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Jodha Akbar 22 July 2021: Zee world Jodha Akbar Thursday 22nd July 2021 update, jodha is praying to kanha, hamida comes, jalal is sitting when jodha comes from behind. He says i was waiting for you bcoz of adham i didnt rest so i want you to massage my head. Jodha reluctantly start doing it. Jalal ask your hands feels soft today rukaiya. Jodha stops, jalal looks up and says sorry i thought its ruks but your hands are soft. Jodha start doing massage, jalal says i think you dont know how to massage, jodha says you are at wrong place and ask him to sit on small stool, she sits on bed and does his massage. 

Jalal says you are multi talented, once someone challenges you, you just prove him wrong. Ruks comes and says maybe i disturbed you both. Jalal says she came here to talk. Jodha says its not important i will talk later and thinks maybe ruks didnt like us together. She goes

Scene 2
jalal says when she came, my eyes were closed and i thought it were you, ruks says strange you used recoginize my presence, she is the one who tried to get us divorced. jalal says you should be thankful to her then hate, she is the one because of whom we didnt get divorced. He says idea was her. Ruks remember addressing people. Ruks says oh god i told her so many things, i was wrong. Jalal says i also misunderstood her, if you think she is good then talk to her.

Scene 3
maham comes in jail and ask soldier to beat adham, soldier compiles, maham says if he ask who ordered it so tell my name, resham ask what you did he is your son. Maham says make sure they hurt adham regurly. Maham says because of this nobody else will order to beat him and this is the way for jodha’s destruction also.

Scene 4
Jodha Akbar update Thursday 22 July 2021 ruks comes to jodha. They greet each other. Jodha says i know you are angry with me. Ruks says i am not, i misunderstood you, i thought you were using adham to separate me from jalal but jalal told me everything. Precap. Jodha says i am happy everything is clear. Ruks ask her to open the box, she opens it and it is beautiful diamond. Ruks says i hope you like it, jodha says you gifted with love so i always like it. Ruks is about to leave jodha stops her and says like you have sacred threads in mazars. We also have threads, can i tie it on your wrist. Ruks allows. Jodha shed tear, ruks ask reason. Jodha says tears falls in happiness also. Today you talked with me very nicely. Ruks says who thing for my own, i talk nicly with them always.

Scene 5
some painter draws painting of jodha, sharif comes and says beautiful, you have done wonderful job. He says to extend hand for gift. Painter does so, sharif cuts his fingers and says it is for the thing that you never paint it again. Sharif says jalal snatched everything from me. Abul mali is also against jalal so enemy’s enemy is a friend. Here jalal gets to know from atga khan that abul mali and sharif have shook hands against him and are preparing to attack. Jalal says to order munim khan to attack them and have a bettle.
Voicover- munim did war with mali and sharif and won it for jalal, mali ran away but sharif is caught by munim.

Scene 6
Jodha Akbar Thursday 22 July 2021 in court, atga present sharif uddin, he comes in and looks at jodha. Jalal ask why did you played such cheap game with me and jodha ? And involved bakshi also. Sharif says because i hate rajvanshi, i hated them when you got married to her but didnt said anything then. But i can accept her as a queen. Jalal says its only me who decide who should be my queen, i punished you by snatching your ministry but for betrayal you are sentenced to live in jail. And will be given punishments of betrayer. They take him away. Jalal praises munim and gives him position that he will control forces from onwards. Jalal makes him wear turban. Maham imagines adham in munim but gets sad seeing munim instead.

Scene 7
Bakshi is crying, jodha hugs her, bakshi i knew it that jalal will find him. He deserve it. Jodha ask you? Bakshi says i will not take his side this, i will not meet him but i can ask you, how was he? Jodha says he is alright, she thanks jodha.

Scene 8
Resham comes crying to maham. Maham ask whether he beat adham? Resham says yes. Maham says do one more thing, just kill that soldier who hurt adham my son, resham is stunned and says okay. Maham with furiosity in eyes says its all because of that jodha, she turns out to be very clever, she made me cry of blood tears but now i will make her life hell, i will take my revenge.

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