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Jodha Akbar 5 December 2020: Jodha Akbar update Saturday 5th December 2020, Ruks is crying in her room, Hohiyar comes and says Jalal shouldnt have doen this, Ruks says how does it matter to you, the way you ill talked about me, it shows you wanted that too, Hoshiyar says i dont know what is happening to me, he says i am with you thats why i never say truth, you are old fat lady, he then says your stall was nice, then say you were selling cheap things, he cries and says i dont know what is happening to my tongue, ruks brings hunter and beats him.

Jalal is with Jodha, Jodha says its good that you came to rest, your health is not fine, she makes him drink Kadha, he drops it on clothes, Jalal says its difficult to drink this Kadha, its very bitter, Jodha ask him to removes shirt, he removes it, Jodha is stunned to see wounds on his back, Jalal says its must have happened during sword practicing, Jodha says you are not doing it from many days, she applies cream on his wounds, she recalls Jalal’s changing behavior and thinks that something is wrong, did that old lady was saying truth? she recalls how old lady asked to take Jalal to Yoginath, the magician, Jodha ask Jalal to take rest, i will leave, Jalal says be with me, i feel good to be with you, Jodha says i have to go to mandir, you take rest, i will return soon, she thinks how to tell Jalal that i am going to magician, if i tell him then he will not let me go.

Minister says to Pratap that mughals have an eye on grain selling and buyins, we cant buys grains and if this continues then we will die without food, Pratap says Salim is clever, we will handle things, he says Jalal is my enemy not his son, Jalal has killed my soldiers, have looted our lands, it was all done by Jalal not his son so will not kill him like that, I will fight with him in war field, we will attack them with small forces, they will get tensed and will do mistake, we know their strategy but they dont know our strategy.

Jodha Akbar 5 December 2020: Jodha comes to the backside of Mandir, she goes in cave and says old lady told me this address only, Yoginath is present there and says the needy one has come to me, Jodha thinks did i do right by coming here? i dont know him, Yogi says welcome queen, you have come to right place, dont ask me how i know you, he ask her to sit, Jodha ask where? he says on chair, Jodha says there is no chair here, Yogi says if we dont see things then that doesnt mean its not present, he doesnt magic and chair comes there, Jodha sit on chair, he gives her water to drink, she ask can you tell me what happened to my father, old lady told me that you will help me, you sent message to bring Jalal here, Yogi says my parrot tells me everything, he guides me in every case, parrot says something, Yogi says to Jodha that dont worry, he has many wives then why you care about him? he is changing, Jodha says you are right, he is changing and it started happening after Kahna’s idol broke, Yogi says so they broke idol too? i tried to stop them but they came to palace, i dont know how she started following your husband and now she will not leave your husband easily, Jodha ask whom you are talking about? he ask did anyone new came to palace? Jodha says yes my sister Leela has come to palace, Yogi says so she is the culprit, Jodha says dont try to blame my sister, Yogi ask her to calm down, he gives her liquid and says mix it in food and make Jalal eat it, and it Jalal vomits after eating it then he is in influence of black magic, magician can be in palace, Magician Yoginath says to Jodha that it can be done by your sister, if you doubt her then bring piece of cloth of hers here, Jodha says i shouldnt have come here, Yogi says that i wish it was not the case but your sister can be doubted in all this, be careful, you people can come in danger.

Hamida says to Jalal that all wives have cooked something for you, Jodha says i have cooked dish for Jalal too, she present it to Jalal, Ruks says these are mere boiled rice? Jalal says who said this is not important, he says you and Salima have cooked dishes for me and i know it must be good, i need rice to eat dishes with it, he takes rice in plate and eats it, Jodha prays that Yogi doesnt prove right, Jalal finishes food and says it was nice lunch, he says i will rest now, he leaves, Jodha thanks God that Jalal is not under influence of black magic.
Jalal and Jodha are sleeping, Jalal feels jittery, he wakes up, he vomits, Jodha wakes up and is shocked to see that, she recalls what Yogi said to her.
Dammo says to Laboni that Jalal is in their control, she says our black magic is working on him, Laboni says what i think, i do it, Jodha comes there, Laboni greets her, Jodha recalls how Yogi asked that if you doubt your sister then bring her dress, Jodha says to Laboni that i didnt gift you anything, Laboni says its not needed, Jodha says it increases love, she shows her boxes of gifts, there are jewelry in it, Jodha says these are mine, take one of the, Laboni says i a confused, Jodha says i will help you, she makes her sit infront of mirror, put different necklaces in her neck, Laboni likes one necklace, Jodha gifts her, she makes Laboni wear it and takes her old earrings, Jodha leaves, Jodha thinks now i will have to take these earrings to Yogi.

Scene 2
Jodha Akbar 5 December 2020 zee world: Jodha comes to Yogi, Yogi says y parrot Jotak told me that you are coming, so Jalal did vomiting, Jodha says i have brought my sister’s earrings, will you help me? Yogi takes earrings from her and says its nice.
Laboni finds Jalal in her room, she gets happy, she says i was waiting for you, she holds his hand, she makes him sit and starts dancing infront of him.
Yogi holds earrings, he imagines how Laboni killed Leela, he throws earrings, he says i asked you to bring your sister’s thing, Jodha says yes its hers, Yogi says no your sister is dead, Jodha is stunned, she says what are you saying? her fiance Sangram is in palace, he recognized her as Leela only. Yogi says Sangram is under black magic too like your husband, he ask her what happened fro the time she has come, Jodha sys Jalal has changed from the time she has come, once he was playing with Aram then suddenly pushed her away, Yogi says she made Jalal eat Kheer which means they are on second level of magic, Jalal is in her control and symptoms of this are that he will feel lost, he will feel tired, he will say ill words, jodha says you are right, Jalal is behaving like this, Yogi says we have less tie, they will go on 3rd level and then Jalal will be totally in their control, Jodha ask him to do something, Yogi sys they are powerful, i have to gain strength to stop them, he gives her sacred thread and says your strength is your love, be with Jalal always, protect him and dont challenge that magician openly, if they get to know that you know about their reality then they can harm you, i need some power to fight them, i have to go somewhere, till i dont comeback, be with Jalal, Jodha says what if they go to 3rd level before you return? Yogi says no, their power increases on eclipse night only, they will wait for that night, i will return before that, dont challenge them, try to keep them away from Jalal, i will help you but its in your hands to save your husband, he ask her to leave, jodha leaves, Yogi prays to give strength to Jodha.

Scene 3
Jodha Akbar 5 December 2020: Jodha comes back in palace, she comes to Jalal and ask did you drink Kadha? Jalal shouts at her and says i am king, i can do anything, i will throw Kadha on your face if you bring it, he leaves, Jodha gets angry but then recalls how Yogi asked her to deal with love and be with jalal, she sits near Jalal and says why you didnt tell me before that you dont like Kadha, i wil never make you drink it again, she says i went to mosque, i have brought sacred thread from there, she ties thread on his arm, she says i have prayed that you become fine soon, Jalal caresses her face and says i feel if you are not in my life then what will happen, you take so much care of me, Jodha says i am with you, she makes him lie on bed, Jalal ask her to with him always, dont leave me, Jodha says i am with you always, she ask him to sleep, he sleeps, Jodha is tensed.

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