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Jodha Akbar 3 October 2020: Jodha Akbar update saturday 3rd October 2020, Hamida says how this change came in weather. Ruks says yes its cold. Jalal comes and asks where is shaikhu baba? why wasn’t her present there? I couldn’t says anything. Everyone observed his absence. Hamida says calm down. Jalal says how can i calm down i announced his nikkah there, the guests would have mind it so much. Hamida says he might be stuck somewhere. Jalal says i will talk to him myself. Jodha overhears it.

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Jodha Akbar 3 October 2020: Salim is in his room, he recalls Anarkali saying leaving your family to have someone is selfishness not love. He says why don’t you understand, it was all unintentional. How can i tell you how much i love you. I can’t live without you. He recalls his moment with her. Jodha comes to him and says salim why were you not in announcement. Salim says i was busy somewhere else. Jodha says what will i say when he will ask me? he announced your wedding and you weren’t there. suddenly soldier announces jalal’s arrival. Jodha says what will happen now. Jodha starts pretending like he is ill. she says you should take care of your health. you wont move from here until you are well. you didn’t need to come to the eve, nothing matters more than your health. Jalal comes in and asks what happened to him? Jodha says he fainted due to weakness. Tell him to eat his food on time, jalal caresses his head. He says salim you should have rested, call hakim for him. you have to take care of your health. So next time you are not absent from such an important function, rest until you are well. I have to apologize a lot of people i will come later. Jalal leaves. Salim says why did you lie to him? Jodha says because i didn’t want him to get mad at you. For the first time i lied to my husband and its because of you. Now tell me where you went? Salim says i don’t need to tell you and you don’t have to lie to your husband because of me. I will tell him truth. Jodha says you wont go anywhere. salim says i am going to tell him.


Salim says to jalal, wait shahenshah. I want to tell you something today. I want to tell you whats in my heart. To be honest i don’t even like your face. Jodha is shocked. Salim says this castle suffocates me. and no matter what you announce, i wont be part of it. i hate you and i hate this castle. I hate being the heir. Jodha says shahenshah he is not well that is why he is saying all this. don’t listen to him. He is hyper because of sickness. don’t listen to me. jalal says i feel pity for his condition. He has taken opium. Jodha says thats not possible. Jalal grunts that is truth. Look at his eyes, Jalal grasps his face. He slaps salim and says look this is heir, who can’t handle his ownself. call hakim sahib.

A woman checks salim. Jalal says its all because of opium. The hakim says he isn’t well shahenshah. jalal says he has taken opium? She says no its because of severe fever. jalal says look at his eyes and his condition. She says this happens when you have severe fever. She says he will be after some dose. Jodha says how can you even think that our son can be addicted to it. Jalal says i said what i felt. I am happier than you to know that he is not addicted. and it will be better for him not to get indulge in such activity.

Jodha Akbar 3 October 2020: Ruks gives the doctor her money and says no one should know that you did this on my orders. she says what if shahenshah gets to know that i have lied, he will kill me. Ruks says i am here to save you don’t worry. She leaves. ruks says no one will ever know jalal that your son is addicted to something worse than opium.

Next morning, jalal says this is the second attack and our enemies have attacked us from same direction. i want to solve this problem once and for all. berbal says if we make a fortress in this direction. Todar says he is right shahenshah. There is only one village here, there are only people from one cast there. jalal says i want to get it done soon.

Jodha is praying, she says why i salim behaving this way God? Please keep my family protected. Moti comes to jodha and says i know where sali, was, a man saw him going to anarkali’s home. Jodha says i want to meet anarkali.

Anarkali says i lost my dad because of salim, i lost my dignity because of him, How he thought i will love him. He gave me so much pain. I hate you salim. Moti comes to anarkali and says jodha wants to meet you.

Jodha Akbar 3 October 2020: Man bai comes to salim and says i will be back to amer in a few days, babu sa has said he will get the date of our wedding soon, is there any problem? Salim says there is no such problem. man bai says are you happy with this relationship? He says i need rest i am not well. He leaves, Anarkali is coming from front of him. she walks past him. anarkali says to adab to man bai. She says you are my friend anarkali why are you meeting me this way? its better that you came here. I was so bored here. Anarkali says i came here to meet jodha. why you look worried? Man bai says i am worried for salim, he never talks to me, He always ignores me i don’t this he loves me. Anarkali says there is no such thing you are engaged to him and soon you will get married to him. She says yes he told shahenshah that he like the girl with ‘mang tika’ anarkali is dazed. man bai says your mang tika turned out to be lucky for me. I wore it and he chose me. I will be back to amer, but you are here. I am happy that at least someone is here who can work as a rope between me and salim. keep informing about him. you should go now, jodha has called you. anarkali says yes, she leaves.

