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Jodha Akbar 24 June 2021: Jodha Akbar update Thursday 24th June 2021 The episode starts with Jodha recalling Shariff’s and BB’s words when MA comes and asks her to talk to her in private. MA tells her that her plans were so foolish that she asked BB to testify against Sharif, also she was so wrong in pitting MA aginst Jalal preciously too. MA rubs her in that she is still a naive and doesnt learn from her mistakes. MA tells her that she is happy that she came to Amer and saw the defeat of Jodha in her maika, gives an evil laugh and leaves. Jodha thinks and smiles to herself.

Hameeda again tells Jalal to reconsider his decision, she talks ill about Jodha , the entire Mughal clan is present there. Jodha comes and apologises for her actions, MA scolds her but Jodha hugs her and says that she has realised her mistakes when she came to her room, she also says sorry to Shariffuddin then she goes to Jalal and apologises and expects that her parivar will give her maafi. She tells Jalal to not yield to Raajvanshis’s demands, she again goes to MA and says that she is first Jalal’s begum and then Amer’s beti. Jalal is confused and is giving disbelieving looks throughout Jodha’s utterances.

Jalal tells Atga Khan than he wants to meet Bharmal and FIL before leaving for Agra. MA does a small gesture to Shariff-AK which perhaps Jalal notices.

Jalal comes and meets everyone in the hall. Jalal tells that he will definitely keep his promise of getting Suku married to Wajinder, he wont let down the prestige of Amer and announces that he is ready to hand over the fort to him, the FIL says that the marriage will get its closure. Jalal leaves and gives a smirk to Jodha and she is surprised as well as happy.

Jodha is going to meet Jalal when MA crosses her path , she passes taunts as due to Jodha , Jalal had to give away the fort, Jodha gives her reasons how MA was instrumental in teaching how to behave with Jalal.

Jalal asks Jodha if she has come to ask why he gave away the fort, he tells her that its all because of izzat and its befitting a king since a long time. Still Jodha is not convinced and Jalal tells her not to think so much and go and prepare for marriage.

Sharif-AK thinks why Jalal agreed for the fort and also be cautious of Jodha.

Menavati and Dadisa are very happy at the turn of events.

Pratap thinks that Jalal is surely upto something big while FIL is rejoicing that he has got the fort.

Jalal calls Atga Khan and asks his 5000 soldiers to march towards Ratanpur fort and in the meantime the marriage will also take place and then they will fight and get back the fort.

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