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Jodha Akbar 3 October 2021: Dasiz are doing beauty service of ruks, one begum ask about her night, ruks says it was amazing, we were drunk, we played game and talked alot and in morning not to do disturb me he left without telling, begum says we feel jealous of you, ruks says ready me as jodha must wanna know what happened last night.

In jodha’s room, jodha after aarti spread its smoke in room, moti comes there, jodha shows her jalal, she says kahna listened to you thats why he came, what happened between you both? jodha says go from here, she goes, ruks comes there and ask how are you, its a good morning, jodha says yes it is, ruks says i thought you must be sleeping as you might have not slept last night, you thought that you are clever by leaving harem but you lost harem and jalal too.

Last night was beautiful. ruks says to jodha that now you understood that jalal is only mine, his days and nights are mine only, ruks eyes falls on bed, jalal is sleeping there, ruks is embarrassed, jodha smiles. she leaves fuming. jalal gets up and says my head is aching please close this light, he gets water and sees its jodha, he says i am dreaming? what you are doing in ruks room, jodha says you are in my room, jalal says why you brought me here, jodha says you yourself came here last night you were drunk. jalal is stunned and get up from bed, jodha says you wanted to ask me something last night, jalal ask what did i say? jodha says you said that what i do you dont find it good, jalal says i wanna go, jodha says 1st tell me, jalal thinks should i ask her, jalal says nothing i was just drunk, he comes close to jodha, he looks in her eyes, he leans in and takes water glass from table, they look in each others eyes, he leaves, jodha looks on.

Scene 2
jalal is in shahi bath tub, ruks comes there, jalal says please give me bath and select my cloth, ruks says why dont you ask jodha, jalal says what, ruks says dont be ignorant, you said that you didnt want to talk about her then went to her room only, jalal says i was drunk only, i went to her room only to ask some questions, ruks says you should not think about things which disturbs you, she hugs jalal and says to think about beautiful moments of us spent last night.

Scene 3
moti says to jodha that hoshiyar is sleeping from three days, he is not answering me, jodha says i will see him, they come out, hoshiyar is crying, jodha ask what happened, any problem, he says i am missing my ammi, jodha says i am angry with you, you hidden your problem from me, he shows her locket, jodha says its good, he says i came in this world on this worst date, we dont come in man or women, nobody respects us, jodha says dont think like that life is for everyone, you must love your life, never say like this again, jodha gives her bangles to hoshiyar as birthday gift, he says you have golden heart.

Scene 4
ruks is checking monetary issues, she says there is alot corruption in hream’s money, maham says jodha have splurged alot, jodha comes there and says i wanna ask your permission, today is hoshiayr’s birthday we want to celebrate it, ruks laugh alot and says you wanna celebrate birthday of a eunuch, jodha says so what if he is eunuch, he is human too, they have right to be happy, ruks says he is servant he must remain in his limit and alot of money has been spent, jodha says not to worry about money i will do it on my own, maham says ruks is right all will laugh on you, ruks says jalal also will not like it and he must have not time for this stupidity, jodha sayss then i will ask permission from jalal only, she leaves, ruks laughs, she says she want to be become angel of harem and other side she meets somebody hiding from all, jalal told me this in drunk state, she says you have to make sure that jodha keep meeting him and jalal keep suspecting her then one day jalal will… this doubt factor can destroy big relations, maham says you are clever.

Scene 5
dilwar is going, sharif stops her, dilawar says bakshi told me take this painting to jodha’s room, sharif says take this to my room now, jalal comes there and sees painting of jodha, sharif lies that bakshi made this painting and wanted to gift jodha but i think it will be good in your room, dilawar looks at him, sharif ask him to take this to jalal’s room, jalal ask about suja, sharif says i will catch him. suja thinks why he lied infront of jalal.

Scene 6
jalal is looking at jodha’s painting, jodha comes in, he hides painting, jodha says i went to ruks to take permission but she denied so i came to you, jalal says i dont have time say it fast, jodha says i will come later jalal says no you can say now, jodha says today is hoshiyar’s birthday i want to celebrate it, jalal says this never happened, jodha says but. jalal says when ruks denied you shouldnt have come here, jodha says he will be happy, jalal shouts that i said that i will not happen, what you think that i will change my decision if you ask again and again, i dont have time for all this, he leaves, jodha is emotional.

Soul talk- jodha says everything went wrong, we couldnt talk, jalal says i was angry on something else and was taking on different things, you lied to me, jodha says i had my reason, jalal says i never wanted to hurt you but we were stuck between things, jodha says still i believed you fully. (we see jalal and jodha going in opposite direction)

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