Anarkali enters jodha’s room. Anaraki says sorry to keep you waiting. Jodha says sit down. jodha says is this mang tika yours? Anarkali says yes, jodha says salim liked the girl who was wearing this. Anarkali says man bai told me that when she wore it, salim liked it, Jodha says but its yours. Anarkali says yes but i never wore it. I gifted it to her. Jodha says in heart this means he must have talked about man bai. anarkali says i used to dress her in amer. Jodha says it was such in important announcement yesterday but salim left and met you. why? i want your answer why are you quite? anarkali stands up and says, there can be no relationship between a common dancer and a prince. Jodha says then why he left such important moments for you? Tell me, i want to know the truth. what is going on between you two? Anarkali says the only relationship is of hatred. He has been hating me since childhood, he got punished due to my complain, he had to leave castle because of me. He hates my face. this is why when shahenshaha gave me pots of royal dancer, salim didn’t like. He came to ask me to leave this castle and post. I tried to tell him that i can’t do anything in front of king. Until he doesn’t want i can’t leave. Jdha says for this he left announcement? Anarkali says you should ask him, His hatred for me is greater than announcement. i couldn’t ask him. Jodha says you can leave now. She leaves. Jodha says neither salim is telling me nor salim but both of them said something without words.

Jodha Akbar 3 October 2020: salim’s friend comes and and asks salim why are you satding here alone? salim says because i don’t understand what life i doing to me. I can’t live without anarkali. but she hates me. He says but its not her fault. Life has not been easy with her You should give her time, she will pardon, you just have to prove that your love is stronger than hate.

Jodha comes to jalal and says don’t worry its not your fault. you did what a dad could. Jalal says thank God you are with me. I feel better now. He says i wanted to give a feast to bhagwan das before he leaves. Jodha says thats a good thought. Jodha says you should meet my mentor, pandit. i see weird dreams. that is why i have called him. we should ask him once.

Pandit ji comes to agra. Todar and his men are alloacting the place for fortress. They announce among the people to leave the land. THe natives say this is our place, we wont leave this. They all start protesting. the men say we will never leave this land. Raja says we will give you new land and some money with it. we are building this fortress to protect you. The people say we wont leave our land. Our saints and elders are burried here, if you build somethhing here God will be angry with you. todar mal says we need to check.

Guru ji has arrived. A servant comes and inform jalal and jodha. jodha says should we go? jalal says how can i say no?

When todar mal and men step on the land, strong winds start to blow. Mansing asks men to stop working. Todar says but what about jalal’s order? raja says we can’t go against people’s will.

Jodha says guru ji i asked you to make kundli of jalal. Guru ji says his kundli has been made already. His mom must have it. In a flashback hamida and her husband are shown talking about jalal’s kundli. Guru ji says a hard time has come in your fate. It has started. Situation has worsen.

Jodha Akbar 3 October 2020: jalal says don’t worry jodha no such things is going to happen. I don’t agree to him. Why would something bad happen? Everything is going well. guru ji says when everything goes well you should be more careful. what we think is right might not always be. jalal says that makes me laughs, your enjoy your talent, i don’t want it. Jalal says take these coins. Guru says i don’t want them. jalal says what you mean? how can you insult these coins? God’s name is written on it. Guru ji says i only see it as money, jalal says if i kill you right now? will your kundli save you? jodha says what are you doing? You shouldn’t talk to him this way. jalal says i gave him my time and respect but he crossed his limits. Teach him some manners first. jalal leaves, jodha says i am sorry guru ji. guru ji says its not your fault. when bad times come people start being rude to elders. next one year will be hard on him. jodha says do we have any solution? He says no one can change ffate. you can pray for him and your time with him will make is easy. he can make is through with you.

zubaida bano comes and tells ruks that salim came to meet anarkali. she says should i give this news to shahenshah? ruks says no. Keep informing me, don’t stop salim or say no to anything he says. I want salim to meet anarkali everytime he wants. The woman says what about me? Ruks says nothing will happen to you.

Jodha is sleeping, she sees jalal is trouble in her dream. She wakes up in a shock. she says same dream again what should i do now. what us the purpose f theses dreams. She goes out and says is someone going to attack shahenshah? jodha goes to guru ji and asks why she sees these dreams? He says shaheneshah might have to face some problems in his emperor. He might has to leave his rule. second time you saw his chest bleeding. this means someone close to him might harm him. jodha says he is surrounded by people who protect him. guru ji says this is what the dream says. Jodha says do we have a solution? guru ji says we can’t stop what has to happen. you should never leave him, stand by his side.

Jodha Akbar 3 October 2020: Jalal asks raja why is the fortress not completed by now? Raja today says mangsing said we can’t build it there. He said he will build it his way. Jalal says ask him to meet me. Jalal asks mansing you stopped the work? yes or no? raja says i wanted to talk to you but.. jalal says you have denied my orders. mansing says there are graves of saints and elders there. People were mad when we started building there. Mansing says i did what i thought was better. jalal says you better ask me before doing anything.

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