Jodha Akbar 12 August 2021: Jodha Akbar update Thursday 12th August 2021 Jodha is praying when sukanya comes from behind, jodha is happy to see her and says i was waiting for you, sukanya ask her to stop scolding and ask for a hug, they do. Jodha ask how are you? ..

Shivani is going outside, moti says she will go with her but shivani says that mirza hakim wants to meet me so you dont need to worry, i will go myself, she leaves. Maham thinks why mirza called her?

In other side of palace, mirza is supervising the artistry work on walls. He see tej’s work and compliments him, he tell tej that my fiance is coming to see it who is jodha’s lil sister, tej is tensed. Shivani comes there, maham is sneaking also. Mirza comes to shivani and thanks her for coming. He shows her the artistry work and says today our relation will be confirmed so i wanted to talk to you. I know why you came here. He points toward tej and says i know you like, you really love this. Shivani is stunned. He says if you like this work then we will do same in our palace, he make shivani meet tej and says to tej that tomorrow is our nikkah so do come. Maham thinks one side is mirza who love shivani otherside shivani loves tej, interesting. Mirza comes outside and takes leave. Shivani goes..

Scene 2
dadi gifts jodha a dress saying you are jalal’s wife so its your right to have this. Hamida comes and dadi gives her gifts, then hamida gives shagun to shivani, sukanya and also to jodha saying you are also sister of bride. Ruks is jealous of this. Jodha is confused that whose dress i am gonna wear tonight.

Scene 3
in hall, all mughals and rajvanshis are present for jashn. Jodha comes all dressed up, all looks at her. Jalal looks at her as she is wearing mughal dress. Maham and ruks fumes. Jodha greets dadi but goes and sits on mughals side. Hamida is happy and says i am happy that you wore this dress. Jodha says as a mughal begum i will welcome my devrani today. Maham says to ruks that see how much clever she is. Jashn starts with girls dancing on khushiyon ki sham. Rahim also dances. Jodha laughs. Maham ruks jalal bharmal

Scene 4
the gifts are presented by rajvanshis to all mughal begums which is first touched by jalal, 1st ruks comes then salima then jodha comes, jalal points her to set her nose jewelry she does. Jalal keep looking at her.

Scene 5
jalal calls jodha outside and says i wanted to say that you are looking beautiful in mughal dress, jodha smiles. Jalal says seem you will accept our religion too, jodha says no never and i wore this dress for hamida only, jalal says ok i accept but why green color, you know i like it so it seem you want to impress me along with hamida. Jodha is shy and ask can i go, jalal says one more thing, i think this dress will look more good on benazir, jodha says ok ask hamida she will give her too, it doesnt matter. Jalal says earlier it mattered now what? Jodha says i dont have any issue with it. Jalal says my experience says that when you say yes then it means no. Jodha looks at him and says i am going. She is about to leave but stops. Jalal says see you said you are going but you stopped, i wonder what you were thinking at time when you pushed me away, jodha is again leaving but jalal stops her and says why you always drop your anklet, he says take it otherwise i will be again considered as anklet thief. He holds jodha’s hand and have an intense look. He gives her back the anklet and ask her to keep it. Jodha feels something.

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