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Jodha Akbar 9 August 2021: Jodha Akbar update Monday 9th August 2021 Jalal calls benazir and jodha says you called her to avoid me, jalal thinks how she knows? Jalal says i have some work with her, jodha says yeah you had work last night with her also, jalal thinks how she knows that i didnt touch benazir.. He ask jodha what work she have? Jodha says mirza has started loving shivani, and i have no problem with this relation, i will talk to bharmal, jalal says its good that you dont have any problem, jodha says he is a very good man, sensible, jalal says i have these qualities too. Jodha says he respect women unlike other who goes to women room to spend time, he is very caring and loving. 

Jalal ask whether you havent seen these qualities in other man, jodha says no and about to leave but jalal holds her hand and says we mughal care and love but ways are different, jodha says yes you have many girls around to show your care, benazir comes and jodh leaves. Benazir massages jalal’s shoulder, jalal says yesterday night i was… Benazir says you have the right to make me away, i am yours. Jalal says ok then leave. She leaves thinking he just called me to jealous jodha. Jalal says that jodha told very good news , mirza also wants to marry rajvanshi like me now our relation will be strong with them.

Scene 2
sharif gets to know that mali is in agra. He thinks now my work will be easy. In market benazir meets mali who ask her why she is taking so much time to finish jalal? She says he has prayers of his wives with him, i get chance but it get ruined, mali says kill him and you will be queen of india, benazir says i will do it and leaves.
Bharmal and family has reached agra for mirza shivani, bharmal greets jalal and says jalal that i want to talk about this, hamida says whats in talk this is your decision(about shivani mirza) jodha jalal smiles.. Menavati also says like jodha is happy here i am sure shivani too will be happy here so we have no problem with this relation, jodha thinks i dont know about me but shivani will be happy i know that, bharmal says that when we 1st made relation with jalal there was much pressure on us and we didnt know whether what was right but today i think my decision was correct and now relation will be more stong. maham is irritated that another rajvanshi will be here, jodha comes to shivani who is thinking to run with her lover, jodha says all family is here, shivani is tensed as why they are here? Jodha says because of mirza’s marriage talks, he is going to marry a hindu, shivani says whats the matter you also married muslim and see how much happy you are, and also mirza is very good human, very sensible.jodha is happy and says you are selected to marry with him. Shivani thinks how to tell that i love someone else.

Scene 3
tej comes to agra and comes in shivani’s room, shivani is shocked to see her lover(tej), she ask why are you here? He says i promised you so i had to come, i love you, he ask her to say that she loves him, suddenly jodha comes calling out shivani, she gives necklace to shivani and says hamida gave it to me and now its you, you are going to be my davrani. Jodha suspects that someone is watching them, she goes to check but doesnt find anyone, jalal calls her and she leaves. Shivani comes outside, tej ask tell me do you love me or not? Shivani says absolutely i love you, he gets happy and says that we will run and leaves.

Scene 4
jodha comes to jalal and ask you called me? He says i wanna talk about mirza shivani. He says i wanna know shivani’s thought, jodha says she is ready and father agreed so shivani will not say a no. Jalal says but we ask for bride’s decision before nikaah, i wanna whether she is ready for marriage, whether she like mirza, jodha says she must like him as he loves her alot, jalal says ok then we will do rituals as per our traditions, jodha says marriage is here so ritual must be yours, jalal ask then why our marriage was done as per hindu rituals? Jodha is stunned and says i didnt want to marry you, i used to hate you, jalal says i also wasnt keen on marrying you, it was your father who made this relation, jodha says in our marriage situation was different and my groom was not good, and now the groom whom shivani is marrying is very good then you. She leaves.

Scene 5
shivani writes letter to tej that i love you and only running is the option left, you meet me at mandir and we will go away from amer and agra, whom i want to marry, this is what i will decide. When we get chance we will run from here- your shivani. Maham is going and sees her writing letter, she thinks to whom she is writing letter? Moti call shivani and leaves. Maham comes and reads letter and smirks saying now it will be fun.

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