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Jodha Akbar 9 October 2021: Jalal comes to Jodha and says why there is still a voice inside my heart that I should give a chance. Think about the God you worship and every person you love and respect ander answer me. Do you know that man? Jodha stands up and is about to say something. Jalal says just answer me what I am asking. Jodha says yes. He is about to slap her and gets angry. He asks have you met him before our nikkah? She nods. Does he ask Since when do you know him? She says since childhood. 

He is so angry and says just one last question, do you love him ? Just answer what i am asking ? Tell me do you love him ? She says yes. Jalal screams and shouts in resentment. Then he laughs and says you made me feel ashamed. You got in a relationship with a man who is not your husband. You made fun of our relationship. Today I am embarrassed the whole Mughal empire is embarrassed. I was in love with you, It was a light and you ruined it. I set you free and by tomorrow morning just leave this place. She is crying.

Scene 2
Ruks asks hoshiyaar what news does she has about jodha ? She tells that jodha said that jalal asked her to go away from palace, ruks says did she left? hoshiyar says i felt bad for her, ruks slaps her and says to not forget that you are my servant and remember your place, maham comes, hoshiyar says i am loyal to you. ruks says dont argue with me, maham ask hoshiyar to leave, ruks tells maham that jalal asked jodha to leave from palace, maham says i am too happy to hear that, i never thought i will get thid good news so soon.

Scene 3
jodha in sleep blabbers that i would tell jalal that he was my brother then says that i cant break my promise to sujamal, jodha gets up and see her imagation, imagination says i am your heart and i am telling you to go and tell jalal truth, jodha says he would not believe me he is hurt, jodha’s imagination says that you are worried about him and what about you, he has hurt you too, jodha says 1st i hurt him and what he did was just a reaction, he didnt do anything wrong. imagination says that for a rajvanshi nothing is important then her character he pointed on your charater, he doubted on you even then you are not angry on him why? you have started loving him, he directly and indirectly told you many times that he loves you but you never answered him but now you want jalal to trust you, that he thinks you are pure why you want his trust? why you are not angry on him, why you want to answer his questions? you think he is not wrong why? because you love him, you dont wanna tell him truth because you think it will hurt him more, jodha says 1st i get to know that suja is safe then i will go from here, imagination says you want to go because you want jalal to come before you and make up with you, you are in love with jalal, jodha says no, she says you love the man whom you promised to behead to kali maa, jodha recalls how she said to kali maa that she will behead the person who took her jewelry. imagination says you says you dont love him but you are not even angry on his shameful talk, she says one side is your love, other side is suja, she says you have two ways 1st to tell jalal truth and break promise and 2nd is you go from here, she says leave from here, moti comes, imagination vanishes. moti says jalal will not leave sujamal.

Scene 4
jodha comes out of her room and thinks that i have to tell jalal truth because now people are questioning sister-brother relation, i have to break promise to save suja, maham come and says you cant meet jalal he is very angry, jodha says its urgent, maham says he is hot pan your hand will burn, jodha says i have to tell him truth, maham says i told you you cant meet him, wait if you want to meet him. jodha thinks that jalal i will tell you truth that my relation with you is pure. maham thinks that i will not allow this misunderstanding to clear
in his room, jalal is very angry, he is throwing things, he throws jodha’s potrait, maham comes and says jodha want to meet you, jalal says i dont wanna see her face, maham says she said she want to ask forgiveness, she want to clear misunderstanding, jalal says what misunderstanding everything is clear and for this crime i dont have forgiveness. he ask maham to leav. she leaves.

Scene 5
maham and ruks are sitting in court, they share happiness. hamida says to salima that i know its a misunderstanding, i think jodha hide something but she is not wrong, she cant be, i have full trust on her, salima agrees. jalal comes in court, he ask atgah to bring that rajvanshi, atgah ask soldiers to bring him, jalal says i will talk to him in private, soldier comes and says that rajvanshi ran away, jalal puts sword on soldier’s neck and says you cant handle single rajvanshi, jalal says i will catch him, he comes to wear suja was imprisoned. he sees mountain of his soldiers killed by sujamal, he is shocked and furious. jalal says i will not leave him, i will behead him, he says its my hunt, ask soldiers to cordon off area but i will catch him.

Scene 6
in jungle sujamal is runing on horse, jalal is also riding horse, he listens to the noise and follows sujamal, both are running, jalal says i will not leave you today, suja says today you cant catch me neither universe. sharif is seeing all this hiding on horse, he thinks that maybe you will not be able to catch sujamal but i will not leave you alive today.

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