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Jodha Akbar 6 December 2020: Jodha Akbar update Sunday 6th December 2020, Jalal is sleeping, Jodha caresses his and leaves. she brings thread, she ties one end of thread with Jalal’s dress and other end to her dress, she says i am sorry to tie you with me but if you get up in night then i will wake up too by this, i will protect you at any Cost, she lies beside him.
In morning, Murad is drinking wine, Minister comes and shows him special wine, he says this is for you, Murad ask reason? minister says because your title will increase, i have sent man to kill to Salim, all will think Pratap killed Salim, then you will get throne of Mughal saltanat, Murad smirks, minister ask should we have wine? Murad says till i dont get his death news, i will not drink it, minister says you will not wait much, he leaves.
Salim is angry that we are not finding Pratap, Rahim says they cant stay hungry, they will come out soon, Salim thinks i dont know what they are eating. otherside Pratap and force are eating dry leaves, Pratap ask minister to prepare for big attack, we will get food from it.

Jodha thinks that if Leela is not magician, then who is doing it, i have to find out. Jodha comes to Laboni’s room. she hides, Sangram is sitting in Laboni’s feet, she says you were good man and now you have become dog, why did you come here, Jodha is shocked to see that, Laboni says now you are my servant, you dance on my finger tips, she laughs, Jodha thinks this means Yogi were right, Sangram in under her influence and she killed my sister Leela, a dasi comes there and greets Jodha, Laboni is shocked to find Jodha there, she makes Sangram stand, she greets Jodha, jodha says i came to talk to you, i didnt know you were busy with Sangram, i will come later, she smiles and leaves, Laboni have sigh of relief.

Jodha Akbar update Sunday 6 December 2020: Hoshiyar is crying, dasi comes and ask what happened? Hoshiyar says Ruks has denied to see my face, dasi says maybe someone did black magic on me, someone must be jealous with you as you were special of Ruks, Hoshiyar says this can be true, the time i find that culprit, i will present it to Ruks and will finish that person.
Laboni is dancing in her room, Jalal who is in court, listens the music, he leaves, jodha trie sto stop him but Jalal keeps moving forward, Jodha follows him, Jalal comes to Laboni’s room who is dancing, she is happy to see Jalal there, Jodha hides and sees all this, Laboni comes closer to Jalal and smiles, he looks in her eyes, she greets him and says how you came here? Jalal says i listened you voice and couldnt stop myself so came to see your talent, she ask him to come in, she holds his hand, brings him in, she caresses his face, Jodha looks on, Jalal feels jittery, she ask are you alright? Jalal ask where i am? she says you came to see me singing, Jalal says i should leave, he leaves, Jodha thanks God.

Jalal comes to jodha, she makes him lie in her lap, she sings lullaby for him, Jalal feels jittery, he ask her to stop all this, Jodha says you like to listen this, jalal says yes i like it but i dont wanna listen it, i am feeling uneasy, i wanna go from here, Jodha says there is cone place where you will feel better, she brings Jalal to royal bathroom, she caresses his face, Jodha sit in royal tub infront of Jalal, she washes her face, she ask him to come in, you will feel better here, you like to take bath with me, Jalal nods, Laboni is waiting for Jalal and says dont know what is stopping Jalal to come to me, dasi comes and says tells that Jalal is with Jodha in bathroom, Labonis is stunned.

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