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Jodha Akbar 3 December 2020: Jodha Akbar update Thursday 3rd December 2020, jodha comes in, jalal says you were here? who is she then? he sees laboni and says leela, she laughs. He says look at your face i was playing a game with you. jalal says i am really sorry, i thought its jodha. She says i should go. Jodha says leela put this shawl here. She leaves. Jalal says i am sorry jodha, I didn’t know that was not you. she says i thought you wont win the game. he says are you not mad at me? She says did you do it delibrately? he says why would i? he says thank God. she says you will have to win tomorrow or you will have to compensate. He says i will win it.

Announcement is being made that its leela’s nikkah today. There is a royal fiest no one should cook food today. Salima comes to murad and says you are not ready? He says i am not needed there. He says you and shaheneshah always gave importance to salim and rahim. He leaves. She says i am sorry God if i made the difference between rahim and him. he should never know that he is some other woman’s son.

The man in black comes and says i need to go in, shahenshah needs to meet me, I am important to him. Guard says he wont meet you. He says i am leaving, you will come looking for me. Sangram comes in. Shahenshah welcomes him. He says where is leela? Jodha says you have to go through a test before seeing her.
leela says to her mom how to go in front of sangram what if he recognizes me. Jodha comes in and says you look so good leela. She brings in all the clothes. Jodha says lets play a game with sangram. this is a ritual. all the wives will wear the dupatta and our husbands will have to recognize us. She says in heart thank God ii will have to stay away from sangram for sometime.

Jodha Akbar 3 December 2020: Sangram and jalal and all the men come in. Jalal says you got something? neither did i. He says what if i couldn’t recognize? jalal says then you wont be able to see your wife’s face ever. Jalal recognizes jodha. sanrgam comes forward. leela is scared. He takes off the dupatta from leela’s face and says leela. She says in heart why did he call me leela?

Laboni’s mom says has made his her servant by the magic. She smiles. jalal says very good sangram. jodha says he is my brother in law. She says how did you recongnize her? or did leela help you? He says there is no cheating i recongnized her from the ring, jalal says lets enjoy the celebrations for now. the dance starts, Sangram says i am not feeling well. jalal says should i call hakim? he says no i just nee to go. He leaves.

Jodha Akbar 3 December 2020: Jalal holds jodha’s hand and says you have to do compensation. she says i never promised you i am sleepy we have to sleepy then i will recall in the morning if i promised you something. He says i wont go, she says okay then you can sleep here. Jodha says okay i will do what you ask. he says i wanna tell you that i won, she says i helped you. He says yes i know. you put mehndi on your hand, the way you showed it i knew you wanted me to recognize you. she says tell me what i have to do? He says wear that lesani dress again please, i like you in that. she says some other time, he says okay i trust you.

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