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Jodha Akbar update Thursday 8 July 2021 Bakshi cries and says to jodha that spare me, i didnt want to do it, i was being forced, jodha sternly ask her to go, she leaves, jodha sits sadly. jodha thinks i did a big mistake, how she had cursed jalal who is innocent with such bitter, she regrets and in tears, jodha remember her cruel words that you cant disgrace me, i hate you and you made relation with me without my permission.Ruks is in bath tub and says i cant believe that sharif is behind all this, she ask hoshiyar whether news is right otherwise i… He says news is correct, ruks says then matter is serious, doc is being killed and jalal’s brother in law was behind it and we didnt know about it, she happily says that means jalal and jodha didnt have relation and said so many things to jalal, how could i think that i can lost jalal to jodha. Hoshiyar says they have relation that of a trust, he had trust on jodha, even lied to you and hamida, you believe or not he has started liking jodha, ruks ask him to shut up and says now i will not come in talks and will listen to my heart only, ruks says to hoshyar that jalal is only mine and nobody can snatch him from me,, i will seek forgiveness from jalal right now.

Scene 2
resham ask maham what punishment jalal will give to bakshi, maham says dont know she is his sister, there must be confusion in jalal’s mind, jalal comes to maham all broken, maham makes him sit, jalal cries and says bakshi used to come to me in sadness but why she brought tears my eyes, why my own do this things with me, 1st abul mali, then sharif then my sister, maham says there is no friend of a king, jalal ask then why do they pretend to be my own, he says i cant take my sword out to punish as she is my sister, i dont know what to do. Maham consoles him.

Scene 3
bakshi is crying in her room when hamida comes and gives tight slaps to bakshi

Scene 4
jodha comes to salima and says you have become big in my eyes, what you did for me i would have done as older sister for sukanya, she thanks salima and says you are mature, salima says you are loyal, i knew your loyalty thats why trusted you and i am glad that jalal made the right decision, he trusts you, jodha says i took him wrong, salima says take care next time, he is your husband and i believe that you know how to behave with your husband, she ask her to do whats in heart, not to think much, jodha hugs her and goes out.

Scene 5
jalal is in his room when jodha comes and tries to say but jalal says i know you faced disgrace bcoz of my sister but i am repented for that, jodha says i must say sorry for my mistake, i said cruel words, hated you more i am sorry but i dont understand who are you, jalal says i am the one whose innocence was snatch at age of 12, i have no heart, i can get what i want but today i trust a women, i trust her honor, character, jodha ask why? Jalal says dont know but maybe i can see purity in your eyes i only know that i trust you, jodha says i said bitter words but you were protecting me and were finding culprit, you beared my words, jalal says no need ask anyone would have behaved like you but let me clear what i did was not bcoz i love you no i dont but i did that for i wanted that he should be caught who had done this cheap joke with my wife. Jodha smiles and says i cant thank you enought you have a lot for me.

Scene 6
bakshi is not eating anything jodha comes and ask why you did that when you are not bad, why you didnt tell jalal about sharif before, bakshi says bcoz of love for sharif,i cant think of losing him jodha says i cant understand how can man stoop so low in love without thinking of right and wrong.

Scene 7
salima ask jodha how come you here, jodha says i dont understand how can bakshi not think of right or wrong in love for her husband sharif, salima says love is like this, when there is love on one side and truth on other then person chooses love and take wrong routes.

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