Jodha Akbar 20 November 2021: Maham comes to ruks, ruks ask her to come and says I knew you will come, Maham says I listened to that experienced doctor said that you are pregnant, how you did that, ruks says so you accept you lost? Maham says I accept my loss, tell me, ruks says think, Maham says you may have given her money, ruks says no, Maham says you may have threatened her, ruks says I just used my mind, a flashback shows ruks applying cream to women look like her and who is pregnant, she lied down there and the doctor checked her instead of ruks, Fb ends, Maham says you did great, I have one question that after some months what will you do when bump will not show up, ruks says let’s celebrate now I will do something. I am happy that for some time I am able to separate jalal and Jodha, Maham says if you need anything then tell me, she leaves.

Scene 2
Jodha comes to Salima, Salima ask her to sit, Jodha says I made halwa so thought to give you, Salima says you make it when you are fasting, Jodha says yes ia m fasting for puja which is for ruks and her child and husband-wife do this puja, Salima says then jalal must be going with you, Jodha says no as someone from us should be with ruks, I don’t want to take ruks, Salima says someone else can take care of her, Jodha says he doesn’t trust bandhi, Salima says but he trust me, I will take care of her, Jodha ask what about Rahim, Salima says bandhies will see him, Salima says jalal should go with you and I know you will not ask jala so I will ask him to go with you, Jodha says but, Salima says you take me as sister then don’t worry and prepare for puja.

Scene 3
atgah is with his wife, jalal comes there and says I came to see your hand, atgah says I can take life of enemies still, jalal says I know your strength but seeing Adham’s anger today I felt like there is something in him, what is this. atgah says when you were out to find Jodha, I told adham that there is corruption in finance and Adham shouted that its problem of the finance ministry, I think he felt bad for it, jalal you were doing your duty, atgah says I can serve you all my life, jalal says I lost my guider earlier so be careful.
jalal is in her room, Salima comes there, jalal says I was waiting for you, she says today I didn’t come to advise you but to ask something for you, jalal ask what? she says 1st promise me you will not say no, jalal says okay. Salima tells him about puja that Jodha is going to do for ruks and her child and in that puja it is important that husband and wife sit together but she is worried for ruks that there should be someone for her care, jalal says its important that somebody remains with ruks, Salima says I am capable too, I am like her sister, I will be with her so you go with Jodha, jalal agree.

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Scene 4
jalal comes to Jodha and says I am going out, I have to go to pray for ruks, you be with ruks as Salima will be with rahim, Jodha says I am also going to do puja for ruks, I thought you will stay with ruks, jalal says why didn’t you tell me about puja? Jodha says I was about to tell, husband have to participate with wife but there should be someone with ruks. I am going alone you go some other time, jalal says you talk a lot, one side you say we have to go together otherside saying that you are going alone, one side you say you love me otherside you want to be away with me, I cant understand what yiu say and think, when you love mme then why don’t you say your wishes desires to me, why Salima have to tell me about your desires, he is putting his hand of her mouth, jalal says to Jodha that I got to know everything from Salima so I asked Salima to take care of ruks today while I will go with you to mandir, Jodha is happy. other side shehnaz says jalal and Jodha together going out, this is my chance. . Jodha says I have to go walking only, jalal says I will go with you as when you are with me, every journey is good. they come out of room and start walking, jalal says I listened that you are fasting(roza), today is hot day are you feeling hungry, Jodha says yes I am fasting(vrat) for this puja and I have faith so no problem with weather, shehnaz comes there and says I will go with you Jodha to mandir, she insists, Jodha pacifies her saying that I am going with jalal now we will go some other day, shsenaz says okay and leaves, Jodha says to jalal that now don’t say that I have talent to pacify, jalal says you made me realize that I have heart and now you know whats going in my heart, what you cant do with anger you do it with love, Jodha is shy as jalal is close, jalal says lets go.

Scene 5
jalal and Jodha come to ruks, ruks says I was waiting for you only, jalal tells her that there is puja for your child so me and Jodha to mandir, ruks says there should be one of you with me, jalal says Jodha was saying same but don’t worry Salima will be with you, ruks says I prepared to spend time with you, Hamida comes and says I will be with ruks too, we will talk and you will not miss Jodha and jalal, ruks fakes a smile.

Scene 6
jalal and Jodha are walking on the road, Jodha says jalal, jalal ask whether you are tired, Jodha says no, you came here with me and walking with me, I feel really good, jalal smiles and gives her hand. Jodha holds his hand and they walk together, someone watches them. Jodha and jalal come to mandir, they ring the bell, pundit says I pray for you child shehenshah, I pray that he will be a very good king, he says come for havan. they do the havan holding hands, pundit says that what you wish for your child say in each other’s ears, jalal whispers in Jodha’s ears that I wish my child tease you more than me, I wish that he obeys you and he be with you in every step, he loves you more than me, Jodha smiles and whispers in Jalal’s ears that I wish that our child will be a great warrior, great king, great human and he may have a love for everyone in his heart. jalal smiles at her. (Ishq hai who has played).

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