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Jodha Akbar 29 November 2020: Jodha Akbar update Sunday 29th November 2020, Laboni comes in kitchen and ask Jodha for whom you are cooking, Jodha says for the oone who changed my life, its is said that man;s heart way is from belly, she says to Laboni i will come, you be here, she leaves, Laboni mixes whole chilly powder in Jodha’s food.

Salima slaps Murad and says you are too much drunk, Jalal is not only king but your father, if you stoop in his eyes then you will never rise, see Rahim, he is favorite of Jalal, Murad says Rahim is his servant thats why he is favorite of Jalal, for Jalal only those people are important who keep running behind him, Salima says why so much anger? Murad sys 1st he gave me title then took it back, i didnt ask for that title but was given it and then they didnt let me prove that i am capable of it and took it back, Salima says Salim deserves that title as he is elder son, dress yourself nicely before anyone sees you, she leaves, Murad says its anger in heart, you cant understand.
Dammo comes to Laboni and says you seem happy? Laboni says i got statue back, Jalal will be mine soon, i am happy because i played game today in which Jodha will lose, i increased her problems, she tells her about chilly powder, Dammo says this small tricks will not work to break their relation, you have to get Jalal’s body, she does black magic on Laboni’s hand, Laboni ask what are you doing, Dammo gives her beads and says put it in Jalal’s room before tonight, it will intensify our black magic, Laboni smirks and says i will do it.

Jodha comes to Jalal’s room with food, Jalal ask what is this? Jodha says i have prepared food for you, Jalal says but there are many dasies to do this, Jodha says because you like to have food prepared by me, dont ask questions, just eat, Jalal sit to eat and says why you did all this, Jodha says it gives me peace to work for my own people, Jalal eats food and his eyes are opened fully by it, Jodha ask how is it? Jalal says you have prepared it so its very nice, Jodha says then take more, Jalal gets tensed, he ask for water, Jodha says no dont drink water while eating, she ask Jalal why are you sweating? Jalal says its hot here, he eats food silently, Jodha takes plate and taste the food and drinks water because of spice, Jalal drinks water too, she ask Jalal why you didnt tell me? Jalal says you prepared by heart so i ate it, Jodha says your face is red but you didnt tell me, Jalal says i told you there are dasies to do it, Jodha says what are you saying that i am not good cook? i did mistake once and you said that i cant cook? who orders dasies to prepare food? in common houses husband eat what is prepared by wife silently, Jalal says i ate silently too, Jodha says but you didnt like it, Jalal says nothing like that, he says lets talk about something.

Dammo is doing black magic on statue and says when this statue starts moving then understand that black magic have started its work and Jalal has left to come to you.
Jalal is getting under effect of magic, he murmurs that first you prepare bad food then you force me to eat it, Jodha ask what are you saying? Jalal says i didnt say anything, i am sorry if i said anything to your food, dasi comes and says Aram is calling Jodha, Jodha says i will put her off to sleep then i will comeback, jalal sasy comeback soon, she leaves.
Laboni stealthily puts beads in Jalal’s room, Jalal gets under effect of magic, he leaves his room and is going somewhere. otherside statue rotates, Dammo laughs understanding that Jalal is coming, Laboni goes to check him. Jodha makes Aram sleep.

Laboni is litting diyas, she says today Maa’s black magic should succeed, she sprays room freshener in room, Jalal comes there, Laboni gets happy seeing him, she comes to Jalal, Jalal looks in her eyes, she makes him smell room freshener, she ask Jalal you here? jodha must be waiting for you? Jalal says let her wait, i will spend night with you, Laboni says then why this wait? she hugs Jalal from back, she holds his hand and puts it on her back, she makes him sit on bed, she caresses his face, she gets closer to him, Jalal is mesmerized with her, she makes Jalal lie on bed, she lies beside him, he caresses his face.

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