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Jodha Akbar 3 June 2021: Rahim is terrified and says i didnt steal the box, choti maa is lying and she is not good , he runs away from there, jalal fumes jalal says i dont want listen anything these are your values using a kid for your interest jodha says truth is truth jalal says yes truth is you are lying and ask her to leave else i cant control my anger jodha says mistake is mine i am trying to show a blind way its all my fault that i am fighting and try jalal shouts leave she leaves , jalal blabbers i dont know what problem she has with bari ami.

Scene 2
jodha says time is passing by and i dont know what to do moti says why rahim didnt tell jalal what he told to you jodha says he is a kid and got afraid because of jalal. I have no proof now moti says what you will do now jodha says i will keep fighting for truth and prays to maata rani to show her some way. Servant comes and gives her parsad and informs there is temple of maa nearby jodha says its sign of maa that i should follow truth’s path so i will go to temple to seek maa’s help. Moti says you are not under arrest and can go anywhere but you should first ask jalal’s permission, jodha says why will he not allow me to go to temple, i will ask him anyway.

Scene 3
bharmal is on his way when pratap is waiting for him, bharmal says what is this stopping me like this pratap says you are traitor bharmal says i am not pratap says you are you got your daughter married only to save yourself. Your respect is tarnished and sujanpur’s king tried to help you by getting his son married to your daughter but his son got killed now nobody will make relation with your daughter. Strange your one daughter is married to jalal and other’s would be husband got killed by him only. Bharmal says i dont want to talk with you pratap says even i have no interest but your nephew came to me to seek help in fighting against you but i removed the tiles where he stood because you all are traitors.

Scene 4
jalal ask ruks the one who made this box where do he live ruks says why you are asking about him? Hoshyar brought him here, his name is altaf qadri and lives near temple little away from palace, should i call him here? Jalal says no this will alarm the culprit so i will go and meet him.

Scene 5
jodha comes to hamida and says there is no peace in palace so i wanted to go to temple to pray and i wanted permission but jalal is not here so can you grant me permission, hamida says this is a very good thought go.

Scene 6
jodha comes to temple, does some dusting and prays to maa to show her way, truth should come out to jalal show me some way, outside the temple jalal in begger’s disguise and asking for money from everyone. Jodha comes out of temple jalal sees her and thinks what she is doing here. Outside some people are gossiping saying king didnt spare his own wife, house arrested her he is very cruel doesnt even respect his own wife jalal fumes listening to this jodha interrupts and says which type of talks is this he is your king man says he is very arrogant other says she is jodha princess jodha says like your family we are also a family and misunderstanding happens in family, its very personal issue so please stop this rubbish talk, jalal listen to all this and is happily stunned. Jodha distributes food and coins among needy ones.

Jalal is also sitting in line and ask for penny jodha looks at his braclet then at him, he ask for some penny jodha says what can i give to the king? jalal look at her she says I didnt recognize you before in amer but now you cant fool me they have an eyelock. Jalal says so you recognized me jodha says the braclet you are wearing has been given by bharmal on wedding. And it doesnt look good if king acts like begger and wife doesnt like seeing his husband as begger. She leaves while jalal smiles.

Scene 7
Jalal comes to altaf and ask for penny he gives him a coin but jalal rejects it altaf ask what else you want jalal says i have listened you make very good boxes, Give me one box altaf what will a begger do with box? Jalal says i need it and shows him dathura’s box and says it should look like this, altaf is shocked and ask from where you got it. Now jalal shows him his face and says this is the same box from which my child got killed, altaf says for not recognizing you, jalal ask will you tell me how the person looks who asked for this box from you, altaf readily agrees.

Now altaf and jalal are in palace and altaf guides the artist to make the sketch of the culprit. She sketches what altaf tells her. Jalal looks at the sketch and is shocked as its of maham anga he ask altaf are you sure he says yes i am sure jalal thinks oh god what i have seen, its bari ami’s eyes he remembers maham’s words that the culprit is none other than me i’ve killed your child, then remembers jodha asking rahim to say what he has seen. He fumes remembering all this.

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