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Jodha Akbar 28 October 2021: sharif comes to meet mal. mali is pain, he is screaming in pain, his face is not shown, mali says jalal wrote his win on my face, sharif says jalal is warrior, mali says I will kill you, he gets up and his ruined eye is shown, sharif says I will take revenge from him, mali says he can take my other eye too if I try to attack him again, sharif sys don’t be disappointed you are our strength, we have to fight for our mission, mali says yes you are right I will not sit quietly till I get throne, sharif says I will leave now, he comes out, adham is there and says I knew that you must be making some plan so I came behind you, I didn’t come to fight, I just want to know with whom you are plotting against jalal, good both brother in law of jalal are plotting against jalal but he is not easy to kill, sharif says what rubbish we are not plotting, adham says oh good you are hiding from me, sharif says you know we all are against him but jalal can kill us, adham says I have protection that is my mom, I came here to make plan, he says we will kill him and I will take dehli and you take agra and about mali we will give what one eye mjan wants, he laughs and leaves.

Hamida prays to god that jalal is in so much pain and only you can lessen it, he is about to punish that person whom he called ammi only you can show him light in this darkness.

In amer, maasa comes with dasies to jodha and ask them to do jodha’s hair massage, shehnaz says I will also do, she massages her head and jodha screams and says don’t pull my hairs, shehnaz says you are delicate, jodha gets the flashback when she was doing jalal’s massage and he said to do it nicely as you are pulling my hairs, jodha says you are man cant you bear it, jalal sys when I will do your massage and pull your hairs then you will know, jodha says I am rajvanshi and I can bear pain, jalal says you will know when I will do same what you do with my hairs. jalal says then you will know, he ask her to sit and he will do massage, jodha says no its okay, jalal says sit, she shyly sits, jalal takes off her dupatta and open her hairs, jodha says you don’t know massage, jalal says when I don’t try then how will I learn, fb ends.

Shehnaz says I don’t know how to do it but will you let me do it again, jodha being lost in thought says that if you try then I will feel good shehenshah.

Scene 2
jalal is getting ready for court hearing, he thinks whenever I got confused or had to take decision you make me see right path but now you will be culprit infront of me, it feels like a child is lost in crowd and he doesn’t know where to go and he cant even ask his mother, I sometime feels to forgive because there was a time when you were my ammi.he ask god to give him strength.

Maham is sitting like stone in her room, resham comes to her and says time has come to be presented in court, she says its time, lets go, maham wipes her tears, resham gives her support to stnd up, she says jalal respects you so he will be lilent, maham says I got punished as he took position of ammi from me and he will do trial of me today.

Scene 3
ruks is lying on ground and reclls how dasi said that jalal is in jodha’s room, dasi comes for cleaning her room, she shouts to go, hoshiyar comes there, ruks says why you came get lost from here, he says I am your servant I cant leave you, ruks says you know jalal stayed in jodha’s room yesterday night, hoshiyar says lets go in court, ruks says I will not go, jalal should know I am angry on him, hoshiyar says jalal will not notice it as he is in pain of what maham did that, he needs your support, you are only one left for him, ruks says what? I was only one in his life then jodha came inbetween us, she changed jalal, jalal is living in her room, jalal doesn’t know what he is doing, he is punishing maham that too for jodha, because of jodha so much is happening, hoshiyar says its not about maham or jodha but jalal need you, ruks says I don’t know what he wants.

Scene 4
all are in court. jalal comes in court to tell his decision about maham, he sits with proud like a shehenshah, he ask to bring maham, he says people say that while doing justice emperor should not bring in his emotion, today I will try to control my emotion, he ask to start the case hearing.. adham is taking out his sword one minister ask him to control his anger, maham comes there and greets jalal, ruks is also there. jalal says there is allegations against you that you used your powers wrongly and tried to fill shehenshah’ ears with wrong things, the ask atgah to tell everybody her deeds, atgah says maham knew that one eunuch was in harem who was a man and a rajvanshi, he was sujamal, she didn’t take action neither told jalal and when real dilawar came to tell maham she asked him to leave from there so she hide truth from all, adham fumes and thinks atgah I swear on maham that I will not leave you for the insult you brought to my mother. jalal says thinks why you did that with me, I never thought in my dreams, atgah says she played game and told jalal by her man that sujamal is away from agra, jalal says not only this, she put doubt in me against my pure wife, she filled my ears against her, jalal ask what will you say in return of thses allegations, maham thinks and says nothing, what atgah said is right, jalal says so you accepted your crime, you are culprit now, are you ready for your punishment, maham says yes with tears.

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