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Jodha Akbar 15 July 2021: On Jodha Akbar update Thursday 15th July 2021 The episode begins with Maan singh meeting Jalal with the gift from Amer and Apologizes for reaching late Due to bad weather. Jalal grants permission to Resham seeking permission to meet him with badi ammi’s message, Resham reads out Maham’s letter seeking permission to take back the post of chief minister from her and allow leaving for macca sharif. Jalal goes to meet Maham and is upset she had to seek permission to speak to him Maham pours out all her woes About how jalal had hidden facts from Maham and not consulting her in begum jodha’s fake pregnancy fiasco and distribution of ministry, Jalal says so that was what making her angry.

Maham says she was happy that the child she had brought up was not in need of her any more And he is capable now and he is so strong now, Jalal explains that he was just examining himself if he was capable , Jalal says his crown was indebted to her services Maham then sheds crocodile tears about being ignored and that she wanted to relinquish her post, Jalal then assures her he will never ignore her in future and being her son he wanted to be close to his mother And being the shehenshah he ordered her not to leave the palace, Maham sheds more croc tears.

Jodha Akbar 15 July 2021: Else where in the palace Tasnim is being warned by her ammi to be obedient to Adham and do what ever he wants, Adham then drags her along force fully against her wishes On the pretext of showing her a new gift, Jodha reaches the spot and orders adham to leave the girl alone and He has no right to outrage the modesty of a girl . adham says a baandi is for him to use as he wish, Jodha then says as the begum of shehenshah she orders him to leave the girl alone And not something to satisfy his lust
Adham -Jodha face off .. War of words .. Jo rescues the weeping terrified tasnim. Adham walks off challenging her To see what she could do to stop him and How would Jalal stop him.

Scene 2
Zee world Jodha Akbar 15 July 2021: jalal outside is thinking something when soldier informs that jodha want to meet you. She comes in angry. Jalal ask what happened? You didnt greet me nameste? Did i did something? Jodha says you didnt but your half brother adham did. Jalal says he is bari ami’s son, what he did? Jodha says you are equally responsible if he do something, Adham is misusing his powers to outrage the modesty of a innocent servant. She says whether it is queen or servant every one has prestige as woman and how you will protect your people when your servants in this palace are not safe. Jalal ask meaning. Jodha tells him everything about tasnim, jalal orders soldier to tell adham to be in court tomorrow. Jodha thanks him and says i expected this from you. She leaves.

Scene 3
maham says to adham that why you came in jodha’s way, he says i didnt but she did. Maham says jodha will tell jalal. Adham says i have won many war for jalal, he will not do anything. Soldier comes and informs that jalal want adham to be present in court tomorrow. Maham says look he listened to jodha, i told ruks to beware of jodha earlier, but she didnt listen and now she is suffering, you will suffer also as jalal has started to listen to jodha but you only know to flirt with young girls, adham says i will not listen to any punishment now and will not accept. I like tasnim and i want her. Maham says you cant do anything, i have to do something so that you will get that girl and jalal also dont give you punishment. She says what i am going to tell you, only say this tomorrow in court. Their plan is muted

Scene 4
Jodha Akbar 15 July 2021 written update: In morning, jalal comes to court, everyone is present. Jalal says usually we listen to common people in open court but today its about my family. Jodha has complaint. He ask her to tell what it is. Jodha says its about adham, she tell her complaint. Jalal says i dont want decision to be doubted so i am asking maham to take decision. Jodha is stunned. Jalal says she is his mother but i expect fair justice from her. Maham says i will give fair justice, maham ask him to stand in front of jalal and i am not your ami here but cheif minister, adham says i want to say something, maham allows. Adham says its true that i like tasnim, she is having a poor life. I want to take care of her. All are stunned. Flashbacks shows that maham told him to accept his love and they also have to show ruks that maham is more experienced in politics. Fb ends. Adham says is it wrong to love someone? I want to marry her as i am childless and also our religion allows man that he can have 4 marriages. He further says that i will marry her at any haq meher (money that groom gives to bride) she wants. All are stunned while jalal is confused.

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