Jodha Akbar 25 November 2021: Hamida comes there and asks jalal why you called us here, is everything fine, jalal says nothing is fine, once again I am betrayed once again this day is bad for the Mughal sultanate, I am again not going to be the father because ruks had a miscarriage, ruks is stunned, all are shocked, Hamida says what, the doctor says I failed in giving her medicine so ruks lost her child, jalal says you can leave, she leaves, jalal hugs ruks and says don’t cry, he whispers in her ears that I know you lied to me, you betrayed me but I can’t bring embarrassment to you, I will not let you stoop in all eyes as you are my wife, you are my best friend, jalal says to Hamida says infront of god we are no one, I used to brag that I write my fate with my sword but now I know that no sword runs infront of fate, he leaves, Hamida consoles ruks.

Soldiers are taking food to jail, shehnaz is hiding in big pans, she thinks that soon I will meet my mother, soldiers stop somewhere and meets some other soldiers, soldiers say that nobody should know that we are doing this, they take some sacks from soldiers and goes. shehanz says where are they going, I have to go to jail. Maham meets some doctor and says if you help in this case then it will solve my problems otherwise it will be a problem for you, he says, Maham says some things should be hidden for the betterment of the sultanate, make sure this secret remains secret with you.

Scene 2
Hamida says to ruks that my child you are again going through this, jalal is in tears, Salima says I understand what child means to mother, jalal says I think ruks should take some rest, Hamida nods, all ladies leaves, jalal sternly looks at ruks, ruks says please forgive me, trust me I just wanted to get you not to hurt, I will not do this again, jalal comes to her and hugs her tightly, she cries and hugs him back, jalal says I will forget it, we didn’t play chess for many days, let’s play it, ruks is confused, jalal sits to play, ruks says you really forgave me? I thought you will take my life, jalal says you are my life how can I take it, I don’t like to talk about things which I don’t like, I like to talk about past moments which gives peace, jalal says were those days, those playing games, those innocent things are lost, those moments are gone. ruks says you are the best human, husband, and king, I shouldn’t have done that with you, jalal says I told you to forget what happened, we will not talk about it, I didn’t give you the importance that’s why you took that decision, you are my 1st wife and will always remain, forget everything and I think it’s getting late we will play chess tomorrow, jalal is about to go but turns and says don’t betray me again I can’t bear it. if you have a problem, any complaint with me so tell me but don’t betray me again. he leaves, ruks is still confused.

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Scene 3
At night, the doctor is taken to the jungle by Maham. soldiers who had sacks come there too, Maham says 1st let the doctor check chand then we will decide, shehnaz is hiding in the basket and tries to watch.

Jodha is thinking, jalal comes there and is crying, Jodha comes to him, jalal breaks down and hugs Jodha, Jodha consoles him, jalal says I lost my child today but on your insistences, I didn’t lose my friend today, thank you. flashback shows jalal going in anger to confront ruks, Jodha stops him and asks him are you fine, jalal says leave me alone, this time and situations are not suitable to stop me, Jodha says at least tell me what’s the problem, jalal says I told you to leave me. Jodha says no I will not leave you because I didn’t come here to leave you and secondly I don’t have fear of your anger, tell me, jalal takes her to the room.

Jalal says to Jodha that you wanna know what happend so listen, my dream is crushed, i am being betrayed, my emotions were used, ruks is not becoming mother she was just pretending, she is betraying not only me but my mother, my saltant, Jodha is stunned, jalal says think hamida will be broken, when Rahim will know that no brother or sister is coming to play with him then what he will feel, what about you, you served her day and night and what she did, I will not leave her today, Jodha stops him and says you will not do anything like this, jalal says she betrayed me and you are saying this, Jodha says thinks 1st why she did that, she cant do anything to hurt you or to betray you then why she did this, she is mature and know whats good then why she took this step, jalal says I don’t know why she betrayed her best friend, Jodha says stop, she brings diya and says to jalal that I am giving you swear on kahna that you wiil not shout on ruks, she loves you that’s why she is doing all this, she thinks that you are going away from her, she did this to attract you to her, she thinks that you are attracted to me only, think that you are same jalal for ruks as you were earlier with her, no you are not, there was time when ruks was all for you but now I came so she wants to take your attention, if you didn’t bring space between you and ruks, if you would have same with ruks then she wouldn’t have taken this decision, getting love and fighting for love is not sin, so you have to do duty of husband and friend. this talk will remain between me you and ruks, nobody should know about it, think if Hamida comes to know this ruks will stoop in her eyes, she will break down, thinks if Salima gets to know this she will not believe it, ruks failed in her relationship but you have to fulfill your duty, you only have one friend that’s is ruks and we can forget many mistakes of your friend because they are your life support so I request to not let anything come in between you and ruks, to fulfill some relation we have to hide something so promise me that you will not tell anything about it to anyone, jalal agrees. FB ends.

Jalal says all wife tries that I go away from other wife but the day you came into life, you only wanted to get love and care from me, because of you I am able to save my friends, because of you I am able to understand relations and their duties, I am thankful to you, Jodha makes jalal sit and lies her head on his shoulder, she says there are no thanks in hubby wife relation, there is only love between them and my love will always be with you.

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