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Jodha Akbar 15 September 2020: Jodha Akbar update tuesday 15th September 2020, Murad sys that now Maan is king, we should go on hunting, Daniyal says I don’t wanna go, I want to eat only, Salim comes there, Murad says I was thinking to go on hunting, SAlim says first tell me who fired with gun by putting it on my shoulder, Daniyal ask what happened, Salim shows them letter which they wrote to Anarkali, Salim ask this is way of joking? I know very well that one of you did that, tell me truth who wrote that letter, he ask DAniyal that you can do that as you can only think of food, Murad smirks, Salim sys to Murad that tell me why you did that, Daniyal sys I told him that you will get angry but he didn’t listen to me, Salim says so you did that, he beats him, Murad says I thought to help you, Salim says I will tell you how to moves ahead, he beats him, Salim says you will get punishment, Murad says I will ask forgiveness if you want, Salim says not do anything now, Murad whispers to Daniyal that how much he cares for her, Salim ask did you say anything? Murad says no, Salim says afterwards, if you both do this then It will not be better for you, Salim smiles and leaves from there, Daniyal says to Murad that you got saved else heir can do anything, Murad sys Salim is elder so I took his beating, do you want get beaten too? Daniyal says no, Murad says I don’t think Salim will go on hunting as his eyes are on someone else.

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Jodha comes to Mann bai, she greets Jodha, she says to Jodha to order her, Jodha says I didn’t come to order you but to do your make over, Mann ask why? Jodha says cant I make you ready? been years that I didn’t spend time with you, when I came to amer last time, you were so small and now see you are grown up and beautiful, my rajvanshi princess, Mann says but nobody can reach the beauty of yours, Jodh smiles and sees a same peacock jewelry, she ask Mann did you meet Salim, he is grown up too, Mann says actually.. I was afraid, he used to tease me a lot in childhood so I thought if will do it again, NJodha says he was kid then but grown up, he will not do that now, if he do that then tell me I will take his class, so how deid you find him? is he handsome? Mann says he is handsome from childhood, Jodha says I am talking about now not childhood, how you like him now? Mann gets shy and says I will come in a minute, she runs from there, Jodha smiles seeing peacock jewelry.
Mann comes outside and find Salim practicing bare body, she smiles seeing him, Salim says to Qutub that I have to meet that girl, I will have to ask forgiveness from her, she must be hurt, he recalls his meeting with her and smiles.

Jodha Akbar 15 September 2020: Jagat comes there and ask Mann what you are seeing? Jagat fins Salim there and says that oh this sight is worth to watch, he is handsome and warior, Aram comes there and sys uff these girls will definitely cast eye on Salim,

Jodha comes to Jalal, she ask him where you are going? Jalal says I have been called in tribal wedding, its their king’s daughter wedding (bela), I will go there, Jodha says this is your goodness, you are king of india and giving so much respect to a tribe, Jalal says they live in jungle but they protect our country with their bravery, they give us but I have issued a statement that they can run their tribe with their rules, our rules will not be forced on them, you come with me too, Jodha says no I want to spend time with bhabhi, you go and when you will come? Jalal says without you, I will not be interested there, I will soon comeback to you, Jodha says why didn’t they send invitation in Agra, Jalal says marriage is happening suddenly, Jodha ask to take Salim there, your relation with him is getting fine and also you will get to know I likes Mann or not, Aram comes there, Jalal ask what happened, why you are tensed, Aram says what I can see, you catn see, Jodha says tell us, Aram says I am afraid tha Salim will be casted eye, I have seen two princesses casting eye on him, one is good but other is bad, Mann bai is good, she talks to me very nicely, Jalal smiles, aram bano says abu jaan lets go these or some bad eye will come after salim bibi.

Jodha Akbar 15 September 2020: Salim comes to anarkali and says i wanna apologise for salim’s behavior. Anarkali says its his mistake why you came to apologise? He says No his brothers did that fun with you and he really scolded at them when he got to know. She says i wont pardon him unless he comes here. Would he come here and help me like you? will he ever help a common person. He is a heir how would he know that a common man also has a heart. He says he’s my pal but he’s heir to throne as well. We can’t say anything to him. She says i hate him. He says you hate him? Anarkali says i hate all kings and prince they’re all same. Salim wonders how can he rectify his image. Anarkali asks have you ever loved someone? Anarkali says farhan loves bella. What kind of pal are you? you don’t know it. he says why didn’t farhan tell me all this. Anarkali says i told you i hate loyal people they’re all same. salim says i wont let this happen. I will get farhan his love. I will do anything for them i promise. Anarkali says its a royal weddin what can we do? Weddings are for deals and benefits here. Salim says a relationship is between two hearts. Anarkali says never love a princess she’ll break your heart for some king. I will always stay away from prince.

Jodha Akbar 15 September 2020: They’re all same. He’ll break my heart for some princess. He says you’re saying this because you’ve never met any prince. She’s about to fall salim holds her. She sees in his eyes. The song ‘tum se shuru ishq ki dastan’ plays in background. Anarkali says I am sorry, I destroyed your dress, I will was it, Salim says no need, I have to go, Anarkali says you want to go to Salim so that you can tell him that I didn’t accept his sorry, Salim says no first I have to go to Farhan, he needs me more, Anraklai says your thoughts are good, if you need me in this thing then call me, Salim says ofcourse and I promise I will make Bela and Farhan one, even if I have to do anything for them, he greets her and leaves, Anarkali says he is so goodman and not a prince but a common soldier.

Jodha gives Jalal gold gifts so that he can give to bride, Jalal says they already have rich gold mines, Jodha says its not about gold but intentions that matters behind gifts, Jalal ask where is Salim? Jodha says don’t know, he runs awy from marriage, he doesn’t wanna go to any marriage, Jalal says I got married in 9 years, I didn’t know about marriage, when you came in my life, I got to know about relations, that’s why I want to tak Salim so that he can see how marriage happens, people celebrate but two people get linked, Jodha says leave it, you have many wives, Jalal says this is problem, all think that king’s lif is awesome as he has many wives but ask me how to handle so much wives, Jodha pushes him and says you.. Jalal says see the king who beat enemies is getting beaten up by his wife, Jodha laughs.

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