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Jodha Akbar update Thursday 13 May 2021 Jalal ordering all the ladies to remove the veil and pointed to the one who was hesitating, MA removes the veil and out came Resham Jalal once again asks everyone to show up the one who is being hidden. A guard comes and informs that there is body lying in the kitchen. MA and Resham get a FB where Resham kills a sheep keeper in the field and gets his body in the kitchen. MA signals Resham when Jalal says that why did he come to the harem. Resham finds a note on his body which indicts Modi. Jalal gets furious and announces that he will pass the judgement next day, Jodha tries to explain things but he shuts her off.

MA asks Jodha to leave and she wants to have a tete-a tete with Moti in private. Moti tells MA about everything which happened and MA threatens her to keep her mouth shut in front of Jalal else she will jeopardize Jodha’s life.

Jodha thinks that Moti is not guilty and is being framed, Moti cries inconsolably and remembers MA’s words, Jodha tries to pacify her and asks her to sleep in her room.

MA recalls how she let AK out of the harem, (useless son to a conniving mother )
Ruks came and tells MA that she knows it was AK who was behind Moti, MA tries to dissuade her but Ruks tells her that she wont if MA becomes a loyal slave. MA is one shrewd woman, turns the tables on Ruks that she will be in a tight spot if Jalal comes to know that it was Ruks who hid the truth from Jalal. Also she categorically tells Ruks that MA will never ever be a slave to anyone and only works for Mughal sultanate.

Jodha tries to figure out what Moti is blabbering in her sleep, wakes her up, but Moti doesnt tell her anything. Jodha thinks that there is definitely something which Moti is hiding from her.

At AMer:

Menavati pays a visit to Shaguni Bai and tells her that Jodha is not happy in her marriage.Both Jalal-Jodha were trying to fake their relationship in front of them.
Shaguni Bai asks her to be patient and wait for some more time, as the child too crawls ,falls and then starts walking, similar is the case of Jo-Ja marriage. There is a ray of hope as Jalal also sided with Jodha in putting up a show of the relationship being working.

At Agra:

Jalal calls for Moti’s immediate presence in Diwan-e-Khas.

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