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Jodha Akbar 15 August 2021: Jodha Akbar update Sunday 15 August 2021 Jalal comes to mirza who is sleeping, he caresses his hairs, takes out his shoes and ask dasi to bring blanket. Jodha comes and gives blanket. Jalal looks at her, takes the blanket, put on mirza and goes out. Jodha comes running behind him. She says i dont wanna ask why you freed bharmal and sent him to amer, i just wanna ask why you didnt taunted me, please scold me, shout on me. My sister broke your brother by running then why are you not saying anything your silence is killing this silence is unbearable. 

Jalal says correct mirza was silent at time of nikkah, he was silent when he got the news, this silence killed him too. He holds jodha’s hand and says i dont need your permission to punish you but i want to punish the real culprit that is shivani and tej, my power is much bigger and they cant run from me, i will find them. jalal says angrily to jodha that he lied to me, He has hurt my brother and I will punish him. My soldiers are searching him and i will punish him for what he did. jodha tries to say something but jalal says no, jodha looks at him. He remembers mirza’s that you cant hurt your loved one, he doesnt say anything and leaves. Jodha looks on.

Scene 2
soldier informs sharif in jail that the agent of mali is benazir here, sharif is happy and writes a letter to jodha again. He says thanks to mali. Outside zakira is tensed that how to tell benazir that all snakes are finished, she comes to benazir who is starving for poison, zakira ask her to not throw her poison as there is no snake left, benazir is stunned and is choking, she says abul mali will kill me and this jodha isnt allowing me to go close to jalal, jodha from outside listens to the sound and about to see benazir but moti comes and tells her that sharif want to meet. Jodha says i will have to go if jalal is in danger.

Scene 3
ruks says to maham that what happened to jalal he freed bharmal, maham says that too with respect and sent her to amer, its jalal’s rule to punish culprit irrespective of who is he like he sent adham to jail, sharif is in jail, bakshi is getting punishment but jodha’s case is different, jodha is stealing jalal, you should do something. Ruks says what? Maham says use benazir against jodha, resham informs that jodha’s dasiz want permission for some festival. They comes and says we want off tomorrow, maham says no you will not get it. They say that puja has been arranged by jodha and they are invited by jodha only. Maham says you are dasiz and will not get any off and ask them to go, maham remembers how hindu dasi taunted her and says jodha begum your power will be destroyed now..

Scene 4
jodha comes to sharif and says stop this, if you want then tell this to anyone else. Sharif says she is bandhi, you have catch her red handed, jodha says who bandhi? Sharif says benazir, she has become special to jalal but she has been sent from mali’s palace as a gift but she has mission with her, mali had used her to kill many and now jalal, jodha says i have to go, she leaves. Sharif says you left without listening whats inside my heart.

Scene 5
jodha ask moti lets go, jodha says i am worried what sharif told me, moti says its not right if jalal know that you met sharif he will be angry, and we cant believe sharif. Jodha says we have to, earlier he told me about abul mali and then mirza and jalal confirmed that that mali is against them and benazir has come from his palace and jalal believes her, when she is around jalal there is no soldier and i have noticed that she always tries to find ways to go close to jalal, dasi comes and informs that jalal has called everyone seems there will be some war.

Scene 6
all family and soldiers gether, jalal says one man has surrounded one state, and again one man tries to betray mughals and goes against them, we have to answer him rightly and this battle will be supervised by mirza hakim, adham thinks this kid? Jalal says i know you may think that mirza is young but remember when i became king i was only 17 years old and i know my brother will fight with courage. He says to maan singh that its time to impliment what i have taught you, you will have to fight for mughals now. Maan says i will not disappoint you and ask permission to touch jodha’s feet, jalal allows. He touches jodha’s feet, jodha says to Maan that never disappoint jalal and follow his father footstep who fought for jalal, maan agrees. atgah says to jalal mirza looks like your shadow, jalal says he is my brother and i am sure he will win. Jodha says to moti that i am not getting chance to tell jalal about benazir, moti says to tell later. Adham fumes at being ignored and leaves.

Scene 7
hamida says i dont interfere in politics but i think you have given a very big responsibility and will he be able to do that. Jalal ask why? Hamida says he hasnt come out of shivani’s fiasco, you think with mind but mirza listens more to his heart. Jalal says i know he think differently but he is a mughal and can win. He is my brother and i think for him thats why i am sending so that he can come out of depression as i feel i am responsible for what happened as i approved that proposal. He says he has work and leaves.

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