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Jodha Akbar 26 August 2021: Jodha Akbar update Thursday 26th August 2021 Jodha is praying to kahna and jalal is offering namaz. Jodha says do make jalal save, keep my husband safe its upto you now, jalal prays to keep me blessed.

Maham comes to benazir and ask are you ready? she nods. All gathers in hall for nikkah, benazir comes in red dress. Jodha thinks you wasnt able to do anything before and today also i will not let anything happen. Ruks says to benazir that you are looking beautiful. Jalal comes dressed as groom, he looks at jodha. Adham is waiting for time to come and remembers how he orderes to finish atgah khan after jalal is killed.. . Maham thinks after nikkah jodha will be out of here, adham thinks tomorrow i will be king.

Priest announces that its time for face revealing ceremony, benazir comes and looks in water, jalal comes to look at her face in water, he sees jodha’s face in water who is standing behind benazir and is stunned. he remembers how he had seen her face in water at ganghaur time. Benazir thinks to end the game soo. Priest says now they will eat sweet dish. Maham taste it first then it is being given to benazir. She looks at jalal and drinks sivayan. Priest says now she will make jalal eat it, jodha is shocked and remember how she had seen her licking snake and sharif’s words. Jalal is about eat but jodha comes and stops him, he is angry and ask what is this, i will not forgive you for this. Jodha says i dont need it, there is poison in this, jalal says stop it. Jodha says you never believed me but today i will prove it, she takes the bowl and says you sais you will not see my face even if i am dying thats ok but i cant see my husband dying infront of me, i am going away from you, after this my eyes will be closed for ever. She remembers her marriage with jalal and thinks from you there is my identity, i am bound to you for 7 seven lives and i am your wife. she gulps down the sivanyan and feels dizzy, she is about to fall but jalal holds her. Zakira panics.

Jalal is shocked while jodha is in his arms, she looks at jalal and remembers how he put sindoor and mangalsutra around her neck, how he uncovered her face after their sword fight, how they saved diya from blowing together, jodha says i have no regret, i fulfilled by responsibility, jalal shouts to hakim to take her. He shouts at benazir CHARACTERLESS. benazir grabs ruks and says if you try to catch me i will kill her, ruks says i will not leave you, you came to kill my husband. Benazir says so you thought that i will become your servant, you were involved in putting jodha down but she got to know my real identity that i am poisonous women, i got many chances but jodha always stood between you and me and today she will be dead, she was fool to save a husband who never knew her worth, never gave her respect, ruks and maham are fools that they gave me way to you..

Scene 2
Hakim is trying to save jodha, i hall benazir says now i will ruks, jalal says i will save jodha, you just leave ruks i will let you go. Beazir says i am not interested in deal, i dont understand what jodha has that she never get tired of trying, and today she will be dead because of you. She ask t give her space otherwise will kill ruks too. she goes out with ruks and ask zakira to come, but maham grabs zakira by holding her neck and says you fooled us, atgah says to jalal that you go to jodha i will bring back ruks safe. Adham thinks that benazir should get killed otherwise his truth will be out too. Jalal says jodha and goes to her

Scene 3
HE comes and asks why she didn’t gets consciousness? hakima says its most severe poison and if she was conscious then could have been taken out by vomiting, Jalal sits by her side and caresses her head, he says this all happened because of mali, he shouts to behead mali.

Scene 4
Benazir is riding a horse with ruks on it too, atgah, and soldiers are following her and says to keep following her to save ruks. They are running behind her. In jail, a soldier gets to know that abul mali ran away from jail, Jalal gets to know that and cant hold his anger, he screams how he can run? what were soldiers doing? he sent a poisonous lady, Jodha is fighting for life, ruks is in danger and you are saying he ran away? He with frustration in his eyes ask to punish the soldier who was on duty( RAJAT was superb here the anger in his eyes was spot on).

Scene 5
Benazir throws ruks down and says now I can’t take your burden anymore, I will kill you, ruks plead to not. Benazir hides behind bushes with ruks, ruks get hold of stone and attack with it on Benazir’s head, she frees herself from her clothes and atgah catches Benazir.

Scene 6
Jalal asks hakima when she will become conscious? she says 8 hours are critical for her, Jalal looks at her with guilt in his eyes.

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