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Jodha Akbar 26 June 2021 update: Jodha Akbar 26th June 2021 Jodha wakes up to a bright sunlit day, She gradually becomes aware of something rubbing her hands, on turning she discovers her beloved enemy Jalal rubbing her hands industriously .. quick as a lightning, Jodha snatches her hand, hesitantly she wants to know how she came to lie on the bed safe and sound, Jalal retorts , only a brave warrior like him can commit such a suicidal mission, before she can let loose her tirade, Moti bai walks into Khema; Jalal orders Moti to give Jodha her medicines and walks out.

Flustered Jodha demands to know the events of night , before Moti can reveal what transpired , Maham walks in, gloats that Jalal managed to have the taste of the forbidden fruit , Maham expresses a fond hope that with the one night stand, jalal’s ardor for Jodha would vanish forever , her words devastate Jodha.

Jodha as usual storms towards Jalal , who is in conference with his entourage , The entourage moves away even before Jalal can order them away * Jodha has trained the whole Mughal court well * Jodha orders Jalal inside, As soon as he steps inside, she very fearfully asks to know what happened THAT night?? Jalal being every inch the King retorts , ” Things happened that were meant to happen , events moved as expected, actions were taken that were deemed fit” .. Crushed, Jodha swiftly replies that A king had to keep to his promise at all times and that she would have preferred to die than he break his promise, Jalal glares and says ..A king can do anything and is not bound by anything.

The Caravan proceeds to Agra , with a morose , depressed Jodha trying to recollect the incidents of the previous night , while the horseman who was sent by Ruqaiyya misses the party ..Jalal continues towards Agra unaware of the looming crisis.

Jalal and his party moves towards Agra palace and are stopped inside by a group of Maulvis. The Maulvi’s state that Jalal cannot govern the Mughal land any longer as he had blasphemed by bowing down in a Mandir . They accuse Jalal of diverting from the path of Allah and forbid him from sitting on the throne or govern the land. Hameeda tries to placate the Maulvis but they are in militant mood and refuse to be placated, Maham intervenes and says that, Jalal is a messenger of Allah, a shadow but not God, As human, he has committed mistake and the mistake will be rectified , she says this blocking of his path and refusing him admittance into the palace was declaring revolt against him . Maham says The Maulvis should listen peacefully and not react angrily .. Adham who was listening to this exchange gets angry as he sees his chance of becoming King of Agra decreasing.

The Maulvi’s refuse to back down and are on war path.. Jalal steps up and points out that the Maulvi *one of them* had himself prayed for Jalal’s prosperity in a temple and that his head was already bowed in the temple of Umarkot ..The Maulvi’s are further calmed when Jalal assures them that he has not deviated from the path of Allah, Just then one of the Maulvis places a condition, They blame Jodha for this tun of events , say that had Jodha not been of different religion, all this things wuld not have occured, The Maulvis teel Jalal that Jodha must convert to Islam!! Jalal does not know how to respond, Maham once again intervenes and seeks a night for consultation and decision, which is granted.

In Adham Khan’s Mansion..there is a show down between Adham And Maham with Maham stating unequivocally that Adham is not a King material, and the day he does something that shows him as even superior than Jalal, then she will support him.. Angered by her dismissal, Adham raises his hand on Maham which shocks her to the core, she warns Adham against trying such thing again and warns of consequence..

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