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Jodha Akbar update Saturday 2nd October 2021: Jodha Akbar 2 October 2021, Jalal comes to ruks, she greets him and says you made me wait a lot today, she says sit, she says I asked dasiz to make your favorite dishes, she says we will play the game, she asks for a drink, Jalal in low tone says that I have no issue drinking wine, she gives him to drink, he gulps in one sip, he says I am thirsty I want you too to drink with me, she says how can say no to you, she drinks with him, she says now we will play the game.

In Jodha’s room, Jodha is sitting sadly, moti ask what happened, Jodha says I feeling sleepy, moti says you didn’t eat dinner, she checks her fever, she says no fever then why are you sad, Jodha says I don’t know what happened to me Jalal is angry with me, he is not talking don’t know it’s my perception of truth.

Ruks and Jalal are playing luddo, she asks is there any problem, i have seen that you are distanced from Jodha you don’t talk to her everything ok? he asks where are we? she says in my room, Jalal says then why are we talking about Jodha, he says if you want to talk about her then go in her room, she says sorry don’t go i will not talk about anyone else, he asks for one more drink.

Moti says to Jodha that I am your friend even then you are sad then what’s the need of me. Jodha stops her and says I don’t know what happened, Jalal informed that ruks that he will spend the night with her, she is his wife then why I am feeling sad, moti says its good thing, Jodha says I feel like crying and you are saying a good thing, Jalal once that if she is in love in with him and he goes to other wife’s room then will she feel bad and I answered that they all are his wives even then she will feel bad as a wife, moti says you got your answer.

Scene 2
ruks wins the game, Jalal says Jodha plays better, ruks says you said we will not talk about her, she again asks problem, Jalal says Jodha lied to me, ruks says I don’t think she can lie to you, he says I have seen with my own eyes even then she is lying, ruks says women can in conditions one that she doesn’t want to hurt or she does something wrong and wants to hide it, jalal says she cant do anything wrong, ruks gives him to drink and says Jalal’s doubt is good for my win.
At the night, Jalal and ruks are sleeping closely.

Jalal takes off her hand from his, he gets up and drinks, he remembers jodha going with that man, he throws glass. he is restless and goes out, jalal comes to jodha’s room he is too drunk but doesnt forget to take off his shoes at door, he looks at jodha sleeping peacefully, jalal sits on her bed, he touches her feet, she takes it back in sleep, he keep caressing her feet, he comes closer to her, he leans to her and looks her, he goes close to her lips and looks at her lips. he recalls man meeting jodha and how she pushed him once, he backs off and tries to get up but falls on ground, jodha gets up startled, she looks at jalal shocked and ask what are you doing here, he says last time you threw me and now i fell down on my own, Jodha says you are drunk, she asks him to get up, he says you didn’t do right with me, he says you know I like you alot then why you did that, Jodha ask what are you saying, Jodha makes him lay down on the bed, Jodha turns to go but her saree is stuck, she says jalal i respect you a lot please leave it, she turns and see jalal sleeping, it is stuck under his hand, she looks at him smilingly and puts his hand on place, she falls net curtain and says last time i pushed then thing were different but now its different. she leaves the bed.

Scene 3
bakshi is sleeping, suja comes there and blows off diya, he says now i can search for that betrayer, he cmes out and search here and there, one soldier ask who are you, he says i am dilawar khan dasi for bakshi, she says i was going in kitchen, soldier shows her way, he leaves, he thinks that security is tight here i cant find him, i think i should leave, she turns, maham is standing there(i wonder she doesnt sleep in night always roaming).

Maham ask what are you doing here, Dilawar says I was going to the kitchen lost my way, Maham thinks suja is clever, Maham says this is palace you cant roam like street, she says don’t do this mistake again, he says it will not happen again, Maham says stop you said that you said yourself as him not her, Eunch here calls themselves as women, she asked why did you said that, he says we use both and it happens when you are in man’s company, he leaves, Maham says you can be clever but I am waiting that when you will go to Jodha as the last move then I will play my card.

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