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Jodha Akbar 19 September 2021: Jodha Akbar update Sunday 19th September 2021 in harem, jodha is learning how to distribute money in bandhies, they are given money according to their post, jodha have to keep a tab on every peny spent, jodha is tensed, jalal comes there, he smiles seeing jodha, jodha listens to the problems of begums. moti tries to say that jalal.. jodha is involved in maaters, he leaves from there, maham says to jalal that jodha is busy in work, she says ruks used to take out time for you but jodha is making you wait, i will call her, jalal says no let her do work, i like those people who are dedicated, she didnt do any jashn started her working, maham says you are changing, jalal says time changes.

Scene 2
ruks is getting bored that she doesnt have any work, hoshiyar comes there, she says thank God you came here, he tells her about jalal coming to meet jodha but she was busy, i think you should go to him. ruks says you said a good thing, he says you seem different today, she says i am same, she says did jodha had doubt on you? he says jodha doesnt have time, ruks says she will be involved in harem matters and i will spend time with jalal. she comes to jalal, he says come, she says you knew i was coming, he says by your walking, he says i was thinking why you took jodha’s name for harem leader, he says i know you did that so that she will be invove in harem matters and you can spend time with me, she says i did that to show my greatness, for me you matters the most, this post doesnt matter to me infront of you, jalal says it feels nice, he says i will try to take time to spend with you after jashn. she is happy and back hugs jalal.
In market, sujamal gets to know that jalal has announced jashn with whole nation invited in it because jodha saved him from poisonous lady, he also prayed for jodha with nation, suja is happy that jodha is getting love here, he is about to leave, mughal soldiers comes there, solider orders them to check everyone who is leaving or coming in agra.

Scene 3
jodha says moti told that you came, you should have called me, jalal says you were busy so i didnt, jodha says heads off to ruks she is doing this work from many years, jalal not an issue, i am happy you are doing work, jodha says but i am not feeling good that you came to meet me and i am busy, jalal says i dont like thoses people who leave their work just for someone and to tell you you were looking beautiful even doing work., jodha says in court you make stern face, he says i am king there but here i am your friend and husband, she says if you come again then go after meeting me, jalal says i will if my heart says, jodha says i was told that you dont have heart, he says we will decide later, you go for work now. she leaves. jalal smiles.

Scene 4
In harem, jodha orders that i want to facilitate everyone, check everyone. One bandhi is being dragged by soldier, she says this bandhi was not doing her work, she was lying on bed, bandhi says i am ill, jodha cehecks her and says to take her to hakima she is ill. soldier says if ruks was there she would have set her, jodha says but ruks is not there now, hoshiyar says this happens with servants here, jodha says to call every bandhi. Ruks comes there says wow you started work from now, ruks says i came to check whether you are doing work, jodha says i have more respect forook , i dont how you handles harem so nicely and took time for yourself, ruks says thats why i took your name so that you know that challenging is easy but working not and 2nd reason is that i wanted to spend time with jalal, some begums were taking advantage of our distances, jodha says jalal is not a kid that anybody can take advantage, ruks says i am going out with jalal i thought to take you but you are busy, now i have time to spend time with him and this time i will not be in disguise. she leaves.

Scene 5
jodha comes to address bandhies, jodha says to one bandi that are you happy doing work? one bandhi says we have to do work all time, no holiday nothing, jodha says i took this post to make everything right, i took it because i wanted to do it, nobody forced and one can do work when she is satisfied with it, bandhi says we doesnt have any opinion we do work to get money, jodha says if anybody doesnt want to work here, she can leave, maham comes and says its against ruls, they are serving us from many time and its not your right to free them, jodha says if they doesnt want to do work then i will not force them, they are humans, maham says they are not forced, they do work by their wil, jodha says ok truth will come, jodha ask bandhies to tell who want to leave harem, most of bandhies says that they want to go back to their homes, jodha says what is this maham ji, working in harem is a respectful thing and if someone doesnt want to do it then she can leave. maham says no.

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