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Jodha Akbar update Sunday 9 May 2021 jodha is crying saying i did a big mistake why i fought with him he will tell everything to bharmal moti is consoling her. Here jalal is with bharmal and says i want to talk with you not as a king but as a son in law jodha says my parents think i am happy here jalal says i am saying right bharmal is shocked jalal says your daughter didn’t told you this(we didnt get see what he said to bharmal). Masa comes to jodha and says you said you are happy here but what is this jalal has told us that you want us to stay here longer jodha is stunned and thinks he want to use my parents against me. Masa says i feared a lot before marriage but jalal is very good jodha nods she says your father agreed to stay here longer and leaves.

Scene 2
jodha is talking with lord saying he made them stay here longer so that can give torture to me , wants me to smile in front of everyone and cry in silence. Jodha says you are seeing but why not doing anything.

Scene 3
ruks is laughing with jalal and says she will not stay here in agra longer jalal says after today she has to stay here ruks says why you dont give her simple punishment. Jalal says her punishment is she has to wear smiling face in front of everyone. Ruks says you are playing chess in real life. Jalal eats spice ruks ask what are you doing he says making my body getting habit for spice. Ruks says maham said right she wants to snatch the thing which you dont have he ask what ‘heart’ she says jodha wants to you hate her and you are doing that you the one who fought with million has the habit to write his name with sword but get defeated by jodha he fumes and leaves.

Scene 4
jodha is murmuring jalal comes from behind. She says i have to bear all with smile. Why he brought my parents in between. He only thinks of his hatred and doesnt respect about my parents. She thinks moti is behind and ask her to give plate he gives it. Jodha says he cant bear amer’s spice how he will bear amer’s girl and ask moti what are you not saying anything. Jodha turns and shocked says you were listening others talk from behind jalal says i have the right to listen about me. Jodha says you made my life a game and also involved my parents. Jalal says this is what i want . I will make you fear of me thats why i stopped your parents so that you always keep thinking what i will do next you put my mind on fire by that spice and now i will burn your life with it its my promise. He leaves jodha is shocked.

Scene 5
jalal comes to rukiya she is in bath tub and says your silence is saying jodha answer backed you and you will not remain silence thats why you stopped her parents. Jalal says thats why i always say you know me best. Ruks says you are giving her much importance than she deserves. Lets play chess after the bath i have an idea related to jodha jalal says so you are in my game what will do. She says will play chess with her jalal says and you will win and she will get insulted. She says but i want something he ask what she says your tongue that you will do what i say jalal agrees and says you have crush her arrogance ruks says jodha has lost when you decided that i am player against her. Jalal leaves and she thinks of jodha’s words and says now it will be fun.

Scene 6
adham is drinking and murmuring something his wife comes in and he is seeing moti in her. He holds her and says i got you after much difficulty and gets mushy mushy with her. He throws her on bed thinking moti is smiling at him and scene cuts.

Scene 7
some little boy is running and her mom is behind her. He hides in jodha’s room. She ask his name and talks with him she laughs her mother comes and greets jodha , jodha says he is very cute. She informs i am wife of jalal and he is jalal’s son jodha stands for while then says you are nice. They leaves.

Scene 8
adham has some people with him slaping them and presents them to jalal says they are betrayers jalal ask how adham shows him hindu kings flag and throws it, flag lands in jodha’s feet she is angry.

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