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Jodha Akbar 17 October 2021: Jalal protects Jodha and shehaz, all attacks them with stones, jalal gets injured and his blood falls Jodha’s forehead jalal says stop it, Jodha thinks that it is jalal, Jodha goes from there. jalal says what wrong did this lady do? they say she is a widow and she loves someone which is a heinous crime, jalal says love cannot be a sin, love is a blessing by God, is her life is lighting from then what’s the problem, Jodha listens to all this from far, people say that it will set the wrong example in society, jalal says where were you all when she lost her husband but now if she is loving someone you all came to hurt her, the man says religion doesn’t allow that, jalal says who says that human can’t love again, who says that Allah cant shower love on you again, you don’t care about love then you her value, nobody will touch this girl, he makes her get up. 

Shehnaz says to Jodha that I think this guy has lost his love, people are still not convinced. one man says that this girl is going against our religion, today will be holi and we will finish her, jalal takes one wood, people start fighting with him, jalal single-handedly fights with them all, Jodha is worried for him, after fight, jalal asks anyone else? people say seem like he is a great warrior, jalal says shame on you that you call yourself human, animals also understand love, if someone loves this then why are you against, remember love is life, if you win love in life then your life is set, only that man who loves this girl can decide their future, in all religions love is respect and in mathura there should be love everywhere then why are doing this with her, all eaves. jalal says to girl that go nobody will say anything to you, hope you never lose your love, she leaves. jalal is injured and going from there, Jodha is tensed that he needs medicine, what should i do, shehnaz says lets go back to asylum, jodha says you go i will come, jalal trips, jodha runs to save him but todal mal comes there and holds jalal, jodha says now jalal is in safe hands.

Scene 2
in asylum, jodha comes to kahna and remembers jalal’s bitter words about doubting her, jodha cries and says i left him, i came out of his life then why is here? he said what he wanted then whats the need to come behind me, i know he is hurt too like me but i cant do anything, dont force me kahna. shehnaz comes there and says you had put medicine on me and forget to put medicine on your wound, she puts it, jodha thinks what about wounds of my heart, shehnaz says this remedy is left, wish we would have given it to that guy who saved us, he was badly injured, we will find him tomorrow, jodha recalls putting medicine on jalal’s hand and thinks that i wish i could put medicine on his wounds. jalal is in room which is beside jodha, he is lying down on bed, todal mal comes there, jalal says you again helped me today, todal says our relation is from very past shehenshah, jalal ask how you recognized me? todal says i did it way before. FB shows when jalal fought with thieves in todal’s village, then you wre talking to your wife, jalal asks why didn’t you said anything, he says if you were disguised then there must be some good reason so I didn’t come in between it, jalal says thanks for this help, jalal ask what you are doing here? he says I run asylum here for people on a journey or away from the house.

Scene 3
outside all ladies are praising jalal, they say he is in an asylum, Jodha is worried that jalal is injured. today says you alone where is your wife? jalal says I can’t tell you, love is very weird it is the same for the poor and shehenshah, it makes you things which you don’t think to do, today says you seem to be in a problem, jalal says I had a fight with my wife and she left Agra, I am searching for here, today says tomorrow is Holi maybe colors get in your life, jalal says please inform my soldiers, he says okay you take rest.

Scene 4
The doctor checks jalal and says his wound is deep but will get fine when he takes a rest, Jodha comes outside his room, one man asks do you need anything? Jodha says give this remedy to that guy he is very much hurt, the man takes it inside, the doctor says this remedy is very good, he puts it on Jalal’s wound, jalal recalls Jodha putting remedy on his wound once, he thinks that you didn’t allow me to put medicine on your wounds.

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