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Jodha Akbar 8 November 2020: Jodha Akbar update Sunday 8th November 2020, Haidar comes to Salima, he says that our many soldiers are injured in war field including Salim, Salima says we should send some dasies from here to help them, Haidar says sorry to say but its difficult for us to win the war, Mirza’s force is strong, and if he wins then he will attack Agra’s palace and Jalal is not here to save you so i suggest you to leave from here to some safe place, Salima says i cant believe that you are son of Adam who never lost a war, i am Jalal’s wife, how can you say such a thing, Salima says to Haidar that Salim, Jalal, Jodh and Ruks are suffering and helping and you want me to run away from here? Haidar says i didnt mean that, Salima says i have responsibility of people, you inform me about happening in Saltanat, Haidar says to you? you are women, Salima says dont forget that a women gave birth to you, a women i sMarium Zamani, a women fought war, Haidar says i am sorry, he leaves, Anarkali with other ladies come to Salima, Salima says we need you help, go to war field and treat ill soldiers there, Anar agrees and goes.
Jalal is on way, he finds one kid falling in river, his mother pleads to help him, Jalal ties rope to tree and gives other end of rope to him, he pulls the kid ut of river and saves his life, mother thanks him and says you are God to me, Jalal says no i am not God, i am just his man, i did mistake earlier too, he leaves from there.
doctor is treating Jodha, Jodha is taking deep breaths and sees dream of Jalal walking on barren land, all messed up, she starts feeling uneasy. otherside Jalal is walking in desert, strong winds are blowing, Jalal is tired and hungry, he finds one priest making some poor eat food, priest stops Jalal and says take rest and have food with us, Jalal says no i am in hurry, its about life of someone, i cant stay here, priest says ok, he gives him food and says it will help you, priest drapes his shawl around Jalal, Jalal thanks him and leaves.

Scene 2
Jalal is walking and finds one kid hungry and saying to his mother that i want food, she says i dont want it, Jalal first thinks that i cant stop to help them, but then thinks that Jodha said to rectify my mistakes, he comes to them, mother says to Jalal that we havent eaten anything from 4 days, Jalal gives his food and shawl to them, mother prays for Jalal and says i pray that all your problem get solved, Jalal thanks them and leaves.
Soldier tells Hamida that we lost Jalal in wind storm, he is alone now, Hamida prays to help Jalal, Todar says nothing will happen to Jalal, he is strong, Fazal says i will send soldiers to find Jalal.
Jalal gets tired and falls on ground, he craves for water, someone gives him water to drink, Jalal looks up to find the same spiritual kid giving him water, Jalal says you? he says to kid that Jodha has less time then why there are so many problems coming in my way, soul says that all answers with you, you just help people, you just do good and let God help you, its your test time and you have to pass it, you reach out to people, help them and let God help you, Jalal says i did many mistakes, but now i have to rectify my mistakes, he starts leaving, then stops, turns to see spiritual soul gone, he continues his journey.

Scene 3
Qutub brings Salim in clinic, he says to Salim that you are very much injured, Salim says i cant leave my soldiers alone in war field, Qutub says you dont listen to anyone, Anarkali is there too, Salim ask what Agra’s dadies are doing here? Qutub says Salima have sent to for our help, Qutub calls one girl to put medicine on Salim’s wounds, it turns out be Anarkali, Qutub is stunned and leaves from there, Anarklai comes and bandages Salim’s wounds, Salim looks up to find her there, Salim thanks her, Anar says it is my work and i am doing that only, no need for thanks, Rabba is pyar mein plays, she leaves.
Jalal is walking and says i have to stop the shifting of graves at any cost. otherside Shah says to soldiers that starts shifting these graves, soldiers starts digging the graves, Jalal comes there and says stop it, Shah is shocked to find him there, Jalal says to Shah that if you dig these graves then i wont leave you alive, Shah says if i say to you that i will not listen to you then what will you do? one side your son is losing to Mirza and otherside i will kill you today, Jalal says i wont leave you today. Shah ask his soldiers to attack Jalal, Jalal fights them. otherside Jodha is choking, she is breathing high, ruks says what is happening to our Jodha, God help her, otherside Jalal beats soldiers, some men comes there to help Jalal too, Jalal beats Shah and says if i finish you here then it will be insult for me, i will punish you in Agra only, Jalal says spiritual kid see i have saved these graves. otherside Jodha is choking, doctor tries to make her drink syrup but Jodha loses her breaths, all are shocked that jodha is not breathing, doctor says sorry to Hamida that Jodha is no more, Hamida is shocked and cries, Ruks is in denial. Jalal is looking at sky, he says to God that i have saved these graves and now you have to save my Jodha, please save her, he cries feeling something has happened to Jodha, he says i couldnt save you Jodha, i couldnt fulfill my promise, i couldnt get success in rectifying my mistakes, he prays to Go to give life to Jodha.
Soul Talk- Jalal’s soul says that i promised you Jodha that i will be with you in life and after death. Jodha’s soul says that many years must have passed, many lovers must have come in life but nobod loved like us, your love for me never changed, in history whenever your name will come, my name will come too.
Jalal is crying, one priest comes there and says dont worry Jalal, jodha will be fine, he gives ashes to Jalal and says put on Jodha’s forehead, she will be fine.

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