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Jodha Akbar 19 August 2021: Jodha Akbar update Thursday 19th August 2021 Benazir is going out, Maham stops her and asks where you both are going? Benazir says we are going to dargah because of the allegation that Jodha had put on me, can’t I go to dargah too? Maham says you can go and you should get some peace. they leave. Maham calls her soldiers and orders them to spread the news to people that Benazir is poisonous and wants to kill the Jalal, Adham comes and asks what’s all this? Maham says if people can’t bear Jalal’s divorce then how can they bear Jalal’s life in danger.

Ruks is in her room, overjoyed that Jodha has been proved false and that she has fallen from the grace of Jalal’s eyes but Hoshiyar to pour oil in the fire, he says wonders as to why Jalal did not punish Jodha for her lies or for the elopement of Shivani, Hoshiyar wonders aloud whether Jalal is changing and whether Jodha has carved a niche for herself in Jalal’s heart.Ruk’s temper shoots up, She angrily warns Hoshiyar against repeating such scandalous things again, Just then Maham comes and both Ruks and Maham engage in a bit of gloating at the setback of Jodha, Maham suggests few other ways of safeguarding her position as the chief consort.

Scene 2
In the market, Benazir says we will leave from here today. People see her and say she is poisonous and Jodha have seen her taking poison, Jodha will not say a lie, she wants to kill Badshah and how she is roaming here, they follow zakira and Benazir and says she want to kill Jalal and we will not let that happen, people attack Benazir and beats her a lot, with slippers, sticks and all. she is being dragged into the market, Maham comes and smirks. Maham ask them to stop and ask what all this happening? one man says she is poisous lady, maham slaps him and says she lives in palace and jalal knows her, it is mere rumor, have you seen her taking poison or killing someone? jalal is a king and he will take the decision, now goo from here.

Scene 3
Benazir runs from market, maham ask soldiers to catch her, they run behind her. She sees a pond , thinks that it is good chance to be in good books of jalal and jumps in it. soldier pulls her out from pond.

Scene 4
In court, all are present. jalal is angry, Benazir comes all injured. jalal says how can you do suicide? its a sin, benazir says i had no other option after what happened to me in market, True i am a bandhi but thi much insult i cant bear, i thought after you have given me respect people will respect me but it was opposite, benazir says that people want to kill me and you know nobody can save me from them and i cant see people’s hatred thats why i jumped in pond, please you kill me, jalal says you are my responsibility and your death is my insult, every body’s security is my duty. Maham says i want say that because of jodha’s wrong allegation benazir is suffering. what you think jodha that jalal doesnt have the charm that women can go close to him, why you placed a false allegation on her? Jodha says i have seen her and i know she is poisonous, jalal says enough i have listened you a lot.

Maham says it’s better to kill her or to get Benazir married to someone so she will be safe, Benazir says who will marry me? if snake doesn’t have poison even then people get afraid of it, this allegation will not allow anybody to marry me, she says only one person can marry me and that is jalal himself, only he have the guts. jalal says dont you dare to forget that you are talking about a king and you are a mere bandhi so this cant happen, ruks gets and says why not? you said that her death is you insult so save her by marrying her, jalal says rukaiya.

Ruks says i know what I am saying, Ruks says shehenshah do nikkah with for sake of friendship or to give support or political deal. Jalal ask what are you saying? ruks says to save benazir the only option is you do nikkah with her.. and about bandhi she will become begum after marrying you, jalal says what are yoy saying, ruks says which is truth, you should marry her, jalal says anybody else can marry her, ruks says yes because of your fear anybody can marry her but jodha’s mere allegation has spoilt her life and its your responsibility to save her and for that you were giving me divorce so why not marriage, show people that a king can do anything, make a prince nothing or make a bandhi a shahi begum, jodha say no dont do that she will kill you, you are my husband i cant let that happen ruks says so you remember that jalal is your husband, what have you done as a wife? jalal says ruks is right, you dont have rights of a wife, 1st your sister broke my brother and now bcz of you benazir is in danger, i will fulfill my responsibility unlike you, Jalal says mirza didnt got married but i will. He orders to make benazir ready for marriage. Jodha is stunned. he says i will make a bandhi a begum, he make benazir get up and leaves.

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