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Jodha Akbar 26 November 2020: Jodha Akbar update Thursday 26th November 2020, Laboni comes to Jodha’s room, she smirks seeing her, she calls her jeejisa, Jodha looks at her, Laboni says its me Leela, Jodah hugs her, she says you have grown up and is beautiful, Laboni says you are more beautiful, Jodha says we didnt meet before but i feel like we know each other, she ask her did you meet Jala? Laboni says yes i met him, i have come to meet him only, Jodha is confused, Laboni says i mean i have to see him, its a proud thing that he is king of India, Laboni sees Sindoor box fallen from table, Jodha says this bad omen, Laboni wipes it from floor, Jodha says you dont do it, dasi will do, Laboni says no worries your everything is mine, she thinks that one day your sindoor will be mine too , Jodha says i will collect it in other bowl, she thinks how Sindoor fell.

Jodha brings Laboni to Hamida, Hamida says you are beautiful, she says i have brought sacred threads from Mosque, i will tie to all Laboni is shocked, Hamida says i will tie it to Leela too, Laboni says no i cant, Jodha ask why? Laboni says her something in ear, Jodha smiles and says to Hamida that she cant wear sacred things as she is not clean, Hamida says oh i understood no problem, she is just like you Jodha, didnt get under pressure, and said truth, Laboni greets everyone and leaves with Jodha.

Murad is drinking wine and recalls how Jalal gave title to Salim as he is elder brother, he is drunk, is about to fall but Daniyal comes and ask him to stop it, what if Jalal sees you like this, Murad says then what will he snatch from me? he made me see dreams and then snatched it, he should also see what pain i am going through, we are just toys for Jalal, i also fought in war but who was praised? it was Salim, i am just servant here, Daniyal says i understand but you cant destroy your self, if Jalal sees you like this then your respect will be gone, Murad laughs and says we have no value here, till Salim is star of jalal’s eyes, we have no future here.

Scene 2
Anarkali is liting diyas in her home, Salim comes there, Anarkali shyly smiles seeing him, Salim comes to her, looks at her and says you are looking very beautiful, these diyas cant compete with your beauty, Anarkali blushes, she then says that you should not come here, Jalal has ordered you to not meet me, Salim says that was for Salim only, not for next king, soon i will talk to Jodha and she will make Jalal agree too, and everything will be fine, Anarkali smiles and says do you think Jalal will agree? Salim says yes, i have faith he will agree, Jalal loves me alot, he will not let my love go away from me, soon i will be king of India and you will be queen of India, anar laughs, she says i recalled our childhood fights, Salim says yes, you used to fight alot and was irritating, Anar says what i am now? Salim says now you are peace of my heart, my most precious thing, i love you alot, they share eyelock, Salim touches her face wit peacock feather, they come closer, Rabba is pyaar mein plays, Anar hugs him.
Birbal is telling jokes to everyone, Jalal laughs and says you are amazing, Jalal says i have one question, i have three special wives, you have to tell which is most precious to me, Birbal says if i take one name then other two will be angry on me, why you wanna put me in problem, Jalal says now you have to answer, Ruks says yes answer it, Jodha says you have put him in problem, Birbal says i think Ruks is most likable to you because you know Ruks before Jodh and Salima, she says your friend and have bear you more than other wives, all laughs, Jalal says what you mean? Birbal says you asked me answer and i told you, Jalal says i accept your answer, Jodha says i agree its not easy to bear you, Ruks is brave, Ruks laughs. all ladies leave, Birbal says to Jalal that if had taken Jodha’s name then Ruks would have killed me, Jalal says i am sorry to put you in problem, you did right by not taking Jodha’s name and took Ruks name else she would have not left me too.

Jalal and Jodha are playing chess. Laboni ask dasi where is Jalal? Dasi says he is in chess room with Jodha, Laboni says i need something of Jalal to do black magic but security is tight, how to go in his room, she says i will snatch Jalal from Jodha soon. Laboni throws mud on Jalal from far.

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