Jodha Akbar 21 November 2021: Jalal and Jodha come out of mandir, jalal says to a soldier that we are t charity house, I want to go alone, the soldier says atgah asked us to not leave you, jalal says okay I will take 4 soldiers as kids will be frightened seeings many soldiers, jalal and Jodha are going in the jungle, jalal says atgah care a lot about me, Jodha says he should be, he is your father like, jalal says I respected him that’s why took 4 soldiers, Jodha says ouch, jalal ask what, Jodha says prick hurt my foot, jalal says let me see, Jodha says don’t touch my feet, jalal says it’s my order that I will see your feet, he takes out prick and says it didn’t hurt and is ut, he asks how she knows to about orphanage, Jodha says moti told me about it, kids will happy to see us. jalal and Jodha are going, soldiers following them get attacked one by one, someone then throws a net on jalal and Jodha, they get trapped, atgah finds soldiers n entrance of jungle and ask where is jalal, they say jalal and Jodha went t charity house, he says I will see you later 1st I have to find jalal and Jodha, jalal says to Jodha that it seems some enemy attacked. some g00n c0mes there, jalal says d you know who I am, I am king I will give you punishment f0r this, gon says you are hostage here n0t king, jalal says whom you work for, who asked you t attack us. they leave.

Scene 2
atgah searching for jalal, he stops and says there is some problem, it seem like someone is dragged from jungle, there are blood stains, they see deadbodies of three soldiers who were with jalal, jalal says to take ut knife frm my pocket, who says you tell important in end, jalal says I was waiting for them to leave, jodha gives him knife, jalal cuts the net and cmes out, he fights with goons, jdha is still trapped in net, jalal cuts the net, jdha is about to fall but jalal takes her in arms, they smiles, jodha get up from his arms, she say we should leave, jalal says why so early, jdha says do yu want to fight all alone here, jalal says I have seen you practicing sword fighting nw I want to see you in war. jodha says you are challenging me, jalal says kind off, jodha takes sword from jalal and says okay.

Scene 3
maham comes t hamida and ask why you called me, hamida says jalal and jodha went to charity house but soldiers were killed and they are kidnaped, she says atgah is not here then yu have to take the responsibility and see everything, maham assures her that she will see to the matter.
javeda is putting beauty cream, maham cmes and ask where is adham khan, javeda says shut up cant yu see I am busy, maham shouts how dare you talk to me like, javeda says ww nw yu are back to normal. she ask how I am looking mre beautiful then before? maham says I have important wrk, where is adham, javeda says he desnt have time for me I don’t know about him, maham ges from there/.

Scene 4
jalal and jdah sees kidnapper outside, jalal is going to them, jodha says where are yu going, we have to be away from them, jalal says my way is different, they disrespected my special wife and if I leave from here without giving them punishment then I am useless king, use this sword in any emergency, he goes t them., jalal fights with goons, sme goon is about t attack jalal but joodha attacks him, jodha says how you will fight alone, jalal says I have faith n you, jalal and jodha together fights with all, jalal says only two are left, should we divdide them, jodha says I think I should handle them both, jalal and jodha fights with them, atgah comes there and says whats this, jalal says I am fine, atgah says its not that you always come out of security, this is nt good that you go in prblems, jalal says I will nt do this again, will have security with me, and I had whle frce(pointing at jodha) with me, atgah says I will g behind goons you g back, he leaves, jodha says yu got injured jalal, jalal says its normal fr warrior, but I cant believe it was you, you were beating them all over them, jodha says lets go.

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Scene 5
maham asks about adham from resham, resham says he is out since morning, why are you worried, maham says someone attacked jalal, I am worried if adham is behind this, resham says then jalal will cut his hand, she slaps resham and says adham is my son.
adaham meets one goon who ran from jalal and jodha, he informs that jalal and jdha killed all only I am left, adham says why and kills him too. atgah comes there, Adham hides. atgah sees goon dead body there and says he is the same who ran from jalal, soldier ask who killed him, atgah says for whom he works might have killed him so that we cant catch him, he asks to search place, Adham hides, soldiers say there is none here.

Scene 6
jodha makes jalal sit on stone, jalal why, jodha says to cure yur wounds, don’t talk much it distracts me, she goes to get something, she comes back with some plant and puts it on Jalal’s wound, jalal says you all got wounds, he puts remedy on her wounds, Jodha smiles, jalal says I can’t understand you, once you took our gun powder from my gun and now you were standing in front of the met fight, Jodha says that time I saved an innocent animal and now I did that to protect you.
jalal and Jodha come to the palace, Hamida says whats all this, jalal says some mad people tried to attack, Hamida says Jodha got hurt, call doctor, jalal says call doctor for me, Hamida ask why atgah says you should be there, Jodha is great warrior, jalal says she moves sword very fast, she killed 20 goons in one go, they must be thinking whom witch jalal brought with him, Maham says thank god you are fine,l jalal says I have many prayers with me, don’t worry Ammi I am fine he leaves.
jalal and Jodha are going, shehnaz sees them and says thank god you came back fine because if you get killed by others then what I will d, you are my hunt, I will destroy you, I will take everything from you.

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