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Jodha Akbar update Thursday 27th May 2021 rukaiya ask who asked for this box, man is little tensed and says she/he was veil and from his height, body and hands it seemed like she was a women rukaiya ask to think more explain her dress up, voice etc anything from which she can be identified. He thinks and goes into fb, he is shown waiting for someone at night, a lady in full veil comes, he gives her pot/box and extend the hands for money she gives him he leaves fb ends he first says she was young then says she can be of good age forgive me but i didnt thought about any conspiracy at that time and she was there for a small time and vanished very quickly from there so i couldnt see her clearly.

Ruks ask if that box will be shown to you, will you identify it he readily agrees it was made by me so i can recognize it by touching only. She ask hoshiyar to give him gold coin but he denies taking it saying its not needed and i am horrified that maybe box made by me is involved in your case.

Ruks says its for your bravery if you didnt came here we would not be able to get such a important clue she gives him coins and says now i will call you only after i will get that box and ask to leaves he compiles. Hoshiyar ask how you can trust him she says when you will trust proofs only then culprit will be caught, first taking box from this man then giving dathura to me is not just a coincedence and that veiled lady must be connected with all this. Hoshyar says maybe she has nothing to do with you or man was veiled not a women, ruks says it can be true i dont care whether its a women or man important thing is that box is now in palace only and we have to find that box at any cost and the person who have it is the culprit only.

Scene 2
jalal is playing with his knife when soldier comes in and informs that pir muhammad has come to meet him. Ministers comes in jalal says sujanpur prince has given shelter to theives so he will be in war, increase security around our tents he can attack on us at night, pir says you are they can attack us but i think first attack will be from our side on you jalal ask why he says you took amer princes with you think if they can attack your child then they attack you also here. Jalal says think what you are saying, pir says we know that jodha’s younger sister has relation with that prince so i think they might be planning to kill you jalal says ok place soldiers at their tents, if find anything fishy then inform me.

Scene 3
jalal is sleeping in his tent when somebody kills his soldiers, they are four to five people and surrounds his tent jalal gets up with a start and picks his sword. They attack his tent with arrows pir comes in jalal says sujaanpur people attacked on us, pir says i think amer people informed them about your tent otherwise how do they know jalal says will think later now we have to answer them back first, pir agrees. Jalal comes out of his tent and sees most of the soldiers are killed, sujanpur force come there and attack jalal’s soldiers.

They surround jalal he is alone as they capture pir also they are bulk jalal looks at them with anger, some soldier says you have no way out jalal, jodha’s brothers attack them with arrows jalal is stunned and start fighting, brother kills most of them. They all fights against sujanpur force for quite sometime and Jalal displays all the war tactics, he gets surrounded by some dacoits when the four brothers come to his rescue and save him. But BDas gets hurt(arrow pierced) in order to save Jalal, Jalal removes the arrow and asks why did he do that, BDas says because he is his brother in law and king and it was his duty to save him. The chief minister comes and informs Jalal that Sujjanpur army has attacked and we are not even prepared, Jalal says , still we will WIN the war.

Scene 4
Jalal gets ready in his war gear, again the fight ensue, lots of bloodshed, Jalal gets hurt , wants to have water but continues fighting but gets tired, BDas offers him water,Jalal recalls FB of how he treated Jodha’s brothers in Agra. The Mughals take Ratan Singh as traitor to mughals and as per orders from Jalal, they kill him.

Scene 5
Jalal returns to Agra which took him 2 days and he was caught between Amer’s treachery at Miscarriage issue or BDas loyality during war.

Scene 6
Ruks-Hoshiyar are eagerly waiting for Jalal and arranging for the celebration of his arrival.Adham tells Maham that Jalal just won over some dacaoits, he should be the real king. Maham tells him to come for Jalal’s reception.

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