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Jodha Akbar 22 May 2021: Jodha Akbar update Saturday 22nd May 2021, Jalal in full is walking and remember bharmal’s words when caught abdul that i took a decision once then cant take and will kill him, then remember when in jail jodha put sword on his neck he takes out his sword then remembers his words that have to whether to win heart or mind then remember ruks words that she loves your hatred and you want to get habituated to her intolerance. He enters jodha’s room servant announces his presence jodha gets up jalal comes and put sword on her neck and in full frustration says jodha after taking my sleep you are sleeping here peacefully, you wanted to take revenge from me, you hated me then why you took the life of that innocent unborn child jodha panics and ask what you are saying he says you planned with your brother mixed dathura in kesar and my child’s life.

Jodha says i didn’t do that jalal says every culprit says this jodha says what did i do jalal says you killed my child he pulls her to wall and says like every culprit you left that kesar back, you along with your brothers snatched my baby jodha tries to say something jalal shouts enough and says will not leave you will not let you live or die i will give that punishment which you and history will remember for years, only this night after that in morning i will punish you in front of your brothers. He throws her on ground moti is shocked, jodha cries thinkin whats her fault.

Scene 2
resham says who can do this much cheap thing maham says dont know but jalal got to know its jodha who did that resham ask how she did that? Maham says from amer’s kesar maham says i am worried who is the one thinking before me who is playing games before me. Resham says ruks is suffering maham says you haven’t seen jalal’s face i am sad for him he was very happy with this news a happy news knocked mughal kingdom and left resham so jodha mixed dathura’s extract in kesar maham says all things is proving that but don’t know i feel even jodha didn’t know that the kesar she is giving to ruks had dathura resham says its getting complicated maham says its becoming political issue as dathura was brought from outside mughal territories there is someone big enemy of mughals resham who ever he is jalal will find him and give him tight punishment maham says right but what will happen heir will not come back resham says but you also didnt want ruks to be maryam zamani maham emotionally says yes i didnt want that i hate ruks but i cant hate jalal’s child jalal is my son i cant his heir and cries.

Scene 3
hamida gets the news and prays how this happened this is shocking, some minister and wife talks that its political issue now not the personal amer has set cold war against jalal. Sharif and bakshi discuss she says why this happened with jalal? Sharif says i warned him when he gave back them money taken from amer’s war it was my fault that i brought bharmal’s sons alive to him could have killed them. Adham says what happened was good two killed with one arrow the child who had a right on agra’s throne is gone and now my sword will suck jodha’s blood. Hamida gets the news that jalal ordered to capture jodha and her brothers she is shocked.

Scene 4
sharif along with soldiers comes to arrest the brothers they ask their fault sharif says you planned to kill jalal’s child you took revenge from him they denies allegations he says to say all this court they leave with him to court. Here moti says how this happened jodha says what happened with ruks was very very bad but jalal is not doing right by pointing fingers at my family, servants comes and says jalal has called you in his court she is stunned.

Scene 5
Hameeda consoles Ruks, Ruks tells her what wrong has she done to Jodha who did such a thing with heralal comes in and says who did that i will definitly punish them will not leave them i have captured jodha and her brothers hamida says to think with cool mind and it doesnt suit king the haste decisions jalal says every proof is against them and leaves. Salima comes and tells that Jodha cant stoop so low and commit such a crime,And says i feel sad for you i know its difficult for you to bare the pain of losing child. Jodha loves kids and she has come so close to rahim in few days jalal says you are here to take her side she says i am saying what i feel. You are a king and need to give justice you can’t do anything wrong you have to be patient and follow what bairam khan has teached you , you have to follow him jalal says thanks for advice and I will follow baba’s teaching only he is my mentor so can’t go against his teachings, Jalal is too angry and asks her to leave.

Scene 6
In special court
Jalal is extremely angry and calls everyone who has been waiting for the arrival of the heir.
A person tells that dhatura was mixed in kesar and asks permission to start the discussion of whether Jodha’s family is involved in mixing the poison. Jalal says that there will be no discussion and Jodha is guilty of the crime. Maan Singh says that he doesnt agree that Jodha is to be blamed and if she has done this crime then even he is guilty. One of the minister also states that Jodha should be given a chance to prove herself according to Mughal laws. Hameeda also speaks up and tells that she feels that its some conspiracy against Jodha and she relates the mirchi incident and how the kesar could have been manipulated after being tested.

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