty tips in past few days but she denies saying i am in no mood. jalal comes to jodha and says i have a good news for you jodha says i know you have done preparations for me to go to amer jodha says i am very i am going back to amer there will be peace, here peace word doesnt exist and you have tortured me a lot.

As a divorcee i will go back but my father will accept me and it is extreme bad news for them they will be hurt when they will that their daughter was being tortured here and will be a divorcee but i will be happy living a life of divorcee. For a married women her deadbody should be taken out from in laws place. But i am happy that my deadbody will taken out from the place where i born because i cant die here as i die here daily sometime my emotions are killed sometime dignity,respect. Jodha says there must be some order thats why you are here i am your wife so i will listen to your every order tell me jalal says stop you keep saying amer amer dont forget you are in agra still jodha says how can i forget i am here dieing inside jalal flinches his palm jodha says angry on me so take it out i will be happy that i have satisfied you by taking your anger out jalal says yes i am very angry but leave it what to say to a person who is guest for 2 days he leaves jodha is shattered.

Scene 4
Javeda comes to maham, maham says god she is here again javeda says i dint liked when jalal threw you on ground maham says it was not me she says people think it was you as she was same as you. Javeda says think if she succeeded in her evil plan she would have behead you and hinge the throne. maham says donot think else brain will ache then says she doesnt have the brain so how will it ache. javeda says jodha is stucked everytime because of you and leaves. Resham says she is right jodha get in prey everytime because of you maham says she did foolish act by doubting in front of everyone resham ask will her doubt be finished maham says that it is to be known from her only.

Maham is on her way going to jodha when she sees Rahim is playing, maham grabs him and says you stole that box rahim gets afraid and comes to jodha and hugs her jodha ask what happened he says maham is behind me. maham comes and says how are you to rahim he says i am fine maham says you got very much attached to jodha do you remember the story which i told you he says no she says this is good thing avout kids they dont remember things much. maham says good you stole that box else how I would be proved innocent rahim leaves . Jodha ask the reason for her visit Maham says i am here to congratulate you that we are proved innocent maham says i want to make that kheer that you were preparing that day. Jodha remembers when she asked maham this is how you mixed dathura in kesar she is shocked and says whatever was said was by you not your look alike.

jodha says means you were present in kitchen that day not a look alike maham gives a wicked smile and says Jalal had conducted the investigations everything is over culprit is caught I am out of suspicion all believe that I am innocent then Why i think you still doubt on me and how to remove this doubt? Jodha looks at Maham doubtfully. Maham says lets go to jalal again , he is expert in justice now ask him to investigate again jodha is disgusted. Maham says my mother used to say that if you believe that poison is in front of you and you taste it to prove your belief than you you will die but your belief will not be proved. She leaves saying will meet again.

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