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Jodha Akbar 11 May 2021: Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 11th May 2021, ruks gets up and says your game is over and is leaving all looks on. Jodha stops her and says game is still on and in try to make me loose you yourself has lost. In will to make me loose you made your king insecure and throws her king out from chess table bharmal smiles while jalal is shocked how it could be possible. Ruks leaves angerily. Jodha is also jalal calls her and gives her gift but she denies accepting it saying with blessing of my parents i played this game just as game and didnt want any wish to be completed. I played it for king jalal looks at her stunned. She goes and sit back to her place. Jalal stands up.

Scene 2
ruks is taking puffs from hookah and is fuming hoshiyar says you lost for once not a big deal. She throws hookah on her head and she gets hurt. Ruks says remember not to taunt me. Jalal come and sees ruks coughing while taking puffs. He gives her water and says this much angerness. She says i am sad because i couldn’t fulfill your wish. You wanted to see her defeated aren’t you sad. Jalal says i am but i will not show because khan baba told me to never show worry after losing and to always celebrate victory. And you feel elated when you get win from the one who once made you loose. He sits down to puff hookah. She says jodha also denied wish granted by you aren’t you angry he says i’ll make her take this wish from me but it will be me who will decide the wish.

Scene 3
jalal is in his open court Diwaan e aam ..When some prisoners are brought to him People complain to him they are being forced to change their religion …he is accused of being rude to the emperor and is ordered imprisonment. One man says i pay my every tax and do my own job but soldiers take him away . His wife come to front and says you married a hindu princess didn’t force her to change religion. Jalal gets up from his place and says how dare to question me . You have done mistake by raising question on me and your punishment is that you will do work day and night in palace in prison and people will listen to your screams. Soldiers takes his wife . Jodha says that they came to get justice and what he did with them he didn’t even pardoned the small kid She decides Jalal is cruel and heartless..

Ruks calls to jodha and Ruks tells Jodha that they were from different region and the people from outside deserve this behavior while Jo is fuming with rag. Jalal is about to leave when the kid of parents says whats my punishment. Jalal goes to him that go to your home. He says your soldiers took our home and cow away from us thats why we came here to get justice from king but you took away my parents. He ask what should i do now jalal remembers the past when his uncle(father’s brother) said that your father humayun took throne from me i’ll not leave you and is about to cut him when his wife saved jalal by saying he is a kid whats its fault. He then remembers once he said to khan baba i am is remembering my parents so baba said they are hiding somewhere but i am with you. He then remembers how once in childhood maham said i am here for jalal i am his mother.

Jalal comes to present and hugs that child and says leave his parents from prison and to give them there everything adham tries to interrupt jalal shouts and says i know the importance of parents in ones life and may be he get victory over the world but remains alone in life. He says i was lucky enough to get khan baba and maham anga. He orders to tell his parents that the man to God has pardoned them. ruks is also angry seeing soft side of jalal.

Scene 4
Jodha comes running to Kanha and complain to him about inhuman Jalal and the injustice in his court. Ruks on the other side is furious when she learns about jalal’s changed decision about the prisoners. Ruks is taunted by other harem inmates for losing to Jodha, Ruks admonishes them And warns them of dire consequences if they leak the information of her defeat to Jodha or to anyone.

Scene 5
Bharmal is worrying for Amer and ask Jalal that he wishes to return back to his rajya(people) now. he seeks Jalal’s permission but Jalal assures the King that Amer will now never be in danger since it was now under the cover of Mughul emperor and that Every one would be friendly.

Scene 6
In her room Jodha is shedding tears that her Bapu n Maa are returning She was relieved she would not have to fake a smile before them bit was sad that she would now be tortured by Jalal again when Menawati comes to Jodha’s room to find her weeping. Rani tells Jodha that she is returning to Amer And taking Moti bai along with her since Moti bai had failed in her duties . This news about Moti bai surprises Jodha . She is told by Menawati that moti had the duty of concealing her tears from every one And she had failed there. Menawati wipes jodha’s tears ..

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